Home Remedies : Amazing and interesting Facts about Home Remedies

Home remedies: Home remedies (Gharelu Nuskhe) have no side effects and you can easily use them. Not all know about home remedies being used for home remedies (Home Remedies ). The home remedies that we are going to tell you today will be a lot of work in life.

1. Applying lemon juice on chopped apples will not cause black.

2. After leaving the lemon for a while in hot water, then cutting it, the juice gets more lemon than the lemon.

3. Mixing the salt in the mixer 1 times in 1 month, the blender gets bled fast.

4. To make the curd quick and good, pour the green chili stalk in milk and fry it in the night. Yogurt will be very awesome. Have tried a thousand times.

5. Do not touch mosquitoes and lizards by cutting the onion with a bulb or tube light.

6. If there is any scent or smell in the fridge, then it will end by placing half the chopped lemons.

7. If the salt in the vegetable is too high, then fold the dough and make its small trees (loines). Salt will be reduced.

8. At the time of rice boiling, add 2 drops of lemon juice, the rice will blossom and not sticks.

9. 3 or 4 cloves of sugar can not be ant.

10. In the rainy days, salt is often not dried, it goes to the pond (wet-wet). You put 7-8 rice grains in the salt box, then there is very little silence.

11. Put a little salt to remove the bitterness of fenugreek and put it aside for a while.

12. Mixing a little milk with water while kneading flour, then see the taste of bread and paratha.

13. After brushing the garlic lightly, its peel quickly rises.

14. When making Bhindi cottage cheese, add one teaspoon yogurt to it will reduce the viscosity in the vegetable.

15. Chilli is not bad for a long time by adding a little bit of asafetida in a canary box.

16. After boiling noodles, if some cold water is put in it then they will not stick together.

17. Burn the bananas on burning places. Blisters will not be formed.

18. If the water in the vegetable is too high, then fry the dry bread slit or gram flour.

19. After eating the bread, keep the bread standing, its steam will not come out and it will continue till it is ready.

20. If there is an injury or cut in the body and it is late to reach the doctor, then immediately put the tea leaves on the spot where the bleeding leaves, then place the cotton in it and keep the pressure in the tea leaf, Do not accumulate.

China : Amazing and interesting Facts about China

If you study history books as China, you know China is a traitor, or you hate China from seeing Chinese goods. China is a country in the world, people are always eager to know something about them. Whether it is their culture or their diet But there are many things related to “China In Hindi”, which people do not know about.

1. When soldiers are trained in China, pins are placed in the uniform of their uniform so that they can keep their neck upwards.

2. In the world where eggs are boiled in water, eggs are boiled in the pee of boys in China.

3. In China, 40 lakh cats are eaten every year in the name of delicious food.

4. There is so much pollution in Beijing’s air that the loss of breathing here is equivalent to drinking 21 cigarettes a day.

5. 30 million people live in homes like caves in China.

6. In 2010, China’s Shanghai City had 100 km of traffic traffic. This jam remained for 12 days.

7. Every 30 seconds in China, a child is born who is affected by zanzata defect.

8. Rich people in China can send others to jail instead of theirs.

9. People who speak English are more than America.

10. If you look at the giant panda in any corner of the world, you can blindly believe that it has China’s right. China has taken this proposal on lease (rent), but their children will be entitled to China.

11. If you go to see Earth from “Hot air Balloon”, then the Yangzhou City of China will be the most beautiful sight.

12. Until 2025, there will be 10 cities in Newyork such as China.

13. A boy in China had sold his kidney just to buy the iPad.

14. In China, the bird’s nest is the most demanded soup, the nest used for this soup is sold at a rate of 1.5 lakh rupees per kg.

15. In China, a man was given 12 years of imprisonment because he had killed and ate the last Chinese tiger.

16. Interesting facts are that 7 out of 10 Chinese students who have studied in other countries never return.

17. China has so many incidents of self-doubt that you can get a job to remove Dead Lady from the river.

18. In China, Facebook, Twitter and The newyork times are closed since 2009.

19. There are camps for treating people suffering from Internet addiction in China.

20. China is the world where most journalists and internet users are in jail.

21. China is number one in selling sex toys.

22. Starting a business in China takes just 38 days.

23. There are not enough American population, as many as cell phones in China.

24. 45 billion chapsticks are used every year in China, for which 2 million trees are cut every year.

