Food : Amazing and interesting Facts about Food

We eat all the food. It is also necessary to stay alive. There are many things that we have but we do not know anything about them. Let’s know some “Food Facts” which will not tell you any kitchen too.

1. Humans kill 1776 animals every second, just to eat.

2. California is the world’s fifth largest food suplier.

3. Cooking bananas are less stressful than mental stress.

4. Coconut water can be used in place of blood plasma in Emergency.

5. Every year almost half of the food is thrown out of the world.

6. Carrots are actually purple colors.

7. Airplane food is not very tasty, because our taste and smell ability at such a height decreases from 20% to 50%.

8. Fast food meals every day puts an effect on your liver such as hepatitis.

9. 49% of Americans eat a sandwich every day.

10. Nutella Jar are sold in one year, from which the wall of China can be covered eight times.

11. On August 10, 2015 NASA astronaut ate the first 3D space made in space.

12. The cost of the world’s most expensive pizza is $ 12,000, which takes 72 hours to build.

13. Winner of the 2013 Nathan Hot Dog Competition, had consumed 69 Hot dogs in ten minutes.

14. McDonalds sells every 75 hamburger.

15. The cucumbers are the easiest way to avoid food dehydration. It contains about 96% of the water.

16. About 30 million Americans do not have breakfast in the morning.

17. Fresh bread is the most purchased food in the world.

18. Lemon is one of the world’s most healthy food.

19. Most calories are found in milk shake.

20. “Paneer” is a food that is the most stolen in the world.

21. Apart from mother’s milk, there is no such food in Dania that can meet our nutritional needs alone.

22. Honey is the only food which is not damaged even for 300 years.

23. The world’s fewest eaters in the whole world.

24. Tomatoes, potatoes and chillies were first brought to Portuguese in India.

25. Chicken made 40 years ago, 266% more fat was produced.

26. “Dynamite” is made from peanut grains.

27. Nourishing meals are 10 times expensive, from junk food.

28. “Eskimos” use your home as a fridge so that their food does not get cold. Because they are more cold outside the fridge.

29. The food we eat today was discovered 5000 years ago.

30. There are 6 types of flavors in Indian food: sweet, sour, salted, tart, bitter, astringent

31. You can eat the whole egg, and in egg shells, the most calcium is there.

32. “Chicken Tikka Masala” is actually India’s, not the Scottish dish.

33. The 70% red meat eaten in the world is of goat.

34. There was a time when Chocolate was used instead of money.

35. Potato can increase the speed of WIFI, and it also uses the radio signal for the signal.

36. Humans are accustomed to eating sweet from birth.

37. If you eat an apple in the morning instead of coffee, you will feel more refreshed.

38. Honey reaches the blood within 20 minutes. Because bees already digest it.

39. Those used in Icecream Talivisan are basically potato potatoes so that they do not melt at the time of shooting.

40. Apple actually belongs to the Rose family. Such as pears.

41. The honey which we speak of nectar is actually made of vomiting of bee

Fruit : Amazing and interesting Facts about Fruit

Everyone knows that there is a very high role of fruit in good health. Eat fruits daily and stay healthy; now this is not a proverb, but it is the truth. Fruit accounts are all but their benefits and disadvantages are very few people know. And secondly, did you ever think that if the king is in the mango, then who is his queen? Do not know …. Let’s leave you! Amazing Facts of Fruits in Hindi If the king is common in fruits then his queen is grapes. In fact, it is not the king-queen of any state, but its fame and demand among people has given them status as kings and queens.

1. Studies related to fruit are called “Pomology”.

2. The apple which is sold at US stores is one year old.

3. Do you know that the most productive product in the world is tomatoes.

4. Litchi seeds should not be eaten because it is poisonous.

5. 71 percent of the total production of grapes is used in making liquor.

6. Apple oil is very beneficial for the skin. It removes wrinkles, broken skin, itching and swelling on the skin.

7. Bananas are also a little radioactive.

8. After taking the medicine, grapes can also cause you to die.

9. If you keep the grapes in the microwave then it will burst.

.10. Apple floats in water because they have 25 percent air.

11. If you have jealousy with something, then if you eat bananas it can be less. Because they contain a natural acid (acid) which reduces its effect by going inside our body.

12. Apples are approximately 7,000 types.

13. The most preferred choice is in the common world. It is called the King of Fruit and it is the national fruit of India.

14. Strawberries and cashews are the only fruits whose seeds are out of the fruit while others are inside the fruit.

15. Many years ago explorers used watermelon to carry water on long expeditions.

16. Do you know that the banana can float in the water.

17. The bananas can be cooked in a chemical manner after breaking of raw, while not grapes.

18. “square watermelons” are grown by Japanese farmers so that they can easily be stored.

19. If pineapple on a tree is reversed then it quickly gets cooked.

20. In tomato, more genes are found in humans.

21. 50% of human “DNA” resembles banana.

