Life : Amazing and interesting Facts about Life

Life : Life is called life from birth to death. In the meantime, whatever we do, if it is added, then something very amazed comes out. Of course you have lived for 20-30 years of your life but today we are not going to tell you the Amazing Facts In About Life.

1. We create so much saliva in our entire life, that 2 swimming pools will be filled.

2. People who stay separate from their friends. I mean those who live alone, they live 4 years longer.

3. A man takes gambling about 2,50,000 times in his life.

4. We spend 3 months of our life in the toilet.

5. A man walks about 183,755,600 steps in his life. 5 whole rounds of earth

6. Man spends one year of his life sticking to women.

7. 80% of the world’s men spend less than $ 10 a day.

8. Our skin changes about 900 times in our entire life.

9. A man spends 6 months of his life in Shaving.

10. Gold less than 7 hours in night, reduces your life expectancy.

11. 4 years of women’s life passes in menstrual period.

12. Women in England spend $ 160,000 in their lifetime, then make-up.

13. If everyone in the world is washing their hands properly, then within one year, 10 lakhs of lives will be left alive.

14. 1 out of every 5 Americans believe that the earth will end during their lifetime.

15. We spend 25 years of our life in gold.

16. In our entire life, our brain stores about one million GB data store.

17. 82% believe in American after life.

18. A cigarette reduces your life by 11 minutes.

19. 1 out of seven million people will live more than 110 years.

20. A person who eats meat constantly consumes 7,000 animals in his life.

21. If history of Earth is made 24 hours, then life will start at 4 o’clock, trees at 10:24 at night, at dinosaur 11:41, and start of human life at 11 o’clock 58 minutes Will be on.

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