Barack Obama : Amazing and interesting Facts about Barack Obama

Barack Obama, one of the world’s most powerful people, is one of the few celebrities in the United States who have emerged from the difficult situation and have reached the top of success. Things related to Barack Obama’s life are also very interesting and inspirational. Today we will talk about Barack Obama in Hindi

1. Brack Obama in Swahili’s Swahili language means a person who is fortunate enough.

2. Do you know that every fifth US considers Obama to be a Muslim?

3. If Obama is not President of America then he would be an architect. However, for this reason many times the cleaning has to be given during the interview.

4. Obama has great love for children. This love is to the extent that they do not refrain from lifting children in the middle of their meeting.

5. Obama says that my worst habit is to constantly check my Blackberry Phone.

6. When Obama was studying in Howard, he applied to print his picture in the Black Pin-up Calendar, but the All Female Committee rejected him.

7. Obama likes to use Apple’s Laptop.

8. Obama’s Lefty means that he works with his left hand. Obama is the sixth President of the United States, so do all the work with his left hand.

9. When Brack Obama lived in Indonesia, he had a monkey luncheon and named it TATA. They like playing cards and dragging.

10. What Obama said, did it also prove that the US president is not an alien. He is also a common man who celebrates a holiday with the family. When playing favorite music, the wife dances with Michelle in her arms. Kicks in front of everyone

11. US President Barack Hussein Obama has been a chain smoker since his college days Then the people kept their Nick named ‘Barak Oganja’.

12. Barack Obama is the only president who has made beer in the White House.

13. You may also be surprised to know that even in childhood, he also consumed the Dog and SNAKE meat, but today he avoids COFFEE.

14. Barack Obama is crazy about Harry Potter and he has read every novel of this series many times.

15. Pablo Picasso’s name comes to the top of Brack Obama’s favorite artists.

16. If you think that Obama knows only English then this is your misconception. Apart from English, Spanish and Indonesian languages ​​speak well and write well.

17. If Obama wants to bring any game into his life, then that is boxing. Obama loves boxing very much, he has gloves of world-famous Muhammad Ali.

18. Obama Icecream likes extremely. When he was young, he started working part-time in the Ice Cream Shop for Ice Cream.

19. The three people who are most lauded by Barack Obama are Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King.

20. In 2008, after the presidential election, his wife Michelle Obama promised to leave the cigarette, which Obama played. After 2010, Obama does not even hand over cigarettes.

Ronaldo : Amazing and interesting Facts about Ronaldo

This Portuguese player has achieved such achievements at an early age, who has included him as one of the world’s legendary footballers. A gardener whose child grew up in a small town had some talent that he became the heartbeat of millions of hearts. On one hand, millions of fans of the game are crazy, while on the other hand, crores of females are sitting on it. Cristiano Ronaldo, who grew up playing under the roof of the tin, now lives in a bungalow and travels in crores of carts. But few people are confronted by the conflict hidden behind this process.

1. Ronaldo’s name is named after former US President Ronald Reagan. Ronaldo’s full name is Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Avilo.

2. Cristiano’s father José Dinis Aviero was the official gardener. By taking care of parks and plains, they used to keep the stomach of the house.

3. Ronaldo’s father died at the age of 52 due to excessive drinking of alcohol, so Ronaldo does not take alcohol.

4. After the husband’s demise, Ronaldo’s mother had a family stomach working as a cook and cleaner in the household.

5. Ronaldo played his first match at Portugal for Sporting Lisbon Club at 17 years of age. The match was played between Sporting and United, and in this match Alex Ferguson saw Ronaldo and immediately took him to United. The club paid $ 17 million to acquire this miraculous child.

6. Ronaldo raised his weight by gimping his weight, because he used to run faster than low weight, which was not good for his game.

7. Ronaldo’s number 7 jersey is always lucky. Although this number was not their first choice. After joining Manchester United in 2002-03, he had asked for a number 28 jersey, but when he was offered a number 7 jersey, he got worried, as the number of club-nominated players Johnny Berry, George Best, Steve Coupel , Brian Robson, Eric Cantona, and David Beckham. Later, the number 7 also became known as Ronaldo.