25. 1400 years ago, the world’s first paper money was made in China.

26. By 2020, there will be 3 to 4 million men in China who are not getting girls for marriage.

27. In China, more people go to churches than in China, as many people go to churches in all countries of Europe.

28. In 1973, China had proposed to give 10 million women to the United States to boost populations.

29. Half of the pigs in the world are in China alone.

30. If you dig deep in some place in China’s land then you will reach Argentina or Chile.

31. Degrees are also offered in Bra Studies in China.

32. From 2011 to 2013, China used so many cement as much as the US did not do in the 20th Century.

33. Chinese people drink 50,000 cigarettes in every second.

34. The world’s largest shopping mall is in China but it was 99 percent empty till 2005.

35. Most of the people in China want to have their favorite hobby tickets.

36. The arrow command was also used first in China.

37. Keeping a red car in China is illegal in China city.

38. The reason for pollution of 29 percent of the world’s air is China.

39. At the time of seven o’clock, most Chinese people are watching the same television channel.

40. China’s population is so much that, if it is said to be made a line, then this line will never end, because there are only so many children born there.

Nepal : Amazing and interesting Facts about Nepal

Nepal is a small country in the Himalayas. Haseen Darshan here attracts everyone. Today we will tell you in Hindi language such “Nepal Facts”, which you will not find anywhere on the internet.

1. The flag of Nepal in the world is like this, which is not square. Apart from this, there are four corners of the flags of all countries.

2. The world’s slowest internet run in Nepal. Here’s Downloading Speed ​​less than 256 kbps.

3. South Asia’s oldest country is Nepal and 123 languages ​​are spoken in it.

4. Nepal was very famous for charas-tobacco etc. But now it is illegal to buy, sell, and use charas, tobacco.

5. In Nepal, there is a tradition of joining hands or not by embracing, but by joining hands.

6. Nepal is a Hindu nation, 81.3% of the total population here is Hindu.

7. In Nepal, the feeling of tremendous reverence can be seen in people towards Lord Buddha. Mahashivratri is a big festival of Nepal.

8. In the case of collecting water, Nepal is second in the world.

9. In many tribes of Nepal, a woman has many husbands and she makes relationships with everyone.

10. Of the ten highest peak peaks in the world, eight are in Nepal. It has the highest elevation of Mount Everest, at 8,848 meters.

11. No Independence Day is celebrated in Nepal, because Nepal is never a slave of any country.

12. The world’s smallest man, 54.4 cm high, is from Chandra Bahadur Nepal.

13. Weekly holiday in Nepal occurs on Saturday.

14. Sita’s birth place is in Mithila Nepal. Whereas Ram Lala is the only one of the lower tents in India’s Ram Janmabhoomi, there is also a huge Sita Temple in Sita’s birth place in Janakpur, Nepal.

15. Nepal “Gorkha” is a part of the British Army since 1816.

16. India’s 500 and 1000 notes do not go to Nepal.

17. Nepal’s most famous fast food is “momo”.

18. Inverted hand is not used for eating food in Nepal.

19. The longest handshake record is 2 Nepalese names, 42 hours 35 minutes.

20. More than half of Nepalis are such, who have never seen drinking alcohol.

Israeli : Amazing and interesting Facts about Israeli

Israel is surrounded by enemy countries. To learn patriotism, learn from Israel. Today we will tell interesting facts about the Israeli country, after reading that you will become the fan of this country.

1. Israel is the only Jewish nation in the world. According to his birth, the newest (67 years) is.

2. Israel’s population is equal to half of New York’s population. The total area of ​​Israel is so much that three Israelis can not be as much as Rajasthan.

3. Israeli language Hebrew language is the only language in the world, which has been reborn. Hebrew and Arabic are the official languages ​​here.

