Amazing and interesting Facts 5

Every day something happens in the world that is amazing but true. Today we will tell you such wonderful incredible unimaginable facts which probably will not be read before today. This is the 9th part of our Facts series. We must also read the rest of our part.

Wonderful but true facts from 1 to 10

1. If you drive the car upwards, then in 1 hour it will reach the outer space.

2. In 2007, Iran arrested 14 squirrels suspected of espionage.

3. A cock named “Mike” was alive for 18 months without head.

4. According to the 2018 report, India’s footballer Sunil Chhetri has become the third highest scorer in the world.

5. Every year more people than sharks are killed by the vending machine.

6. In 1932 there was a war between Emu (a bird) and the Australian army. In which Emu be victorious.

7. Neil Armstrong had to pay the customs duty after returning from the moon.

8. If you want to go from Finland to North Korea, you just have to cross a country, and that is “Russia”.

9. Saudi Arabia has to import camels from Australia.

10. If the whole event of earth’s existence is narrowed in 1 year, then the human birth will be born on December 31 at 11:58.

Unbelievable unbelievable facts from 11 to 18

11. The song “Happy Birthday” has been copyrighted.

12. The hero on the Jupiter planet rains.

13. If possible to fold a paper 42 times, its thickness will reach the moon.

14. The invention of the openers was done 48 years after the invention of Can.

15. By 1950, Cigarettes were sold as a health product.

16. Shrimp shrimp do not die naturally nor do their age increase.

17. From the time of its discovery to the extinction of the planets, Pluto could not even complete one round of the sun.

18. Once Charlie Chaplin lost the competition that looked like Charlie Chaplin.

Amazing and interesting Facts 4

Two friends left the job thinking that some work should be done, but when it was not there, both of them joined the job again. However, the couple did not give up their hopes of separation. After this he did some experiments and see his work becoming popular. Its market price was billions of dollars and a popular brand like Facebook had to send a proposal to buy it. Here’s the talk of the Watts, which has been created by two friends Jan Koum and Brian Acton. Today we will tell you such “Whatsapp In “, which you will not even get on Whatsapp.

1. Whatsapp name was chosen because its sound is like “Whats UP”.

2. Most users of Whatsapp are in India.

3. Whatsapp has not spent a single penny on advertise till date. Despite this, the Watts App is such a hit.

4. Whatsapp is the fifth most downloaded application.

5. Whatsapp works on “no ads” policy, you have never seen any company advertise on Whatsapp.

6. There are 55 engineers in the Whatsapp team, and an engineer handles over 18 million users. Those are the most engineers.

7. 4300 million messages are sent everyday on Whatsapp.

8. On the Whatsapp every day, 160 million photos are shared.

9. 25 million videos are shared on Whatsapp every day.

10. Whatsapp can be used in 53 languages.

11. Whatsapp monthly active users are 100 million, which is more than facebook messenger.

12. There are more than 100 million groups on Whatsapp, of which 1-2 will be yours too.

13. Whatsapp founder “Jan Koum” and “Brian Acton” both had applied for a job in Facebook in 2009, but they were rejected.

14. Co-Founder of Whitespap Jain Com was born in Kiev, a small village in Ukraine. His family was so poor that there was no electricity in his house.

15. You will be surprised to know that Jain Com who was making Whatsapp used to work in cleaning and moping in the shop. But today he is a billionaire.

16. In the early days of 2009, the seeds of the invention of the Watts Ape fell. Com bought an iPhone and came to the conclusion that in the coming time, the app would be great stuff. They thought that an application should be prepared through which easy messaging can be done.

17. The trial of Whatsapp happened on the phone of some Russian friends of Kum.

18. Whatsapp has not been faster than any company in the history.

19. Global telecommunications companies have suffered a loss of $ 386 billion due to services like Whatsapp and Skype.

20. Facebook bought Whatsapp for 1182 billion, which is the most expensive deal so far. This deal was done on Valentine’s Day in 2014.

21. If you can not see anybody’s profile picture on the WATS app, then there may be 2 things, either you are not in the person’s contact list or he has blocked you.

22. One year earning of the Watts App is more than NASA’s budget.

23. Whatsap is responsible for the 27% selfies drawn on the Internet.

24. In January 2012, Whatsapp was removed from the IOS App Store without informing, but added again after 4 days.

25. If you suspect that a contact blocked you on Whatsapp, then add them to a group. If he had blocked you, then it would not be possible.