8. Ronaldo is the most expensive player, you should know that Ronaldo had a 9 year old child’s cancer treatment and always donates blood.

9. Calling Ronaldo his fellow players and fans called ‘Cry Baby’, but this nickname was given by his mother, Dolores Aviero, because he was angry during childhood and used to cry when the team mates did not pass by him during the match.

10. Ronaldo’s free kick speed is 130 kilometers per hour, which means 31 meters per second, which is four times more than the Apollo 11 rocket.

11. Ronaldo’s body is more slim than a film model.

12. Ronaldo weighs 23 thousand kg while practicing, which is equal to the 16 Toyo car.

13. When Ronaldo imposes a jump, he puts five times more power than the cheetah while putting the jump.

14. At the age of 14, Ronaldo was fired from school. He had thrown the chair on his teacher.

15. When Cristiano Ronaldo was 15, he had heart surgery. And the doctor had said that his football career was in danger. But from this emergence Ronaldo now became a great footballer and beat this difficult.

16. Ronaldo has been arrested once. They were accused of raping a young woman in a London hotel. However, due to lack of evidence, the Scotland Yard had left him soon. A month later the charges were withdrawn.

17. Like Sir Bobby Charlton, Zidane, Maradona, Pelé, Ronaldo also dreamed that he would win his country a World Cup.

18. Once Ronaldo had said about himself, I would give credit to my friend Albert Fonturo for my success. We both played from the same club in childhood. When we arrived at the club, the club told us that the more goals we make, we will take it in our academy. We won that match 3-0, and did the first goal, then Albert did the second goal. For the third goal, Albert could go out of the side of the goal keeper easily, and there was no one in front of him, but he gave me close and I scored that goal. And I got a place in the academy. And later I asked him to do the Q, so he said that you are better than me. Albert told this to the media himself later. And now Albert has a bungalow, car and a luxurious family, and all this is just Christia Ronaldo’s donation.

Moon : Amazing and interesting Facts about Moon

Some people believe that landing on the moon was just a rumor. They think that no one has gone on the moon till date. Such rumors continue to fly. But we have brought a post for you Moon In Hindi You will realize how unaware you were about the moon when reading this post.

1. Moon is not round but it is egg-shaped.

2. There has been no man on the moon for the last 41 years.

3. Moon is the only natural satellite of the Earth. The moon was made up of 4.5 billion years ago after the fierce confrontation between the Earth and Thia (Mars-shaped element) was made of the remains of the remaining remains.

4. If the moon disappears from the earth, the day on earth will last for only six hours.

5. The diameter of the moon is only the fourth part of the diameter of the earth and about 49 moon can fit into the earth.

6. The size of the moon in the 63 satellites of the Solar System is at number 5.

7. The area of ​​the moon is equal to the area of ​​Africa.

8. When Neil Armstrong walked on the moon for the first time, he had a piece of airplane before the Wright Brothers.

9. The moon’s gravitational force is less than the Earth, if the figures are spoken, then the weight of the person is 16.5% lower on the moon. This is the reason that astronauts can leap more on the Moon.

10. Do you know that during the 1950s, the United States had planned to blow the moon with a nuclear bomb.

11. When Neil Armstrog took his first step on the moon, the mark which he made on the land of the moon is so far and will remain the same for the next few millions of years. Because there is no air on the moon, but it will wipe it out.

12. Only 12 people have been able to move on the moon till date.

13. When astronaut Alan Sapard was on the moon, he hit a golf ball, which went up to 800 meters away.

14. If you are not happy with the speed of your internet then you can move to the moon. Yes, NASA has provided the facility of Wi-Fi connection on the moon by making a world record, whose speed of 19 Mbps is extremely amazing.

15. The moon’s gravitational power is low. The absence of any kind of atmosphere means that the risk of solar wind and meteorite coming continuously.