4. Israel is the only country in the world, where women must work in the military service essentially.

5. In the Israeli world, it is included in 9 countries with its own satellite system. Using which he drives the drone. Israel does not share its satellite system with anyone.

6. Israel is the only country in the world, in which 21st century had more trees than the 20th century.

7. Narendra Modi was not prime minister at that time when he traveled to Israel.

8. Israeli Air Force is the fourth largest air force in the world. It is not only in the face of any attack but it is peaceful in answering, but any enemy has the ability to wreck the moment. Only America, Russia and China are ahead of them.

9. Israel is the only country in the world that is equipped with the entire anti-ballistic missile defense system. Rocket rocking in any part of Israel means death. Every missile going towards Israel breaks down on the way.

10. The note issued by the Israeli bank can also be identified as blind, because it uses Braille script as well.

11. Israel is the first in the world in terms of domestic computer usage. The first phone in the world was made by Motorola Company in Israel and the first Pentium chip for Microsoft was made in Israel. Not only this, the first voice mail technique was developed in Israel.

12. Israel has fought seven wars since its birth. In which he won the maximum. Israel does the highest spending on the defense sector in terms of percentage of GDP in the world.

13. All Israeli students, whether a boy or a girl, have to compulsorily join the military service after completing high school. This service period is three years for boys and 2 years for girls.

14. Israel never tells a country or organization that terrorism or attacks in our country ….

Rather, Israel says if someone kills a citizen of our country, then we will enter that country and kill 1,000 of its citizens.

15. If you are an enemy of Israel and you are a Muslim, then living in this world is not difficult to survive.

16. There is no fight for Israel in the war as we have told that once 7 countries have tried together together, but they have lost their mouth and the disputed territory also was captured by Israel.

17. Israel has the largest number of museums per person compared to any other country in the world.

18. In 1952, America offered Albert Einstein to become President of Israel, but Einstein rejected this offer by saying that it was not for politics. The reason for this is that Einstein was a Jewish and Israel is a Jewish country.

19. Can not clear the nose on Sunday in Israel. If you do this then you can file a case.

20. The first antivirus in the world was first made in Israel in 1979. Microsoft and Cisco made their research centers outside of the US only in Israel.

Who created the first PC virus? Click to know this.

21. You will be surprised to know that every Pakistani passport will say that this passport is valid in all the countries of the world except Israel.

22. Israeli agricultural products have increased sevenfold in 25 years, while the water used to be used as much as it used to be.

23. Israel produces 93 percent of its food needs. In food grains, Israel is almost self-reliant.

24. The smallest Bible in the world is prepared in Israel, which is 4.76 mm long and wide.

25. When Palestinian terrorists entered the Munich Olympics Games Village in 1972 and killed 12 Israeli players, then Prime Minister Mrs Golda Mayer called herself to all the deceased player’s family and said that we would be taking revenge. He gave up his spy agency Mosad completely and said, “In the event of the people who are involved in this incident, they are in any country of the world, they have to not stay alive.

26. If any Israelis have less weight than fixed weight, then any beauties are not allowed to participate in the competition. Health means less weight at all.

27. Israel can not afford Jewish pigs. It is a lawful crime.

28. Out of 10 Israeli households, 9 households use solar energy. Most solar energy is used to heat water.

29. In terms of education, according to the population, most of the university is in Israel. Here, 109 research papers are published in every 10 thousand population. Which is the highest in the world. Here in the case of books, most books are printed per person.

30. There are only 40 book stores in Israel. Because the government provides every book. A copy of every book appearing in Israel is kept in the Jewish National Library Library.

31. Israeli media enjoys the highest independence compared to the countries of the Middle East. Israel gets more media coverage than any country in the world.

32. In a small country like Israel, 37 political parties participated in the 2013 election. Israel is the only country in the Middle East where women have equal rights to men.

33. Israel is the center of diamond hole sales business. It is the cutting and polishing of most diamonds in comparison to any other country in the world.

34. There are 137 official beach in Israel. While Israel has only 273 km of coastline.

35. Israel is third in the world in professional terms. There are more than 3,000 high-tech companies in Israel, which is the world’s largest (except Silicon Valley).