Happiness (smile) : Amazing and interesting Facts about Happiness (smile)

When we were young, we used to go all the time in laughter and joke … then we started growing up … we had to do high studies..the good job was water … we had to set ourselves in life … now we started taking ourselves seriously In this round we lost our face smile somewhere. And now people smile much more than Whatsapp and Facebook than they laugh. Today, through this article, I will try to understand the importance of laughing once again. There are some “Smiles Facts” which you will not laugh after reading and will be happy inside!

1. While tickling, not only humans but mice laugh too.

2. When you were born, you were right for a moment, but the person of the earth was the youngest.

3. 17 muscles are needed to laugh but 43 muscles are needed to get angry.

4. Somewhere, today is the best day of somebody’s life.

5. Laughing does not really have any meaning.

6. The level of happiness is difficult to measure.

7. 30% less man laughs, when alone

8. Your brain can catch fake hoaxes.

9. Jokes become even more fun when you know the comedian.

10. Believe it or not, laughing is a kind of science. In fact, the science of laughter and its effect on our body are called “Gelotology”.

11. On average, one person laughs about 13 times a day.

12. Smile is more attractive than makeup.

13. There are 19 different types of laughing.

14. Laughter increases your bloodflow by 22%. But stress reduces your bloodflow to 35%.

15. Female speakers laugh 127 percent more than the audience

16. Humans can catch a smile from 300 feet away.

17. Your laughing depends on how people are around you, not on Jokes.

18. People who hide behind their grief are called “Eccedentesiast”.

19. The only person who can give you true happiness is you yourself So do not hesitate to be dependent on others for happiness.

20. When you are jealous or hurt to someone, stop it immediately. Because by doing this you are only hurting yourself, it will not make any difference to the next person.

How many times do you smile throughout the day and how often do you laugh? Do your grints disappear before the first time? Have they been hanging out with friends? If, “yes” then you are living your life wrongly … try to change it

Sony Company : Amazing and interesting Facts about Sony Company

Sony, a name that is believed to be blindfolded in the world of technology. Its sound system is no match for anyone. No more information is available on Sony about the Internet, but by the way, we have found some interesting facts, let’s read.

1. Sony had brought its first product in late 1946, which was an electrical rice cooker. The biggest drawback of this product was that rice had never been crude in it, and it was more likely to be cooked.

2. The first company name was “TTK” (Tokyo Tsushin Kenkyujo). After 12 years, it changed its name to SONY.

3. Sonny’s name was named before the name of Sony, which means young. Sony named so that people could easily remember.

4. The name of the company is placed on Sony Latin language “Sonus”. It means sound and no need to tell how powerful Sony’s sound system is.

5. The world’s first Walkman Sony company was launched. It was particularly popular that it was sold in different names in the US, United Kingdom and Australia.

6. There was a great friendship between Sony founder “Akoi Morita” and Apple founder “Steve Jobs”.

7. The world’s largest gaming company Nintendo made a mistake by making Sony a video game. This game failed in the market and Sony left Nintendo behind by building herself a play station.

8. In 1998, Sony launched camcorders. This device could see up to the inside of the fabric.

According to 9. March 2015, Sony has 1,31,700 employees worldwide.

10. Time of 10:35 is displayed in all Smartphone and Tablet of Sony Company.

11. Sony has made his headquarter a “golden pig” in Tokyo. It is also considered the company logo. Sony has suffered a lot for this.

China : Amazing and interesting Facts about China

If you study history books as China, you know China is a traitor, or you hate China from seeing Chinese goods. China is a country in the world, people are always eager to know something about them. Whether it is their culture or their diet But there are many things related to “China In Hindi”, which people do not know about.

1. When soldiers are trained in China, pins are placed in the uniform of their uniform so that they can keep their neck upwards.

2. In the world where eggs are boiled in water, eggs are boiled in the pee of boys in China.

3. In China, 40 lakh cats are eaten every year in the name of delicious food.

4. There is so much pollution in Beijing’s air that the loss of breathing here is equivalent to drinking 21 cigarettes a day.

5. 30 million people live in homes like caves in China.

6. In 2010, China’s Shanghai City had 100 km of traffic traffic. This jam remained for 12 days.

7. Every 30 seconds in China, a child is born who is affected by zanzata defect.

8. Rich people in China can send others to jail instead of theirs.

9. People who speak English are more than America.

10. If you look at the giant panda in any corner of the world, you can blindly believe that it has China’s right. China has taken this proposal on lease (rent), but their children will be entitled to China.