16. Water on the moon is the discovery of India. Even before India, many scientists believed that there would be water on the moon but no one could find it.

17. Apart from its bag and an American flag, Apollo 11 astronauts also left some memorable signs on the land of the moon.

18. There are 96 bags left by humans on the moon, including stool, urine and vomiting.

19. The dust of dust on the surface of the moon hinges on the sunrise and sunset time. The real reason for this is yet to be ascertained.

20. There is a man-made debris of about 1, 81, 400 kg on the moon, which contains more than 70 spacecraft and crashed artificial satellites.

21. If there is a lunar eclipse on the earth then the solar eclipse will occur on the moon.

22. Chand is only 27 percent of the size of earth.

23. The weight of the moon is approximately 81,00,00,00,000 (81 billion) tons.

24. The full moon is 9 times more luminous than the half moon.

25. If you weigh 60 kg on the ground then your weight on the moon will be 10 kg due to the low gravity of the moon.

26. The Moon is moving 3.78cm away from the Earth every year and it will continue for the next 50 billion years.

27. When all the Apollo spacecraft came back from the moon, it brought together 296 pieces of rock, whose mass was 382 kg.

28. The moon keeps its only part of the earth while roaming around the earth, so the second dice of the moon till date has not seen any human from the earth.

29. Only 59 percent of the moon is visible from the earth.

30. The temperature of the moon day goes up to 180 degrees Celsius, whereas at night up to 153 degrees Celcius.

31. It will be surprised to know that your mobile phone has more computing power compared to the computer used during Apollo 11 yan’s moon landing.

32. The Apollo-11 vehicle was destroyed by the original tape that was made during the Moon landing, by mistake it was used again.

33. The US government spent equal time and money in sending people to the moon and finding Osama bin Laden: 10 years and $ 100 billion.

Women : Amazing and interesting Facts about Women

Chundi, Bindis, Veil .. If all these things are talked about, then the image of Indian woman first appears in the brain, but is actually the same thing as all Indian women? Indian women are very diligent, for them the family is preferred and they always try to give their best, despite this, most of the jokes are made on Indian women and wives, because some of their habits are really gorgeous, Which you like until a limit, but after a little time it starts to fret, what is this? Today we will tell you 37 interesting facts related to women, after reading that you will start to understand the extent to women.

1. International Women’s Day is celebrated every year on 8th March. Many countries are also discharged on this day.

2. It is a factor, India’s female goes greedy after crossing the age of 22 years.

3. 40 percent of women in America give birth to a child before marriage.

4. 80% of women wear bra in the wrong size.

5. Surprisingly, you will be reading this, that 70 per cent of women prefer to eat more chocolate than sex.

37 Interesting Facts About Women

6. The biological symbol of the female gender is the upper sign and it is also a sign of Venus.

7. Perhaps you know that women do not care about anything in the stomach. Women can keep any special thing secret for 47 hours and 15 minutes.

8. It is as good to make filthy things as girls, as boys, as much as boys.

9. The word ‘Women’ is derived from ‘wyfmen’ which means ‘wife of men’.

10. According to the researchers, the fragrance of a new born child stimulates women very much. This stimulus is equal to the suffering of the victim of any drug.

Girls are big girls. According to a research, he decides to spend a year in his life only to think about which clothes he needs to wear. At the same time, he takes his look at least 9 times a day.

12. Women’s tongues can taste more tastes than men.

13. Every 90 seconds a woman dies in the world while giving birth to a child.

14. According to research done on women, children of snoring women during pregnancy are smaller in size than other children in size.

15. According to the study, chances of having cancer in long women are quite high. At the same time, heart-related diseases are considered to be the biggest enemies of women. In America every 13 minutes a woman dies from breast cancer.

16. African country Niger is at the forefront of infant birth rate. Here, women give birth to seven children, which is the highest in the world.

17. Women win longer life than men. The main reason behind this is their immune system. Out of the reach of 100, there are 4 out of 5 out of 5.

