Microsoft Company : Amazing and interesting Facts about Microsoft Company

Microsoft is the world-renowned tech company. This is the company on which Bill Gates has become the world’s richest man. Today we are going to tell you some interesting facts about Microsoft Company:

1. MicroSoft company name was first named Micro-Soft, but later changed and it was introduced from New Mexico.

2. Bill Gates and Paul Allen designed the company’s people within a day.

3. In 1987, Bill Gates got the title of the youngest billionaire at the age of 31. After that, he became the world’s richest man in the year 1995.

4. The Microsoft company has made one the world’s richest man, two billionaires and billionaires to 12,000 people.

5. The Microsoft Company has more than 48,000 patents.

6. In 1997, Apple Company was still bankrupt when Microsoft made an investment of $ 150 million in Apple.

7. Above, Window XP’s Background Wallpaper is the most viewed photo in history.

8. When the computer starts, the sound of 6 seconds comes with “Brian Emo”.

9. Initially, Bill Gates himself used to advertise windows on TV on TV.

10. Microsoft made the first smartwatch together with Timex. Which was introduced in the year 1994

11. Microsoft’s Apple App Excel has produced many flavors of success. Today it is everywhere

12. The most preferred food pizza in Microsoft Campus is.

13. Microsoft company employees are called “Softie”.

14. Microsoft gives drinks to the company employees free of charge.

15. Microsoft Campus is full of small rabbits.

16. The value of Bill Gates’s house in Medina, Washington today is around $ 123 million.

Sony Company : Amazing and interesting Facts about Sony Company

Sony, a name that is believed to be blindfolded in the world of technology. Its sound system is no match for anyone. No more information is available on Sony about the Internet, but by the way, we have found some interesting facts, let’s read.

1. Sony had brought its first product in late 1946, which was an electrical rice cooker. The biggest drawback of this product was that rice had never been crude in it, and it was more likely to be cooked.

2. The first company name was “TTK” (Tokyo Tsushin Kenkyujo). After 12 years, it changed its name to SONY.

3. Sonny’s name was named before the name of Sony, which means young. Sony named so that people could easily remember.

4. The name of the company is placed on Sony Latin language “Sonus”. It means sound and no need to tell how powerful Sony’s sound system is.

5. The world’s first Walkman Sony company was launched. It was particularly popular that it was sold in different names in the US, United Kingdom and Australia.

6. There was a great friendship between Sony founder “Akoi Morita” and Apple founder “Steve Jobs”.

7. The world’s largest gaming company Nintendo made a mistake by making Sony a video game. This game failed in the market and Sony left Nintendo behind by building herself a play station.

8. In 1998, Sony launched camcorders. This device could see up to the inside of the fabric.

According to 9. March 2015, Sony has 1,31,700 employees worldwide.

10. Time of 10:35 is displayed in all Smartphone and Tablet of Sony Company.

11. Sony has made his headquarter a “golden pig” in Tokyo. It is also considered the company logo. Sony has suffered a lot for this.

Samsung: Amazing and interesting Facts about Samsung

Speaking of new and attractive smart phones, Samsung’s name is remembered first. With the help of its entire Galaxy Range, Samsung has become the world’s largest Smartphone maker company. Regardless of whether Samsung has revolutionized its mobile in the field of communication, the mobile handset was not its first product. The company of South Korea started in 1938 with just a staff of 40 people. Slowly, Samsung has finally decided to fly from domestic products to becoming the biggest phone maker company. Today is going to tell you such interesting facts about which you may not know.

1. Samsung Company was launched in South Korea in 1938. At that time, its most important job was to sell fish.

2. The word Samsung is taken from the Korean language. In English language it means three stars.

3. Samsung Company started with staff with just 40 people, but now it has 3,75,000 people working. The same Apple has only 80,300 employees.

4. Samsung company has tried 80 different types of business since 1938.

5. Samsung started the electronics industry in 1960. And let you know that 90 percent of Samsung’s products are made in the same factory itself.

6. Samsung’s first mobile device was launched in 1986. It was a car phone. This gadget was badly beaten.

7. Since 1993, the Samsung company is one of the world’s largest chip (memory chip or RAM) making companies. According to the news, the Samsung company has created chip for Apple Iphone 7.

8. Samsung has started to climb the ladder ladder since 1995. In the same year the company’s chairman ‘Lee Kun Hei’ collected 150,000 phones and fax machines in front of the employees of Samsung and destroyed them in front of their employees. Samsung’s 2000 employees had seen this sight.

9. The Samsung company first launched CDMA (in 1996), Digital TV (in 1998), What phones (in 1999) and MP3 phones (in 1999).

10. Samsung overtake  the popular brands of electronics market Sony in 2004-2005 and covered the whole world.

11. Today, every third cell phone sold in the world is from Samsung.

12. 70 percent of the world’s smart phones use RAM made by Samsung.

13. Samsung has also built the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa.

14. Samsung is the largest revenue generating company in South Korea.

15. Every minute 100 Samsung TVs are sold around the world.

16. Samsung Group annually donates $ 100 million to its non-profit organization Samsung Medical Center.

17. Apple iPad’s Retina Display is actually made by Samsung.

18. You may be joking but the truth is that Samsung sometimes used to sell vegetables, noodles and fish.