Amazing and interesting Facts 4

Two friends left the job thinking that some work should be done, but when it was not there, both of them joined the job again. However, the couple did not give up their hopes of separation. After this he did some experiments and see his work becoming popular. Its market price was billions of dollars and a popular brand like Facebook had to send a proposal to buy it. Here’s the talk of the Watts, which has been created by two friends Jan Koum and Brian Acton. Today we will tell you such “Whatsapp In “, which you will not even get on Whatsapp.

1. Whatsapp name was chosen because its sound is like “Whats UP”.

2. Most users of Whatsapp are in India.

3. Whatsapp has not spent a single penny on advertise till date. Despite this, the Watts App is such a hit.

4. Whatsapp is the fifth most downloaded application.

5. Whatsapp works on “no ads” policy, you have never seen any company advertise on Whatsapp.

6. There are 55 engineers in the Whatsapp team, and an engineer handles over 18 million users. Those are the most engineers.

7. 4300 million messages are sent everyday on Whatsapp.

8. On the Whatsapp every day, 160 million photos are shared.

9. 25 million videos are shared on Whatsapp every day.

10. Whatsapp can be used in 53 languages.

11. Whatsapp monthly active users are 100 million, which is more than facebook messenger.

12. There are more than 100 million groups on Whatsapp, of which 1-2 will be yours too.

13. Whatsapp founder “Jan Koum” and “Brian Acton” both had applied for a job in Facebook in 2009, but they were rejected.

14. Co-Founder of Whitespap Jain Com was born in Kiev, a small village in Ukraine. His family was so poor that there was no electricity in his house.

15. You will be surprised to know that Jain Com who was making Whatsapp used to work in cleaning and moping in the shop. But today he is a billionaire.

16. In the early days of 2009, the seeds of the invention of the Watts Ape fell. Com bought an iPhone and came to the conclusion that in the coming time, the app would be great stuff. They thought that an application should be prepared through which easy messaging can be done.

17. The trial of Whatsapp happened on the phone of some Russian friends of Kum.

18. Whatsapp has not been faster than any company in the history.

19. Global telecommunications companies have suffered a loss of $ 386 billion due to services like Whatsapp and Skype.

20. Facebook bought Whatsapp for 1182 billion, which is the most expensive deal so far. This deal was done on Valentine’s Day in 2014.

21. If you can not see anybody’s profile picture on the WATS app, then there may be 2 things, either you are not in the person’s contact list or he has blocked you.

22. One year earning of the Watts App is more than NASA’s budget.

23. Whatsap is responsible for the 27% selfies drawn on the Internet.

24. In January 2012, Whatsapp was removed from the IOS App Store without informing, but added again after 4 days.

25. If you suspect that a contact blocked you on Whatsapp, then add them to a group. If he had blocked you, then it would not be possible.

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