Home Remedies : Amazing and interesting Facts about Home Remedies

Home remedies: Home remedies (Gharelu Nuskhe) have no side effects and you can easily use them. Not all know about home remedies being used for home remedies (Home Remedies ). The home remedies that we are going to tell you today will be a lot of work in life.

1. Applying lemon juice on chopped apples will not cause black.

2. After leaving the lemon for a while in hot water, then cutting it, the juice gets more lemon than the lemon.

3. Mixing the salt in the mixer 1 times in 1 month, the blender gets bled fast.

4. To make the curd quick and good, pour the green chili stalk in milk and fry it in the night. Yogurt will be very awesome. Have tried a thousand times.

5. Do not touch mosquitoes and lizards by cutting the onion with a bulb or tube light.

6. If there is any scent or smell in the fridge, then it will end by placing half the chopped lemons.

7. If the salt in the vegetable is too high, then fold the dough and make its small trees (loines). Salt will be reduced.

8. At the time of rice boiling, add 2 drops of lemon juice, the rice will blossom and not sticks.

9. 3 or 4 cloves of sugar can not be ant.

10. In the rainy days, salt is often not dried, it goes to the pond (wet-wet). You put 7-8 rice grains in the salt box, then there is very little silence.

11. Put a little salt to remove the bitterness of fenugreek and put it aside for a while.

12. Mixing a little milk with water while kneading flour, then see the taste of bread and paratha.

13. After brushing the garlic lightly, its peel quickly rises.

14. When making Bhindi cottage cheese, add one teaspoon yogurt to it will reduce the viscosity in the vegetable.

15. Chilli is not bad for a long time by adding a little bit of asafetida in a canary box.

16. After boiling noodles, if some cold water is put in it then they will not stick together.

17. Burn the bananas on burning places. Blisters will not be formed.

18. If the water in the vegetable is too high, then fry the dry bread slit or gram flour.

19. After eating the bread, keep the bread standing, its steam will not come out and it will continue till it is ready.

20. If there is an injury or cut in the body and it is late to reach the doctor, then immediately put the tea leaves on the spot where the bleeding leaves, then place the cotton in it and keep the pressure in the tea leaf, Do not accumulate.

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