11. If you go to see Earth from “Hot air Balloon”, then the Yangzhou City of China will be the most beautiful sight.

12. Until 2025, there will be 10 cities in Newyork such as China.

13. A boy in China had sold his kidney just to buy the iPad.

14. In China, the bird’s nest is the most demanded soup, the nest used for this soup is sold at a rate of 1.5 lakh rupees per kg.

15. In China, a man was given 12 years of imprisonment because he had killed and ate the last Chinese tiger.

16. Interesting facts are that 7 out of 10 Chinese students who have studied in other countries never return.

17. China has so many incidents of self-doubt that you can get a job to remove Dead Lady from the river.

18. In China, Facebook, Twitter and The newyork times are closed since 2009.

19. There are camps for treating people suffering from Internet addiction in China.

20. China is the world where most journalists and internet users are in jail.

21. China is number one in selling sex toys.

22. Starting a business in China takes just 38 days.

23. There are not enough American population, as many as cell phones in China.

24. 45 billion chapsticks are used every year in China, for which 2 million trees are cut every year.

25. 1400 years ago, the world’s first paper money was made in China.

26. By 2020, there will be 3 to 4 million men in China who are not getting girls for marriage.

27. In China, more people go to churches than in China, as many people go to churches in all countries of Europe.

28. In 1973, China had proposed to give 10 million women to the United States to boost populations.

29. Half of the pigs in the world are in China alone.

30. If you dig deep in some place in China’s land then you will reach Argentina or Chile.

31. Degrees are also offered in Bra Studies in China.

32. From 2011 to 2013, China used so many cement as much as the US did not do in the 20th Century.

33. Chinese people drink 50,000 cigarettes in every second.

34. The world’s largest shopping mall is in China but it was 99 percent empty till 2005.

35. Most of the people in China want to have their favorite hobby tickets.

36. The arrow command was also used first in China.

37. Keeping a red car in China is illegal in China city.

38. The reason for pollution of 29 percent of the world’s air is China.

39. At the time of seven o’clock, most Chinese people are watching the same television channel.

40. China’s population is so much that, if it is said to be made a line, then this line will never end, because there are only so many children born there.

Jawaharlal Nehru University : Amazing and interesting Facts about Jawaharlal Nehru University

Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) is at No. 3 in the country’s 10 Tap University. Many students’ dream of taking admission in JNU remains only dream. Today we will tell about interesting facts about Zenu that you hardly know.

1. “Jawaharlal Nehru University” was established in 1969 through the law passed by Parliament.

2. Nepalese 36th Prime Minister Babu Ram Bhattarai had a PhD from JNU in 1986.

3. JNU also gives degrees to the soldiers of the army who were recruited through the NDA.

4. Admission is only available in ZENUU for five rupees.

5. In the year 2010, when 75 soldiers died in Dantewada in Naxalite attack, Vyayy Day was celebrated in Xenu.

6. JNU’s government spending on every student comes to three lakhs.

7. When Durga Puja is celebrated throughout the country then Mahishasur Diwas is celebrated in Xenu.

8. In the year 2012, the Beef Festival was celebrated in XENU, which was banned by the High Court.

9. 50 percent of rape in Delhi is connected to JNU.

10. 17 cases of rape are reported every year in ZENU.

11. Every year, the government gives Rs. 244 crore to ZENU.

12. Despite all this, in the year 2012, “NAAC” gave JNU 3 out of 4 grades. These are the highest grades given to any university.

Wikipedia : Amazing and interesting Facts about Wikipedia

Launched some 15 years ago Wikipedia has made a special place on the Internet today. If you also use “Wikipedia” to get information about something, then you must be aware of this interesting fact.

1. Wikipedia was started by Zimi Wells and Larry Sanger in 2001.

2. No one can say that what Wikipedia’s first article was, Wikipedia founder Zimi Wells confirmed that the first article on their website was lost somewhere on the site. Although he surely believed that he had edited this article himself and its title was Hello World.

3. The meaning of the word wiki in WikiPedia is “quick”. The word “Hawaii language” has been taken from.

4. Most of the websites in English Wikipedia, 46 million articles are present.

5. 7,000 new articles are published daily on Wikipedia.

6. Hindi Wikipedia came into being in July 2003 and by 2015, Hindi Wikipedia has crossed 1 million pages and 2 lakh members.

7. Wikipedia is the most famous seventh website in India, which is used more than Twitter.

8. Wikipedia’s first logo was made by 17-year user PAL Stanisfifer. It was selected from Design Competition in 2003.

9. “Sex” is the most famous article in Wikipedia, which are present in every language.