18. Even in the world, Manto’s work is still 36% less payable to Murdo.

19. Where did Daulat come from the 20 most wealthy women of the world? It is not their hard work behind them, but the favor of the husband or the father. Except the rich woman of 17th, all the women have the wealth left by her husband or father.

20. Women do not like the dress that they wear. The same dress should be worn by any other woman. They get very angry at this.

21. Women can spend all day in front of the mirror.

22. When women are with a man, then they act very little, but the fact is that if you ever leave them alone, then take a complete picnic full of this whole.

23. You will be surprised to know that women also like to do after sex.

24. Women are worried about their looks even during sex.

25. The youngest woman to become a mother is only 2 feet 4 inches in length.

26. The shortest time recorded between births of two children is 6 months 10 days.

27. The record for the birth of most children is the name of the Russian woman, it gave birth to 69 children.

28. Women blink twice more than men.

29. 10 years of women’s life passes in the kitchen only, while men spend 22 years in gold.

30. The world’s youngest divorced girl was ten years old.

31. If there is a victim of the most emotional blackmail in the world, then he is an Indian man. Indian women never say a word correctly in a close relationship, they always give them an emotional touch so that anyone melts and acknowledges them.

32. Indian women are considered the most beautiful in the world.

33. Two out of 100 women have an extra breast which is the third breast.

34. Every woman has about 2 kg 700 grams of Lipstick placed during her lifetime.

35. Ability to smell the body is more than the birthdays of birth and the whole life remains high.

36. About 14 million teenage girls are pregnant every year and 90% of them are from developing countries.

37. If a man goes out for seven days, he packs clothes for five days. But when a woman goes on a seven-day tour, she packs about 21 suits because she does not know what she would like to wear every day.

Cats : Amazing and interesting Facts about Cats

1. Every year only 4 million cats are eaten in China.

2. Cats sleep 13 to 14 hours a day. It spends 70% of its life in sleep.

3. A cat was made Mayor in Alaska for 15 years.

4. The black cat is considered to be lakki in Japan.

5. Cat can not taste sweeteners.

6. Cats can lift up to 100 kinds of voices, while dogs can only lift 10 types of sounds.

7. Most cats in the world are reared in North America. There are 73 million cats against 63 million dogs.

8. Cats are considered to be the cause of many species of animal extinction.

9. In America 86,000 people are injured every year due to cats.

10. A cat named ‘Dusty’ gave birth to 420 children in her life, which is a world record.

11. The biggest cat has been found 48.5 inches (1.23 meters).

12. In ancient Egypt people used to shave their eyebrows in mourning for their cats.

13. Superstitions related to cats were born in Iraq.

14. Will you believe that drinking milk is very bad for the health of the cat, the fact is that milk contains lactose and it does not digest lactose. They should never be given milk.

15. If cat is given to eat chocolate, then he may die.

16. The cat has 3 eyepieces.

17. The wonderful thing about them is that it is a special thing in cat and mice that they can also drink water from the sea.

18. Cats are so expensive that somewhere a cat receives more than $ 10,000.

19. The greatest strength of the cat is that it will not be anything more than to fall from it.

20. The cat’s urine also shines in the dark.

21. Dogs and cats are also left or right-handed like humans.

22. Every year, people spend 3 lakh 57 billion rupees on their dogs and cats.

23. Cats can jump 7 times higher than their tail length.

24. In a famous Scottish distillery, there was a cat called Tasser. He hunted a total of 28,899 mice in his 24-year life. Tossar has also been ranked in the Guinness Book of World Records. But more surprising is that after the success of the Tauser, the second cat Ambar was kept here for this work, but he could not even succeed in catching a rat during his 20-year tenure.

White House : Amazing and interesting Facts about White House

1. White House is designed by American architect James Hoban of Irish descent. Significantly, the first cornerstone was laid in October of 1792, which took eight years to complete.

2. It is said that in the White House there are 65,000 letters every week. At the same time, there are 2,500-3,500 phone calls per day, 1,000 faxes and 1,00,000 emails.

