Amazing and interesting Facts 3

Today we will tell you some small but interesting things. This is the sixth part of our Facts series. We must also read the rest of our part.

1 to 10 things to talk about

1. Banana is a fruit that can change the mood of a man.

2. Milk shake made with banana and milk is very beneficial to get rid of headache in the morning after drinking alcohol in the night.

3. Binding a shoe-colored belt is one of the most important tips in fashion.

4. If you have the virtue to forgive someone, then it is the most beneficial for your health.

5. If you are searching for something in a room then the right way to find is to start with the straight hand side. Less likely to get things in less time. Is not it a matter of work

6. If you forgot to email an assignment, send it to your computer by changing the date settings.

7. Take Vitamin B in the summer. In this way you will be protected from bites of mosquitoes and other insects.

8. Bathe with cold water is more beneficial than bathing with hot water for your skin and hair.

9. Do not compromise your sleep even during the examinations. Sleep is absolutely necessary for proper operation of mind and body. With less sleep, you reduce the ability of your body to work.

10. A person’s tension reduces your stress during your throat or during pausing, and makes your immune system strong.

Things to say from 11 to 18

11. The most asked question in interview is that in response to why you want to work with Company, you should say that you will make the company better by your knowledge and strengths.

12. Listening to the songs of your choice decreases the risk of brain tumor.

13. Spicy food can reduce your weight.

14. Those who are overweight should drink breakfast cooked in the morning breakfast instead of juice, this reduces calorie intake in their day.

15. If you want to quit smoking, go for three consecutive days in steam room. This will make it easier to quit smoking with your sweat getting out of Nikotin. Exercise also has similar effects from sweating and it becomes easy for you to quit smoking.

16. In the headache, lemon juice is resting on the forehead like balm.

17. If your phone has scratches, put a little toothpaste.

18. Green color around you, in any form whether it is natural or painted with green in place, enhances your creativity.

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