36. Israel is the country which is the largest refugee refuge in the world. Jews from all over the world are born as citizens of Israel. You can just sit there whenever you want.

Gazbindi salutes, a country where citizens are always picking up their heads.

Japan : Amazing and interesting Facts about Japan

The hardworking country Japan is made up of approximately 6800 islands, the name of this country remains at the forefront of anything new. It is estimated that the people here are so diligent that countries such as America, in the Second World War, have thrusted but Japan is not ready to withdraw. Let’s read “Japan”.

1. About 1500 earthquakes occur every year in Japan, meaning that every day four.

2. Japan is the only nation which does not give “citizenship” to Muslims. Even Muslims do not get a house rent in Japan.

3. No Arabic or any other Islamic language is taught in a university of Japan.

4. Every Japanese citizen carrying a dog holds a special bag with him, in which he collects his stool.

5. Children do not have to take any exams until the age of 10 in Japan.

6. In Japan, children and teachers work together to clean up the Classroom.

7. The average age of Japan’s people is highest in the world (82 years). In Japan, there are 50,000 people over 100 years old.

8. Japan does not have any kind of natural resources and they also suffer hundreds of earthquakes per year, but still Japan is the world’s second largest economic power.

9. “Sumo” is Japan’s most popular game. Apart from this, baseball is also quite popular.

10. In Japan, most people have been educated. Where literacy rate is 100%. Where news and news channels do not cover the news like accidents like India, politics, debate, movie masala etc. Here, modern newspapers and news stories are available in newspapers.

11. 20% of books published in Japan are Comic Books.

12. New Year is celebrated on January 1 in Japan by ringing 108 bells in the temple.

13. Japanese time is very strong, here also the train also lays up to 18 seconds long.

14. “Vending Machine” is a machine in which a coin can come from something like noodles, eggs, bananas etc. When you are in Japan, you will find these machines everywhere. It is on every road. There are about 55 lakh vending machines in Japan.

15. Until 2015, it was forbidden to dance until late in Japan.

16. Japan also has a building from which highway passes through.

17. Despite being surrounded by the sea from all four sides, 27 percent of the fishes are procured from other countries.

18. The black cat is considered to be lucky in Japan.

19. Japan has 90% “Mobile WaterProof” because these people use the phone while bathing.

20. In Japan there are 70 types of “fanta”.

21. Most roads in Japan are such that there are no names.

22. Japano has more than 20 ways to say “Sorry”

23. Japan is the world’s largest automobile maker.

24. In 2011, the earthquake that struck Japan was the fastest earthquake to date. This earthquake had an increase of 1.8 microseconds in the “roaring speed” of the Earth.

25. Japan is the only single country in the world which has been attacked by “atom bombs”. As you know, the US threw bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 6 and 9, 1945. These bombs were named the little-boy and Fat-man.

White House : Amazing and interesting Facts about White House

1. White House is designed by American architect James Hoban of Irish descent. Significantly, the first cornerstone was laid in October of 1792, which took eight years to complete.

2. It is said that in the White House there are 65,000 letters every week. At the same time, there are 2,500-3,500 phone calls per day, 1,000 faxes and 1,00,000 emails.

3. White sandstone is made in Georgian style White House. This is the official residence of the American President since John Adams’ tenure.

4. In the White House, the President and First Lady are charged for all other things, including their food, toiletries, dry cleaning.

5. Even if there is no charge to look at the White House, but it has to apply for “six months” already.

6. White house has two twin buildings. One is in France and the other in Ireland, the building built in France is a tourist attraction center, while Ireland has an Irish parliament.

7. In the White House so far, two couples have been married.

8. There are 132 rooms in the White House (Rashtrapati Bhavan). Apart from this, 35 bathrooms, 412 doors, 147 windows, 28 fireplaces, 8 staircases and three elevators are included.

9. Lincoln and Kennedy were two presidents whose wives lost their “one child” during the White House migration.

10. There are many main places including State Dining Room, Red Room, Green Room, East Room and South Portico.

11. The White House is so green that we can call the environment 100% pollution free.

12. Interestingly, in 1814, the British Army had damaged the White House walls during the Burning of Washington incident.