10. More than 50 million users use Wikipedia every month. And every month it is read more than 2 times.

11. The most widely read page on Wikipedia is by Apple Founder Steve Jobs. 74 million on October 6, 2011 and the next day more than 1.6 million users saw this page.

12. 50 percent of user traffic on Wikipedia comes from “Google”.

13. According to the current data, 17.6 million articles of Wikipedia have been edited one billion times.

14. Former US President Zarz W. Bush’s Wikipedia page is the most edited It was edited 46 thousand times.

15. India has Wikipedia pages which has been edited 22,271 times. This is the fifteenth most edited page.

16. For the first time in 2006, the person who edited the article on Wikipedia was named as Time Magazine.

17. Wikipedia has a Birthday Committee, which congratulates those wikipediaians on the birthday, Zinnah’s name is on page.

18. No advertisements are shown for making money on Wikipedia.

19. Wikipedia is run on the basis of “No Loss No Profit”. This donation is taken for the operation of the website.

20. There are 1,15,000 active editors and 20 million 7 million registered editors of Wikipedia.

21. Wikipedia’s theme song is named “Hotel Wikipedia”. It was launched in the year 2004.

22. If the English of “Wikipedia” is very difficult for you then click on the “Simple English” option on the left side.

23. There is a great contradiction in the number of people coming to Wikipedia. The number of people who come to this website is about 90% and women are about 9%.

24. The article is available in every language on this website and it is widely appreciated in every country. There are also some languages ​​available on this website that are also not available on the Internet.

25. A website named Konsarvapedia has accused Wikipedia that all its articles are stolen and all information is wrong but nothing happens to all of these, Wikipedia is still used as much as it used to be before.

26. Another important thing is that Wikipedia itself is with Wikipedia itself, it is difficult to find out which ones are the most recent articles.

27. Wikipedia is about to introduce a contest, which is the question of what would be the last article written on Wikipedia.

Nepal : Amazing and interesting Facts about Nepal

Nepal is a small country in the Himalayas. Haseen Darshan here attracts everyone. Today we will tell you in Hindi language such “Nepal Facts”, which you will not find anywhere on the internet.

1. The flag of Nepal in the world is like this, which is not square. Apart from this, there are four corners of the flags of all countries.

2. The world’s slowest internet run in Nepal. Here’s Downloading Speed ​​less than 256 kbps.

3. South Asia’s oldest country is Nepal and 123 languages ​​are spoken in it.

4. Nepal was very famous for charas-tobacco etc. But now it is illegal to buy, sell, and use charas, tobacco.

5. In Nepal, there is a tradition of joining hands or not by embracing, but by joining hands.

6. Nepal is a Hindu nation, 81.3% of the total population here is Hindu.

7. In Nepal, the feeling of tremendous reverence can be seen in people towards Lord Buddha. Mahashivratri is a big festival of Nepal.

8. In the case of collecting water, Nepal is second in the world.

9. In many tribes of Nepal, a woman has many husbands and she makes relationships with everyone.

10. Of the ten highest peak peaks in the world, eight are in Nepal. It has the highest elevation of Mount Everest, at 8,848 meters.

11. No Independence Day is celebrated in Nepal, because Nepal is never a slave of any country.

12. The world’s smallest man, 54.4 cm high, is from Chandra Bahadur Nepal.

13. Weekly holiday in Nepal occurs on Saturday.

14. Sita’s birth place is in Mithila Nepal. Whereas Ram Lala is the only one of the lower tents in India’s Ram Janmabhoomi, there is also a huge Sita Temple in Sita’s birth place in Janakpur, Nepal.

15. Nepal “Gorkha” is a part of the British Army since 1816.

16. India’s 500 and 1000 notes do not go to Nepal.

17. Nepal’s most famous fast food is “momo”.

18. Inverted hand is not used for eating food in Nepal.

19. The longest handshake record is 2 Nepalese names, 42 hours 35 minutes.

20. More than half of Nepalis are such, who have never seen drinking alcohol.

Indian Farmers : Amazing and interesting Facts about Indian Farmers

India is an agricultural country, we all have written this line in our school exams. Moving towards becoming a super power, India’s biggest power is its agriculture. But it will be said unfortunately that in the country where slogans of ‘Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan’ are started, thousands of farmers are giving their lives every day. Every 30 minutes an Indian farmer is committing suicide and half of the grains that are produced are not human’s work. Is not it worth thinking? The country’s attitude towards agriculture at this time, he often hides the good things related to it. Let’s know some interesting things related to Indian agriculture:

1. Nearly 60 percent of India’s population is directly or indirectly dependent on agriculture.

2. According to the statistics of the Ministry of Agriculture, in the year 2013-14, wheat production was recorded at 95.9 lakh tonnes.