22. Lemon is the most suitable fruit to clean as it contains a high amount of acid that kills bacteria.

23. You can make furniture with pear straw, because it is very hard.

24. Eating apples gives more energy than drinking coffee.

25. Some scientists believe that banana is the first fruit of the earth.

26. Cauliflower also has as much water as watermelon. Watermelon contains 92 percent, while cabbage and carrots are 90 percent and 87 percent respectively.

27. You can prepare nitroglycerin by peanut oil, which is a main part of the ammunition.

28. In a happy fruit there is more calories than the fresh fruit because the amount of water comes out from dry fruits.

29. Pineapple is actually a large sized berry.

30. “Vitamin C” is found more than orange in strawberry.

31. Red fruits help keep your heart strong.

32. After the study, it is found that eating grapes every morning can reduce weight by up to 1.5 kg. It also protects against diabetes.

33. Eat fruits of blue and purple colors to speed up memory. Sentry fruits keep your eyes healthy, yellow fruits maintain the right temperature and green fruits keep your bones and teeth healthy.

Chocolate : Amazing and interesting Facts about Chocolate

Initially, chocolate was rather sweet, but not sweet. There is hardly any person who does not get water after listening to the chocolate name in his mouth. The flavor of the chocolate has made everyone a favorite. One byte of it increases the anguish between children and old age. This is the reason why chocolate has become a favorite food item all over the world today. Let’s know from the history of chocolate and its history:

1. “Chocolate Day” is celebrated every year on July 7 in the United States to express its passion for chocolate.

2. An inventor of Chocolate Chip Cookie sold his idea to the Nestle toll house. But in return, whole life was eaten free cheatlet.

3. The first machine to make Chocolate was made in 1780 in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

4. The Chocolate in England was reached in 1650 and English Companion opened the first Chocolate Bar in 1842.

5. Almond 40% of the world is used to make chocolate.

6. America’s largest and old Chocolate company “Hershey’s”, which produces 40 million kg of chocolate every year.

7. Every second is eaten 100 pounds of steak in the United States.

8. American Chocolate Manufacturers use 1.5 million 88 thousand kg of milk to make milk chocolate every day.

9. The weight of the world’s largest chocolate bar is 5792 kg.

10. Chocolate “Cocoa” is formed after the processing of the seeds of the tree. The taste of cocoa is very bitter, which is made remotely delicious during the making.

11. Although cocoa was discovered 4000 years ago in the USA, at present, 70% of world’s cocoa is produced in Africa. Chocolate is made from the seeds that are in this tree bean.

12. About 800 cocoa seeds are required to make one kilo of chocolate.

13. All cocoa trees produce approximately 2,500 seeds annually. It starts producing seeds in the age of four to five years.

14. The Chocolate Industry is very large and about four to five million people work in this industry and run their own roles. It produces about 38 lakh tonnes of cocoa beans.

15. Cocoa trees can live up to 200 years. But a good Chocolate-rich Cocoa produces seeds for 25 years. We should save the trees as it is the only source of chocolate.

16. Cocoa seeds have 300 types of type of flavor and 400 types of different fragrances.

17. According to a report, the market of Chocolate in 2010 was 4244 crores which will be 5014 crores in 2016.

18. The people of Switzerland have 8.5 kg of Chocolate in a year which is the highest. This is followed by Australia (8 kg) and Ireland (7.5 kg). America remains at number 11

19. If the chocolate dog is fed to it then he will die. It affects the heart and the nadis.

20. People who feel sad about themselves eat 55% more chocolate than usual.

21. Research has shown that eating “Dark Chocolate” increases brain power to work. This also increases the capacity of eyes (even in bad weather).

22. You will be surprised to know that potato chips are dipped in Milk Chocolate.

23. Belgium is called the heaven of earth in the case of chocolate. There are more than 2,000 shops of chocolate here.

24. It has been revealed in the study that eating a chocolate reduces the desire for weight gain food, which keeps your weight under control.

25. By eating a chocolate chip, the person gets the energy to walk up to 150 meters.

26. In a study conducted in Indiana (a state of the United States), cyclists who scored Milk Chocolate in the middle of the game, scored more than the players who drank other sports drinks.

27. More chocolate food can be dangerous for you. You can also become impotent with it.

28. In ancient Maya civilization, a man was attacked for the good harvest of cocoa. Generally a prisoner was given a cup of Chocolate after halal

29. The biggest watch made by Chocolate is in Germany.

30. Chocolate is one type of food that has a melting point of less than human body. If you put a chocolate piece on your tongue, it will begin to melt

31. There is also a “pill” that makes the smell of your foot exactly like the smell of chocolate.

32. The people of the Maya civilization used Chocolate for marriage and other rituals. When one of his kings died, he used to keep Chocolate Jar in his grave.

33. Chocolate Hitler also liked it, he certainly ate at least one kilogram of chocolate in a day.

34. During the Second World War, German scientists had created a Chocolate Cover that could be wrapped on a steel bomb. If a piece was cut from the cover of Chocolate then it would break after seven sneakers.

35. Some people say acne comes out from eating chocolate, but there is nothing proven in the research.