Cats : Amazing and interesting Facts about Cats

1. Every year only 4 million cats are eaten in China.

2. Cats sleep 13 to 14 hours a day. It spends 70% of its life in sleep.

3. A cat was made Mayor in Alaska for 15 years.

4. The black cat is considered to be lakki in Japan.

5. Cat can not taste sweeteners.

6. Cats can lift up to 100 kinds of voices, while dogs can only lift 10 types of sounds.

7. Most cats in the world are reared in North America. There are 73 million cats against 63 million dogs.

8. Cats are considered to be the cause of many species of animal extinction.

9. In America 86,000 people are injured every year due to cats.

10. A cat named ‘Dusty’ gave birth to 420 children in her life, which is a world record.

11. The biggest cat has been found 48.5 inches (1.23 meters).

12. In ancient Egypt people used to shave their eyebrows in mourning for their cats.

13. Superstitions related to cats were born in Iraq.

14. Will you believe that drinking milk is very bad for the health of the cat, the fact is that milk contains lactose and it does not digest lactose. They should never be given milk.

15. If cat is given to eat chocolate, then he may die.

16. The cat has 3 eyepieces.

17. The wonderful thing about them is that it is a special thing in cat and mice that they can also drink water from the sea.

18. Cats are so expensive that somewhere a cat receives more than $ 10,000.

19. The greatest strength of the cat is that it will not be anything more than to fall from it.

20. The cat’s urine also shines in the dark.

21. Dogs and cats are also left or right-handed like humans.

22. Every year, people spend 3 lakh 57 billion rupees on their dogs and cats.

23. Cats can jump 7 times higher than their tail length.

24. In a famous Scottish distillery, there was a cat called Tasser. He hunted a total of 28,899 mice in his 24-year life. Tossar has also been ranked in the Guinness Book of World Records. But more surprising is that after the success of the Tauser, the second cat Ambar was kept here for this work, but he could not even succeed in catching a rat during his 20-year tenure.

Elephants: Amazing and interesting Facts about Elephants

NOTE: If you face an elephant in the jungle and there is no hope of protection, then you should not climb the tree to avoid the elephant nor hide behind some other thing as the elephant trunk has so much power that He can uproot the tree in a shock and throw it. The easiest way is that you should make the most noise. You should shout loudly and this is more likely to save you.

1. You must have always seen that the elephant keeps shaking his ears all day long, have you ever wondered why? Actually, the elephant leaves the heat of its giant body through the ears. This work is done by elephant ears cells. This is the reason that the ears of African elephants are very large because there is more heat there.

2. At the beginning of the railway, the elephant used to replace the crane to push, lift and carry the train box. This is from 1963, when elephants were used to pull the train from Baroda to the carriage.

3. Puberty in elephants usually comes in age of 13 or 14 years. Elephant is the only animal, which is given to give birth to a different type of gland to stimulate sexual activity, which is called “Temporal Gland”, which is inside the body between the ear and the eye. From there elephants control and display their sexual desires. In an aggravating condition the fluid starts flowing between the ears and the ear between the ears. The elephant’s penis is about 1 meter long in excitement and the letter of the English becomes the size of S.

4. An elephant can smell the water odor at a distance of 4.5 kilometers. But tell you that the elephants breathe only 2-3 times in every minute.

5. Elephant is the only animal that can not jump and has four knees.

6. The lion is said to be the King of the forest, but he never wants to fight with rhinoceros and elephants.

7. The need for every elephant is different from the sound of human beings. Recent studies have shown that the elephants can listen to the voice they hear.

8. Elephants never fight with each other. If an elephant of a herd dies, then the whole herd celebrates hilarious and weirdly.

9. Elephants prefer to be clean and bathless every day.

10. Elephants can also pick up a small piece of gold that is dropped on one fur from their nest. Like many other species, elephants catch “bronze” by holding the brush with their trunk.

11. Elephant’s eyesight is low, so he uses his own drum in the same way, just as a visually impaired wood. The elephant blows down from the ocean while walking, and the wind hits back to the ground, it gets an idea of ​​its way ahead. The elephant can fill up to 8 to 9 liters of water in its nostrils at one go. He can lift up to 350 kilograms of soda.

12. Female Elephants give birth to a child every 4 years. Its gestation period is up to an average of 22 months. Twilight children are born in 1 percent of the cases. The length of the new born elephant is approximately 83 cm and weighing 112 kg.

13. The softest part of the elephant’s body is behind his ear, which is called “Knule”. The elephants who handle the elephants, use their feet to instruct elephants through knule.

