Amazing and interesting Facts 5

The world is full of interesting and fun information, let us know, “27 Things to Know”. Our Facts is the 10th part of the series. We must also read the rest of our part.

Information from 1 to 10

1. The biggest novel ‘In Search of Lost Time’ is 4,211 pages, of which there are 1,200,000 words.

2. More than 1,000,000 domains are registered every month.

3.You will be surprised to know that dogs, cats, cows and other animals have also been seen as suicide victims like humans.

4. Shouting at the public place in Belarus is illegal.

5. Less than $ 15,000 of dollars was spent in creating a movie ‘Paranormal Activity’, which earned $ 193,000,000.

6. Dolphin fish can recognize themselves in glass.

7. Initially, Heroin Drugs was sold as a cough medicine.

8. At the time of sunset on Mars, sky appears blue.

9. Titanoboa, found to be 600 million years ago, is the largest, heaviest and tallest snake ever.

10. America’s first servant was black.

Information from 11 to 27

11. The oldest living people of the Uganda logo were 62 years old.

12. ‘Finding Nemo’ is the best-selling DVD so far.

13. More than 50 million Vending Machines in Japan.

14. There are more chances that your death will be due to slipping into the bathroom or falling of electricity, not from terrorism.

15. In the London Olympics of 1908, Russia’s team had come for 12 days because they did not use the Gergorian calendar.

16. Almost Americans change their lab after every 4 years.

17. Bill Gates has saved nearly 60 million people’s lives by vaccine and good health services so far.

18. Computer game ‘GTA Vice City’ was launched in 2002 when it first earned 23 billion rupees a day.

19. A car is made up of about 30,000 parts.

20. In 2009, Uruguay became the first country to offer laptops and WiFi free to its school students.

21. The first “Webcam” was made in Cambridge, that too only to take care of tea husbands.

22. Only 1% of the population in the UK owns 70% of the land.

23. There is only one “STOP” sign throughout the city of Paris.

24. An American person sees an average of 16,000 advertisements a day.

25. More sales than all Microsoft products are of Apple iPhone alone.

26. Ducati, Buggati, Lamborghini, Audi and Porsche are all bought by Volkswagen.

27. Chlamomania (‘Clinomania’) is a disease in which your mind is able to keep on bed all day long.

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