3. Farmers grow grains with so much hard work, but even then “21 million tonnes of wheat” gets spoiled in India every year. Equal to the total grain of Australia.

4. India is the second country to produce cotton in the world. Our cotton is widely sent abroad. Cotton, traditionally sent from India to Germany, Italy, is popular.

5. As many foreign income is received from the IT area as well as from agricultural sector.

6. India is at the forefront in spice production. There are 1.5 million tons of spices produced in the world every year. Do not miss your “MDH” ..

7. Tea received from India is consumed worldwide. 50% of India’s tea is cultivated in Assam.

8. India is the second country in rice cultivating countries where the highest rice production is done. There are China at number one.

9. India is a country where bananas are sent all over the world.

10. India’s state Uttar Pradesh has the highest sugarcane cultivation and due to this, India is second in terms of sugarcane production.

11. India has so much grain that if the whole world is starving, then we can feed the whole world for 6 months.

Ever see your earnings under the open sky, you will not sleep in the night … ..!

Think of that farmer?

Even today, more than half of India’s population is dependent on farming. There are many people living in cities, whose fathers or grandfathers have been farmers and even today their grains will come from the village itself. In the changing way, in the way every thing is becoming modern, in the same way, the rules and regulations of agriculture and farming need to be modernized. Then we will never need to import anything from any country. If the information sounds good, then share it and do not forget to tell your farmer, parents and grandparents.

Sanskrit language : Amazing and interesting Facts about Sanskrit language

By passing through a temple or gurukul, you must listen to the verses or chants of Sanskrit. These mantras and shlokas have broken our relationship only in childhood, but still these verses are heard sometimes. Sanskrit is the oldest language in the world, but is currently on the verge of extinction. In 2001, the number of Sanskrit-speaking people was just 14135. The world is going to learn Sanskrit as the glory of Sanskrit, adding Sanskrit to the School College Universities course, India is not taking any special steps in this direction. Today we are telling you some interesting facts about Sanskrit, which will lift the pride of any Indian proudly.

1. Sanskrit is considered the mother of all languages.

2. Sanskrit is the official language of Uttarakhand.

3. Before the intervention of the Arab people, Sanskrit was the national language of India.

4. According to NASA, Sanskrit is the most obvious language spoken on Earth.

5. Sanskrit has more words than any other language in the world; Currently there are 102 billion 78 million 50 million words in the Sanskrit dictionary.

6. Sanskrit is an amazing treasure for any topic. For example, there is more than 100 words in Sanskrit for elephants.

7. NASA has 60,000 manuscripts written on palm papers in Sanskrit, on which NASA is doing research.

8. Forbes magazine considered Sanskrit as the best language for computer software in July, 1987.

9. In less words, the sentence is completed in Sanskrit than any other language.

10. Sanskrit is the only language in the world that is used to speak all the muscles of the tongue.

11. According to American Hindu University, a person talking in Sanskrit will be free from diseases like BP, Diabetes, Cholesterol etc. By speaking in Sanskrit, the nervous system of the human body remains active so that the person’s body becomes active with positive charges.

12. Sanskrit is also helpful in speech therapy, it enhances concentration.

13. People of Muthur village of Karnataka speak only in Sanskrit.

14. Sudharma was the first Hindi newspaper, which started in 1970. Even today its online version is available.

15. There is a demand for a large number of Sanskrit speakers in Germany. Sanskrit is taught in 14 Universities of Germany.

16. According to NASA scientists, when they used to send messages to the space traveler, their sentences were reversed. Because of this, the meaning of the message was changed. He used many languages ​​but every time this problem came, finally he sent a message in Sanskrit because the meaning of Sanskrit is not changed even after its converse.

17. You must be surprised to know that the computer that is solving the problems of mathematics i.e. Algorithms is made in Sanskrit and not in English.

18. Sixth and 7th Generation Super Computers being created by NASA scientists will be based on the Sanskrit language, which will be ready by 2034.

19. Learning of Sanskrit grows faster and memory increases. Therefore, in many schools of London and Ireland, Sanskrit has been made a compulsory subject.

20. At present, Sanskrit is taught in the courses of technical education at at least one university of more than 17 countries of the world.