13. The White House is actually made up of 55,000 square feet area. The ground has a height of 70 feet, while the width is 170 feet and the depth is 85 feet, it is located on 18 acres of land.

14. President George Washington used to be in his office during the White House under construction Tell me, Washington has never been in Rashtrapati Bhavan.

15. Five full-time chefs work in the White House. Within the building 140 guests have a dining room together.

16. In 1901, Theodore Roosevelt announced the official name of the white house, the White House has many nicknames, including President’s Palace, Rashtrapati Bhavan and Executive Haveli.

17. Rashtrapati Bhawan is six-storey, with two basements, two public floors and the rest of the floor of the American President. To paint the outer walls of the White House, 570 gallons of color is needed. Significantly, in 1994 the cost of paint was more than “$ 2,83,000” i.e. more than 1 crore 72 lakhs.

Russia : Amazing and interesting Facts about Russia

There are some things in Russia that make him really special. Russia is not only the second largest oil producer in the world, but its city has the largest number of billionaires compared to any other country in the world. Russia is a country where the number of men is less compared to women. Let’s know, there is something similar in Russia Interesting Facts in Hindi.

1. According to the area of ​​Russia, Pluto is larger than the planet.

2. Russia is a country in the world which has one part in the evening and one part in the day.

3. Apple company’s value is more than the share market of all of Russia.

4. Russia has 8400 nuclear weapons in comparison to any country.

5. Russia’s lake “Baikal” has 20% pure water in the world.

6. Each Rusion drinks 18 liters of beer every year.

7. In Russia, the number of women is 9 lakh more than the men.

8. Food and drink are free in a coffee house in Russia but you have to pay fees to spend time here. To spend a minute in this cafe, you will have to pay approximately 1 to 3 rubles. This idea was first born in China.

9. Russia’s last point is only 4 km from the United States. It stays away.

10. About 110 people of Russia are holding 35 percent of the total assets of the country. Economic inequality in this country has expanded to a great extent.

11. In 1867, the United States purchased Alaska from Russia only in the amount of 45 crores 81 lacs.

12. In 1908, the Imperial Russian Olympic team arrived for 12 days for their game because they were not using the Gregorian calendar.

13. Record of giving birth to most children is the name of a Russian woman. With 69 children. Of these, 7 were Tigers i.e. three gathered were born and 7 were twins and the rest were one.

14. Russia is the first country to send satellite.

15. More than 5 million deaths occur every year in Russia, only due to alcoholism.

16. Teachers in Russians are given a vendor as a salary.

17. Russia’s first human Chess was played in St. Petersburg in 1924. In Russia, the chase used to be quite popular in the 20th century. So this popularity gave Russia the idea of ​​inviting human chess.

18. There was a time when the ruler of Russia, Peter had imposed a tax on the shawl.

19. It is believed that there are about 15 cities in Russia whose names and addresses are all secret.

20. In 2011, in Russia, beverages were declared as normal drinks, which contained less alcohol than 10 percent, so beer was recognized for normal eating products.

21. One third of the Russians believe that the sun revolves around the earth.

22. A torch is lit in the Olympic Games, it has passed through Russia almost 70 times.

23. The word “Vodka” comes from the word of the Russian word Voda, it means water.

24. ‘Vodka’ is responsible for 25% of Russian people who die before reaching the age of 55.

25. The lake of Russia “Kar” is the world’s most polluted and radioactive lake.

26. Russian scientists have been keeping lamdio like dogs since 1959.

27. The eagle of Soviet Russia was a bird that was flying in the paws of a huge animal like an elephant.

Iraq : Amazing and interesting Facts about Iraq

There are a lot of things to know about Iraq but still people do not know much more than terrorism and terrorism, but Iraq has given ISIS a lot of things along with the world, some of which we use in Daily Life Also do. Let’s read “Iraq Facts in Hindi”.

1. One of the popular stories “Ali Baba and Forty Thieves” was written in Iraq. According to interesting facts, the story was written about 1,000 years ago today.