3. White sandstone is made in Georgian style White House. This is the official residence of the American President since John Adams’ tenure.

4. In the White House, the President and First Lady are charged for all other things, including their food, toiletries, dry cleaning.

5. Even if there is no charge to look at the White House, but it has to apply for “six months” already.

6. White house has two twin buildings. One is in France and the other in Ireland, the building built in France is a tourist attraction center, while Ireland has an Irish parliament.

7. In the White House so far, two couples have been married.

8. There are 132 rooms in the White House (Rashtrapati Bhavan). Apart from this, 35 bathrooms, 412 doors, 147 windows, 28 fireplaces, 8 staircases and three elevators are included.

9. Lincoln and Kennedy were two presidents whose wives lost their “one child” during the White House migration.

10. There are many main places including State Dining Room, Red Room, Green Room, East Room and South Portico.

11. The White House is so green that we can call the environment 100% pollution free.

12. Interestingly, in 1814, the British Army had damaged the White House walls during the Burning of Washington incident.

13. The White House is actually made up of 55,000 square feet area. The ground has a height of 70 feet, while the width is 170 feet and the depth is 85 feet, it is located on 18 acres of land.

14. President George Washington used to be in his office during the White House under construction Tell me, Washington has never been in Rashtrapati Bhavan.

15. Five full-time chefs work in the White House. Within the building 140 guests have a dining room together.

16. In 1901, Theodore Roosevelt announced the official name of the white house, the White House has many nicknames, including President’s Palace, Rashtrapati Bhavan and Executive Haveli.

17. Rashtrapati Bhawan is six-storey, with two basements, two public floors and the rest of the floor of the American President. To paint the outer walls of the White House, 570 gallons of color is needed. Significantly, in 1994 the cost of paint was more than “$ 2,83,000” i.e. more than 1 crore 72 lakhs.

Amazing and interesting Facts about World’s Awesome Law

We have become habituated to hear various types of ban in India. Kabhi Poran Ban, Kabhi Maggi Ban Seeing so many banners many times it gets so angry that there is a feeling that you can go out for a few days from here. Go to where … this is the place everywhere. Today we are telling you the wonderful laws of the same world.

1. Dogs can not bark after six o’clock in the Little Rock in Arkansas Capital. If the dog beggars then the owner can be jailed.

2. It is illegal to take three steps behind a dancing woman in Washington’s Belingham.

3. There are noisy shoes and slippers in Capri, Italy.

4. Chewing gum chewing ban in Singapore.

5. Do you know that everyone in Uthah has the freedom to marry Cajun but after 65 years of age. It is believed that at that age your decision will not be wrong.

6. Do you know if you wear car slippers in Spain then you can be arrested for this.

7. It is illegal to make 6 feet high heft of horse manure on road side in San Francisco.

8. Making furniture in seminar in Devon, Texas is against the law.

9. No “sex” at night in the church of Birmingham, Alabama.

10. It is illegal to take a nap during a train trip in West Virginia.

11. No person can take an oath in front of children and women in Michigan.

12. Women married in Bolivia are not allowed to drink more wine than a glass.

13. Egypt has a weird-poor law. According to this law, if a husband sees his wife with a non-man and kills him in anger, then that murder is not considered to be such a crime.

14. The bride’s mother stands in front of the honeymoon in Columbia

15. In countries like Malta and Lebanon, there are strange and poor laws against women. According to this law, if the girl gets married to him by abduction, then her crime is dismissed. However, the condition in such a marriage is that divorce can not be taken before 5 years.

16. In Kansas, it is forbidden to catch any fish with bare hands.

17. It is not illegal to kill women outside the court building on Sundays in South Carolina.

18. Farting on public places in Florida after 6 o’clock in the public places is illegal.

19. The quilt mattresses can not be purchased on Sunday in Washington.

20. People in the US province of Missouri need a permit before shaving.

21. In Los Angeles, if the waiter tells the customer “I am an actor”, then it is illegal.

22. Vinking in the sea in Portugal is an illegal act.

23. Can not kiss in Loa more than 5 minutes.

24. There are some countries where women can not participate in any sports competition. Especially swimming is strictly forbidden.

