Sanskrit language : Amazing and interesting Facts about Sanskrit language

By passing through a temple or gurukul, you must listen to the verses or chants of Sanskrit. These mantras and shlokas have broken our relationship only in childhood, but still these verses are heard sometimes. Sanskrit is the oldest language in the world, but is currently on the verge of extinction. In 2001, the number of Sanskrit-speaking people was just 14135. The world is going to learn Sanskrit as the glory of Sanskrit, adding Sanskrit to the School College Universities course, India is not taking any special steps in this direction. Today we are telling you some interesting facts about Sanskrit, which will lift the pride of any Indian proudly.

1. Sanskrit is considered the mother of all languages.

2. Sanskrit is the official language of Uttarakhand.

3. Before the intervention of the Arab people, Sanskrit was the national language of India.

4. According to NASA, Sanskrit is the most obvious language spoken on Earth.

5. Sanskrit has more words than any other language in the world; Currently there are 102 billion 78 million 50 million words in the Sanskrit dictionary.

6. Sanskrit is an amazing treasure for any topic. For example, there is more than 100 words in Sanskrit for elephants.

7. NASA has 60,000 manuscripts written on palm papers in Sanskrit, on which NASA is doing research.

8. Forbes magazine considered Sanskrit as the best language for computer software in July, 1987.

9. In less words, the sentence is completed in Sanskrit than any other language.

10. Sanskrit is the only language in the world that is used to speak all the muscles of the tongue.

11. According to American Hindu University, a person talking in Sanskrit will be free from diseases like BP, Diabetes, Cholesterol etc. By speaking in Sanskrit, the nervous system of the human body remains active so that the person’s body becomes active with positive charges.

12. Sanskrit is also helpful in speech therapy, it enhances concentration.

13. People of Muthur village of Karnataka speak only in Sanskrit.

14. Sudharma was the first Hindi newspaper, which started in 1970. Even today its online version is available.

15. There is a demand for a large number of Sanskrit speakers in Germany. Sanskrit is taught in 14 Universities of Germany.

16. According to NASA scientists, when they used to send messages to the space traveler, their sentences were reversed. Because of this, the meaning of the message was changed. He used many languages ​​but every time this problem came, finally he sent a message in Sanskrit because the meaning of Sanskrit is not changed even after its converse.

17. You must be surprised to know that the computer that is solving the problems of mathematics i.e. Algorithms is made in Sanskrit and not in English.

18. Sixth and 7th Generation Super Computers being created by NASA scientists will be based on the Sanskrit language, which will be ready by 2034.

19. Learning of Sanskrit grows faster and memory increases. Therefore, in many schools of London and Ireland, Sanskrit has been made a compulsory subject.

20. At present, Sanskrit is taught in the courses of technical education at at least one university of more than 17 countries of the world.

Valentine’s Day : Amazing and interesting Facts about Valentine’s Day

For those who love, Valentine’s Day is in such a way that every boyfriend is waiting … wait, why not tell you, condom sales these days are more than the other day. If you are a lover then let’s know some interesting facts about Valentine’s Day.

1. Valentine’s Day is celebrated every year on February 14th.

2. “Valentine’s Day” is celebrated on the name of Saint Guru ‘Valentine’. He was buried on February 14, 269 in Flaminia.

3. Valentin started in India in 1992, but the people here gave love less hate on this day.

3. Asaram Bapu encouraged young people to celebrate Valentine’s Day as Mothers-Paternity-Day

4. On Valentine’s Day, 18 million rose flowers are sold, in America alone.

5. It is customary in Italy that in the morning that the woman who showed the woman, she probably would be the woman’s husband.

6. Valentine’s Day in Japan just celebrates men.

7. On 14th of every month in South Korea, celebration is celebrated as a day of love.

8. Not only can Muslims celebrate Valentin Day in Malaysia.

9. Every year on February 14, 1 Arb Card is sent, all over the world.

10. The Iranian government also banned Valentine’s Day in 2011. Here banned red roses, heart shapes and everything related to it, which promote Valentine’s Day.

11. “Condom” sales are 30% higher on Valentine’s Day.

12. Valentine’s Day 10 Poor Rupees are in the US.

13. 16 US dollars spent on the cards, only on the cards of Valentines Day.

14. In 2010, on Valentine’s Day, in Mexico, 3,8897 people kissed together, which is a world record.

Hindi Language : Amazing and interesting Facts about Hindi Language

Hearty Happy Hindi Day to All Readers Without the national language the nation will sing. Do not always honor your mother tongue only today. Hindi is neither being compelled nor forced to be imposed. But, in the mind, so much so that the development of Hindi is our development. Today, on the occasion of ‘Hindi Day’, Ghajini will tell you “Interesting Facts about Hindi Language in Hindi”, from whom you were unaware till today.

1. On September 14, 1949, the Constituent Assembly decided by a vote that ‘Hindi’ would be the official language of India.

2. Most languages ​​are spoken in India. Not only 10 or 15 languages, but 461 languages ​​are spoken here, but 14 of them are lost.

3. Hindi is the most spoken language in India. 77% of the people in the country speak and understand Hindi.

4. There is a good thing about Hindi language too that you will write a word exactly as it says it.

5. One in every five people in the country likes to run internet in Hindi.

6. The language of Hindi was given the national language status in 1950 in Devanagari script under article 343.

7. An interesting fact about Hindi is also that Hindi is basically a word of Persian language.

8. In the Roman script of English, where there are a total of 26 characters, the Hindi alphabet has 52 characters in its Devanagari script.