2. Iraq has given the world the first map and calendar.

3. Tell you that ISIS is nothing in front of the Iraqi army. ISIS owns a mini government to maintain its assets. Now it is the world’s most dreaded terrorist organization.

4. Do you know that the invention of the wheel was only in Iraq.

5. In Beirut 5 thousand years of beekeeping is followed in Iraq. Beekeeping for almost all Iraqi families is a great source of food and income.

6. 5 thousand years ago there was plenty of greenery and swamps, but gradually it turned into desert.

7. During 1980-88, millions of people died in the Iraq-Iraq war. From this war Iraq was declared bankrupt. In the pursuit of money, dictator Saddam Hussein attacked with the intention of grabbing Kuwait’s oil field. But, the American coalition troops expelled Saddam from Kuwait. However, he allowed Iraq to remain in power.

8. At some time Iraq’s schools and colleges were considered the best in the Arab world.

9. Saddam Hussein had introduced a law, under which, if a person has killed a woman while protecting the family’s honor, then it is free. Let us know that after 2003, there has been a drastic increase in Honor Killing cases in Iraq.

10. More than half of the marriage in Iraq has taken place between cousins ​​and siblings.

11. Until 2003, Baghdad’s zoo was the largest zoo in the Middle East. Then there were more than 600 animals there. After the invasion of Iraq, all the other animals, except 50 robbers, were robbed.

12. It is believed that black cat-related superstition was born in Iraq.

13. In 2003, the alliance of 35 countries simultaneously attacked Iraq. However, countries such as France and Germany refused to join the war.

14. Iraq is the only country in the world who said that there is 60 minutes and 1 minute 60 seconds in 1 hour.

15. On the basis of the constellations, there is an introduction to fate about Iraq.

16. Dance has played an important role in the culture of Iraq for thousands of years. One of Iraq’s dance styles is Hachaa hacha’a, belly is similar to dancing, but in this style there are more holes, neck and hands movements. For this dance style, it is important for women’s hair to be long, because it involves hair transfusion.

17. 12 hours a day and 12 hours have started from the night of Iraq.

18. Scientists have confirmed 112.5 billion barrels of crude oil reserves under Iraq’s land. Iraq has the world’s second largest oil reserves.

Australia : Amazing and interesting Facts about Australia

The shiny sand, the blue ocean spreading far and wide, or the jungle walk among the booming kangaroos or the seven natural wonders of the world, the colorful wild water of the Great Barrier Reef, or the sea beaches Seeing a show in the finest opera house … and if we say that there is no single thing about your dreams, the whole dream can come true. Yes, not chunky! Australia is also beautiful than your dreams. Here you will find whatever you have never imagined. That is why they say ‘there is nothing like Australia’. Let’s read in Australia in Hindi.

1. The distance between Australia and London to Moscow is as big.

2. Australia average 96 liters of beer per year.

3. Almost 1.35 trillion bottles of alcohol are made by Australia alone every year.

4. If a scarf is woven through a wool produced in Australia in one year, it will become so big that the whole world can be wrapped in it hundred times.

5. On 91% of Australia’s vegetation, it is spread over 7 lakh square kilometers.

6. Where is the world’s capital going to Australia? Here, 70 percent of the population participate in some game every week.

7. The highest price of electricity in the world is in Australia. And the law here is so tremendous that only the licensed Mistry can change the bulb in Victoria of Australia.

8. Australia has the longest fence in the world in Australia. It is 5,614 km long. It was made to save fertile ground from wild dogs.

9. There is a provision for punishment on dirty songs in Melbourne. However, the condition is that if you sing such a song, its sound should not reach the other’s ears. This can be a 6-month sentence.

10. More than 25% Australians are born in another country.

11. Beer Drinking World Record Former Australian Prime Minister Bob Haak is named after him, who scored 2.5 pints (1.18 liters of beer) in 11 seconds in World Record.

12. In 1880, Melbourne was the richest city in the world.

13. Regardless of the rain in our country, we do not have rain, but there is a special law in Melbourne that can not produce artificial rain. The Rain Measuring Control Act was made in 1966.