25. In San Salvador, there is a provision to smuggle a man who is drunk in a drunken driving.

26. It is an illegal act to swear in front of North Carolina people.

27. It is an illegal act to get out of the house wearing “underwear” in Thailand.

28. It is illegal to stop a car on the highway of Germany.

29. It is illegal for unmarried women to fly on a parachute on Sunday in Florida. They can also be jailed for this.

30. Holding lizard is unlawful after the evening in the US state of Louisiana.

31. It is a legal offense to mimic an animal in Miami.

32. Georgia’s garage in Atlanta, Georgia, is believed to be a legal offense in telephone or electric poles.

33. In Virginia, car driving without wearing shoes is considered a crime.

34. Women can not read fashion magazines in some countries.

35. There are many countries where women can not buy Barbie dal also.

36. In Pennsylvania, men can not buy “alcohol” without the written consent of their wife.

37. The testimony of women in Yemen is considered half as long as they do not support any man. They are not taken seriously.

38. Playing video games is a crime in Greece. In 2002, the government banned gambling, electronic gaming machines. There are electronic items of entertainment created by humans.

39. It is illegal to remove cow’s milk from another person in Texas.

40. Under one law in 24 states of America, a woman can divorce her husband, if she is nomad.

If you like these laws, then read the first part of it too.

The World’s Awesome Law : Amazing and interesting Facts about The World’s Awesome Law

1. It is illegal to keep Napoleon’s name Napoleon in France.

2. A person living in an apartment in Sweden cannot flush in the toilet after 10 o’clock.

3. It is also a bane to see the women’s World Cup match in Iran.

4. Using Internet in Burma is against the law.

5. If you snore on Sunday in Israel, then a case may be registered against you.

6. It is illegal to threaten someone by showing an empty gun in Texas.

7. It is illegal to wear women’s clothing in a photo of a man in Osprey of Ohio.

8. It is illegal to name the animal in Australia when you want to eat it. In such a situation, you may have action.

9. Sex with pets is a crime in Iran.

10. US painting on a cow in Texas can be punished.

11. Saudi women do not have the right to drive. There is also a provision for punishing them on doing so.

12. In New York Province it is necessary to obtain a license to clip the cloth by clapping the loin.

13. Twin brothers in Hawaii can not work in the same company.

14. Wear a 69 number jersey in Oregon and walk on the road and you will have to go to jail.

15. Tickling women in Virginia is illegal.

16. People in Boston can not afford more than three dogs.

17. It is illegal to have two children bathing in a single tub in Los Angeles.

18. It may sound strange to hear, but in Sweden, the car’s headlight is kept on for 24 hours and 12 months a day.

19. It is illegal to wear the men’s and women’s clothing on the same washing line while washing clothes in Minnesota.

20. In Arkansas, a person can beat his wife once in a month, but beating twice a month is a crime.

21. The name of the child in Denmark is to be selected from the list of 7 thousand names.

22. Gifts in China, flowers, handkerchief, watches etc. are considered inaccurate and the person giving such gifts is permanently discontinued.

23. Saudi Arabia: Pokemon cartoons for children may be dear, but not here. The government has put a strict ban on this. The reason is that it disturbs children’s attention and they can not get the right education.

24. It is illegal to fire a buffalo from the second floor of the hotel in Texas.

25. Keeping the tools of placing or wire twist in Texas is considered to be an offense.

26. What is illegal to do to a sleeping lady in Logan County of Ohio Province?

27. If a school girl is walking with a boy in Georgia, then it is important that the girl’s books have been boy. If it does not happen then both can get a fine.

28. In Thailand, it is considered a crime to keep a foot over the notes, because there is a picture of the most respected Thai King on the currency there.

29. If you are punctual, leave this habit in Venezuela. It is considered proper to reach after 10 to 15 minutes after the time of the call.