14. Elephant eyesight is very rare. The special thing is that they look less in bright light and more in low light. The elephant’s eyes dry up very quickly, because of which they do not shake the capillaries of their eyes. It is necessary for them to move smoothly, for them it is necessary, that is why there is a supply of fluid in the eye of an elephant, which comes out of the eye when it is too much, which we understand as tears.

15. The length of the young African elephant increases to 13 feet and 10 feet of Indian elephants.

16. Young African elephant weighs around 6,160 kg and Indian elephants up to 5000 kg

17. The elephant’s life span is the average of 70 years of life, like humans.

18. Elephants usually walk about 6 kilometers per hour. Despite being such a huge body, elephants walk around 10 to 20 kilometers throughout the day and only 3 to 4 hours sleep. The special thing is that the elephants do not lie down and sleep only after standing

19. Elephants have the largest brain in animals and elephants can swim in water for a long time.

20. Elephants spend only 16 hours a day in food. They eat up to 120 kg of food in a day. The special thing is that only 35 per cent of it gets digested, the rest goes out of the anus.

21. Male elephants leave the shrimp between the ages of 12 to 15 years.

22. An elephant’s child often lifts his head for comfort.

23. Elephants are right or left handed like humans.

24. Elephant teeth grow during their lifetime. African elephants have 4 teeth.

25. Elephants also use their feet to listen. When the elephant walks, a special type of vibration is created in the ground. Elephants learn about other elephants with this vibration.

26. We are told from childhood that if an “ant” enters the elephant’s saddle, then it can reach the brink of death, hence the elephant blossoms and moves. This is correct, but there is also an important fact

Snake: Amazing and interesting Facts about Snake

Snake is one of those selected organisms present on this Earth that exists here from the Dinosaur era. In such a long time, we have learned many things about snoop. But still the snake world still looks mysterious to us. Today we will tell you Snakes in Hindi which will surprise you.

1. The existence of snakes on this earth is 130 million years, that is, from the time of Dinosaur.

2. More than 2500 species of snakes are found in the world, about 20% of these species are poisonous.

3. Snakes are not available in two small countries of the world in New Zealand, Iceland and Antarctica.

4. In India, about 300 species of snakes are found, 50 of which are toxic.

5. Every year 100,000 people die by snakes.

6. Every year in India about 2.50 lakh people are prone to snake bites, of which about 50000 people die, whereas the official figure is only 20 thousand.

7. Any snake never bites without bites, cutting most of the incidents due to accidentally falling on them.

8. The longest snake is “Python Reticulatus” which can be up to 30 feet long.

9. Snakes do not chew anything, but they swallow directly. Snakes also eat frogs, lizards, birds, thieves and even small snakes from them. The dragon of Africa also swallows the small cow. According to National Geographic, snakes can swallow 70 to 100 percent of the biggest prey in one go.

10. The snake takes the lower part of its jaw from the ground to the waves rising from the earth and the slightest movement which has the ability to give information about a devastating storm like earthquake and Tsunami.

11. Snakes living in water can also breathe some quantity of their skin, so that they can remain in the water for long periods of time. The snakes do not need water too much. It only receives water from its prey. Many snakes can remain hungry for a long time. Like King Cobra can live months without food.

12. Snakes do not snuff with their nose but with their tongue. The snake with its tongue detects the surrounding environment.

13. Even though snakes are found in every corner of the world, snakes do not like cold.

14. Snakes take their full skin at least three times a year.

15. The “Horned Viper” found in South Africa is Sir’s two singles. Wipe Snake with Singh

16. Another important fact associated with snakes is that 70% of the species of snakes lay eggs and 30% of the other species produce children. The snake does not hear any sound. Snakes are deaf. The snakes are deaf. The sound waves produced in the air have no effect on the snake. The hearing of the bean is the illusion that only snakes come in people.

17. If we can teach a fierce animal like a lion, human beings can provide some training, but no snake. This is because snakes can not learn anything. The cerebral hemosphere is not found in his mind like the other creature. This part of the brain controls the learning process. The snake does not have this part in mind, so he does not learn anything.

18. Green Anaconda is not the longest snake, but the greatest snake. These can be up to 550 pounds.

19. Located in Brazil, Snake Island is the most densely populated place of the Samo. Here, there are five snakes in every square meter i.e. in the place of your single bed, in which ten snakes and double beds, twenty snakes in every place, the poisonous golden wight wiper.

20. King Cobra is the longest snake in poisonous snake, and usually its length is up to 18 feet. Their poison is so dangerous that only 7 minutes Lee Quantity can kill 20 men or 1 elephant.

21. The Black Mamba found in Africa is Black Yam, because it is 95% of the people killed by it.

22. If snakes fall behind, do not panic, but just like a snake, rosary rags, that is, make jig jogs and run. The snake can steer your back on straight run, but the snake will not be able to chase you for a long time after a runway.