14. There are more than 150 million sheep in Australia and there are only 20 million people here, there are 8 sheep for every person.

15. There is a pink ‘Hillier’ lake in Australia. Scientists can not even figure out why its color is pink.

16. Saudi Arabia imports camels from Australia for meat.

17. Do you know how many are in Australia? No. There are around 10000 in Australia This means that you can take a new beach tour every day for 27 years.

18. Before 1902, it was illegal for swimming in beaches during daytime.

19. In Australia, 45 native languages ​​are spoken, with more than 200 different languages ​​and dialects.

20. Melbourne is at the first place in the world’s most livable city for the third consecutive year.

21. Number of Kangaroos in Australia is more than the number of people.

22. Melbourne is also called Fox Capital. Actually, there is a large population of foxes. About 10 foxes are found on every square kilometer. Many times it also creates problems for people.

23. In 2013, in Australia, a pig drinks 18 beer and started to try to fight a cow that was soaked in drunkenness.

24. There was no death due to spider cutting in Australia after 1979.

25. Seat belt law was first introduced in Victoria in Australia in 1970.

26. Australia was the second country to give women the right to vote. It was implemented in 1902.

27. Over 85 per cent of the Australian coastline resides within 50 km radius.

28. The funny thing is that an Australian man once tried to sell to New Zealand on ebay.

29. The highest snowfall is on the Alps mountain of Australia, compared to Switzerland.

30. Until 1984 the national anthem of Australia was ‘God Save the King / Queen’.

31. Australian gambling spend more money than any country.

32. Ginna Rinehart, Chairman of the Hankook Prospecting Group, is Australia’s most wealthy woman. His earnings per hour is one million dollars (more than Rs 6 crore).

33. According to the law of Melbourne, it is illegal to announce the reward for returning it after losing any goods.

34. In Australia, only the world’s oldest fossil was found. It is approximately 340 million years old. This is the only continent, where there is no active volcano.

35. The most poisonous snakes in the world are found in Australia.

36. The flight data recorder i.e. the black box used in the whole world was invented in Melbourne. It was made by David Warren in the Aeronautical Research Laboratory in 1958. Actually, Warren’s father had died in a plane crash, after which he decided to create a black box to reveal the information of the last time of the plane.

Pakistan: Amazing and interesting Facts about Pakistan

Hindustan and Pakistan are two such countries that have emerged as enemies of each other since partition, and came to the world. Both do not leave any chance to blow each other’s glory. India continued to accuse Pakistan that Pakistan is giving space to terrorists against Hindus, while Pakistan also considers India responsible for terrorist incidents that occur there. Well, read interesting facts about Pakistan.

1. In terms of searching porn on the Internet, Pakistan is number one on the list of top countries.

2. During the independence of India in 1947, the Hindu population in Pakistan was 24%, now it has reduced to 1%, what happened to the missing Hindus?

3. In the analysis of terrorism and rebellious activities, Pakistan has been described as the world’s eighth most dangerous country.

4. More than 50% of football in the world alone makes Pakistan.

5. Pakistan has the largest ambulance network in the world.

6. Pakistan Army is the sixth largest army in the world.

7. After India’s independence, Indian Army has won three wars against Pakistan.

8. The second highest mountain in the world is in K2, POK.

9. Pakistan is second only to India in producing Chholo.

10. Pakistan’s literacy rate has increased by 250% in the last five years.

11. More than 60 languages ​​are spoken in Pakistan alone.

12. About 1 lakh people go to Pakistan every year.

13. Every 7 Second in Pakistan, a child is born.

14. The record for planting the highest tree in a day is Pakistan’s name. Here, 7,50,000 trees were planted in a day.

15. Pakistan has the world’s fourth largest Brodband Internet System.

16. The first PC Virus was made by two Pakistani brothers.

17. On May 28, 1998, Pakistan became the first Islamic country to achieve Nuclear Power.

18. The tone of Pakistan’s national anthem is the first place in the world’s top three tunes.

19. Pakistanis search the highest pig, asshole, dog, cat and snake porn video and other content on Google.