30. In New Jersey it is forbidden to wear bulletproof jacket while killing someone.

31. If you get lazy to clean the car, then Russia’s roads are not for you. In Russia, to run a dirty car, one has to pay 2000 rubles (i.e. around 3400 rupees).

32. It is illegal to sell peanuts after sunset on Wednesday in Lee County of Florida.

33. There is a ban on eating ornaments lying in a bathtub in California.

34. It is illegal to sell tooth paste and toothbrush to the same customer on Rhode Island on Sunday.

35. Photograph of bunny rabbit is prohibited in June.

36. What is unlawful for men to have women with mustache in Eureka of Vanawada? If this is found then strict punishment is given.

37. Dogs in Oklahoma can be jailed on teasing.

38. Any person in Keetunki is required to take bath once a year.

39. Maasites from a place where it is illegal to go to bed without taking a bath at night. But apart from that, bathing on Sundays is also illegal.

40. Vermont is a country where the woman has to get permission from her husband before making a fake tooth.

41. Shouting at someone in a city of Alberta, abusing away is also a bane.

42. It is a crime to forget the date of birth of our own birthday in Samoos.We hereby forget to deliberately forget to avoid the party.

43. In Vittoria, Australia, you can not change your home bulb yourself, for this, you have to call a licensed electrician.

44. Women in Saudi and Vatican City have no right to vote. Women in these countries are not considered eligible for franchise.

45. Those women in Florida who can marry ski are women who are married.

46. ​​It is strictly forbidden to take a picture of the bears sleeping in Alaska and take photographs of them.

47. Lollipop is banned in Washington. Any kind of lollipop food is prohibited here.

48. In most of the Gulf countries there are strict rules regarding women’s curtains. In Saudi Arabia, women can not show their face to non-men, they can not show their hands.

49. Even though Japan has given us something like sumo wrestling, but you probably do not know that it is illegal to be fat there. According to the law, the waist of men and women more than 40 years has not been allowed to be more than 32 inches.

50. If there is no emphasis on life and death, but obey the law of Britain, then there are some

AIDS (HIV) : Amazing and interesting Facts about AIDS (HIV)

The name of AIDS has been heard from childhood but never seen anyone talking openly about it. Do not know why people shy away from doing such things. Well, we are not to give you full information about AIDS:

1. Worldwide, December 1 is celebrated as World Aids Day. The International Symbol of AIDS is “Red Ribbon” which was adopted in 1991.

2. AIDS is so dangerous that so far 2.5 million people have been killed.

3. AIDS is made up of four words. That is – Acquired = which you received, Immuno = Body’s immunity, Deficiency = Deficiency and Syndrome = Transmission. This means that the disease which reduces the power to protect your body.

4. HIV means – Human = Human, Immuno deficiency = which reduces immunity and Virus = Virus That is, the virus that reduces the power to protect it within a body.

5. The first case of AIDS came in the African country Congo in 1959, when one person died. His blood was examined and it was found that he had AIDS.

6. The simplest theory related to HIV is called “Hunter Theory”. According to this, in the 1930s a person was beaten by a victim monkey in Africa, and he ate the fish of the monkey as he became HIV. After this sex relations got spread due to it.

7. According to the WHO, there are 32 million people suffering from HIV in the world. In the case of AIDS victims South Africa is the first in the world. More than ten percent of the total population here is suffering from AIDS. Here every day 4300 people die due to AIDS. According to statistics, 56 lakh people are suffering from AIDS.

8. The first Hollywood movie on AIDS was named “And the Band Paid On”.

9. HIV virus can survive in room temperature (25 degrees C) for 10-15 days in dry blood. Such as used vaccines or needles.

10. HIV viruses are killed at temperatures above 60 degrees Celsius.

11. Cats are very good friends of humans They are also a disease similar to AIDS, which is called HIV. There is a similarity between HIV and FIV that immune system weakens.

12. The first case of AIDS in India came to Chennai in 1986. This woman has AIDS due to exposure to foreign tourists and not being able to take proper protection. Let us know that within a year of this case, 135 other cases related to AIDS were revealed in India.