9. There is no article in Hindi grammar like ‘the’ and ‘a’ in English.

10. The first poem of Hindi was written by eminent poet Amir Khusro.

11. Hindi is ‘mother tongue’ for 366 million people, while 487 million people use this language as a whole.

12. You will also be surprised to know that the first literature on the history of Hindi language was composed by “Grasin the Tusi”, a French writer.

13. In 1977, External Affairs Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee addressed the United Nations General Assembly in Hindi for the first time.

14. The Hindi newspaper is the biggest harm to Hindi. They deliberately put the words of English, Arabic and Persian languages ​​into newspapers and brought them into practice.

15. The word ‘Namaste’ is the most commonly used word in Hindi language.

16. Google has said that the consumption of Hindi content on the internet has started to grow. This is growing by 94 percent year-on-year, compared to 19 percent growth in English content.

17. In 2000, Hindi’s first webportal came into existence, since then, Hindi started leaving its mark on the internet which has now reached the pace.

18. Hindi is one of the 7 languages ​​of India that is used to create web addresses.

19. Even today, Hindi is still studying in approximately 176 universities of the whole world, including 45 universities of the United States America.

20. In your mind, there should be a spirit of Hindi language that Hindi is a mother tongue but not a single language.

Many foreign words have entered the Hindi language, which we also use everyday, I am going to give you one such list:

Portuguese word – pickle, key, orange, alpin, bucket

Turkish words- scissors, spoon, cannon, ammo, daggers, chicken pox, Begum, Urdu

French word- cashew, cartridge, mayor, coupon, menu, soup

Dutch language – trumpets, bombs, birds

Greek words – academy, atlas, bible, telephone.

Arabic word- woman, court, law, chair, envelope, respect, cure, ailad, courage, capture, world, debate, Kamal, tehsil, Azad, scales, district, muslim, halda, lawyer

Persian words – man, paycheck, glasses, sick, land, medicine, blood, balloon

English words- Tie, Station, Mike, Diet, Transparent, Friend, Relationship, Beautiful, Cute etc. are being used in Hindi very well.

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Come on Hindi Day, we promise that we will do our best to use Hindi language as well as in daily life.

History-2 : Amazing and interesting Facts about History-2

Do you know when history of glasses was used first? Do not know? There are 15 similar facts from History in Hindi, which nobody knows about.

1. The world’s first “Selfie” was taken in 1839 by a person named Robert Cornelius, that took 3 minutes to take selfie at that time.

2. At the time of World War I, the US Air Force had only 18 pilots and 5-12 ships.

3. The first automatic street light was installed on March 2, 1949 in the city of New Milford, USA. Each night, one person used to burn these lights alternately and at the time of sunrise, it closed itself.

4. T-Shirt was invented in 1904.

5. On April 3, 1973, Motorola engineer Martin Cooper first spoke to a mobile phone. It took Martin 10 years to market it.

6. Eyeglasses are being used for the past 700 years.

7. The oldest Bubblegum in the world is 9,000 years old.

8. In 1811, because of a tremendous maelstrom, the river named Mississippi (North America) started flowing in the opposite direction.

9. The stone was used as pillows in ancient Egypt.

10. The oldest pizza shop in the world opened in Italy in 1830 in the city of Naples, which has existed to this day.

11. From today about 14 million years ago the continents of Africa, India, America and Australia were connected. But gradually they separated.

12. French was the official language of England at one time. It was the official language of England for nearly 600 years.

13. There is a lot of fun in history, such as Giordano Bruno was arrested in 1592 because he believed that the Earth revolves around the Sun.

14. The smallest war in history occurred in 1896 between England and Zanzibar (previously in Africa). Zanzibar surrendered after 38 minutes.

15. With the death of Albert Einstein, his last words also died. Because the nurse who was close to him did not understand German.

History : Amazing and interesting Facts about History

There are so many things happening in history, but there are some history facts which nobody has ever heard of. Today we will not know any interesting people who are going to tell interesting facts related to history.

1. $ sign started from 1788.

2. The first “car accident” occurred in Ohio in 1891.

3. February 1865 is recorded in a month’s history in which “Purnima” (Pura moon) has not come. In fact, every 19 years comes the month of February that does not have full moon. Next time it will be in 2037.

4. In 1952, the United States offered Albert Einstein to become the president of Israel, but Einstein rejected this offer by saying that it was not for politics. The reason for this is that Einstein was a Jewish and Israel is a Jewish country.

5. Today 100 years ago, humans were 4 inches tall and 50% thick.

6. In human history only 5,000 years ago there was only one disease: “smallpox”

7. Rome is the world’s world whose population had first crossed the 10 million mark.

8. When Columbus discovered America’s continent, at that time there was one-third of the world’s population. It was the residence of 9 million people.

9. Afghan war was the longest war in America’s history.

10. A war in Greek and Bulgarian was fought just because a dog crossed their border.

11. Till date, 100 billion people have died in total human history.

12. An explosion in Krakata in 1883 caused so much noise that it was heard 3,000 miles (4800 kilometers) far. It is the “most sound” of the history recorded so far.

13. In ancient Rome, the maximum man’s age was only 20 to 30 years.

14. The first train was the maximum speed of only 8 kilometers per hour.

15. We are living in the best and the greatest time of human history.