13. If a girl dies in Swaziland, then 80% of the chances that she will die with AIDS.

14. Everyday 900 new children are being victimized by AIDS throughout the world.

15. One in 5 of the AIDS cases in the US is such that they do not know that they are suffering from AIDS.

16. In the African country of Botswana, the age of the people has come from 65 years to 35 years due to AIDS.

17. AIDS is by far the most widely read disease.

18. In Greece, the police have the right to arrest anyone in the hope of having HIV. Not only this, he can do the test. And also homeless from home.

Some other point

“Due to AIDS”

1. Unprotected sex with the victim,

2. With contaminated blood,

3. From the dirty vaccine and needles,

4. The child who is suffering in the womb of suffering mother and

5. Gay relations.

“Prevention of AIDS”

1. Do not have sex with the victim’s partner,

2. Check before opening the blood,

3. Do not use used needles and vaccines again.

In the end, I would like to say one thing, hate the disease, not from the victim.

Fruit : Amazing and interesting Facts about Fruit

Everyone knows that there is a very high role of fruit in good health. Eat fruits daily and stay healthy; now this is not a proverb, but it is the truth. Fruit accounts are all but their benefits and disadvantages are very few people know. And secondly, did you ever think that if the king is in the mango, then who is his queen? Do not know …. Let’s leave you! Amazing Facts of Fruits in Hindi If the king is common in fruits then his queen is grapes. In fact, it is not the king-queen of any state, but its fame and demand among people has given them status as kings and queens.

1. Studies related to fruit are called “Pomology”.

2. The apple which is sold at US stores is one year old.

3. Do you know that the most productive product in the world is tomatoes.

4. Litchi seeds should not be eaten because it is poisonous.

5. 71 percent of the total production of grapes is used in making liquor.

6. Apple oil is very beneficial for the skin. It removes wrinkles, broken skin, itching and swelling on the skin.

7. Bananas are also a little radioactive.

8. After taking the medicine, grapes can also cause you to die.

9. If you keep the grapes in the microwave then it will burst.

.10. Apple floats in water because they have 25 percent air.

11. If you have jealousy with something, then if you eat bananas it can be less. Because they contain a natural acid (acid) which reduces its effect by going inside our body.

12. Apples are approximately 7,000 types.

13. The most preferred choice is in the common world. It is called the King of Fruit and it is the national fruit of India.

14. Strawberries and cashews are the only fruits whose seeds are out of the fruit while others are inside the fruit.

15. Many years ago explorers used watermelon to carry water on long expeditions.

16. Do you know that the banana can float in the water.

17. The bananas can be cooked in a chemical manner after breaking of raw, while not grapes.

18. “square watermelons” are grown by Japanese farmers so that they can easily be stored.

19. If pineapple on a tree is reversed then it quickly gets cooked.

20. In tomato, more genes are found in humans.

21. 50% of human “DNA” resembles banana.

22. Lemon is the most suitable fruit to clean as it contains a high amount of acid that kills bacteria.

23. You can make furniture with pear straw, because it is very hard.

24. Eating apples gives more energy than drinking coffee.

25. Some scientists believe that banana is the first fruit of the earth.

26. Cauliflower also has as much water as watermelon. Watermelon contains 92 percent, while cabbage and carrots are 90 percent and 87 percent respectively.

27. You can prepare nitroglycerin by peanut oil, which is a main part of the ammunition.

28. In a happy fruit there is more calories than the fresh fruit because the amount of water comes out from dry fruits.

29. Pineapple is actually a large sized berry.

30. “Vitamin C” is found more than orange in strawberry.

31. Red fruits help keep your heart strong.

32. After the study, it is found that eating grapes every morning can reduce weight by up to 1.5 kg. It also protects against diabetes.

33. Eat fruits of blue and purple colors to speed up memory. Sentry fruits keep your eyes healthy, yellow fruits maintain the right temperature and green fruits keep your bones and teeth healthy.