Sushil Kumar : Amazing and interesting Facts about Sushil Kumar

25th date, fifth month, 1983 brought a gross message. Our country’s hero came to the village of Baprola village. We are talking about “Sushil Kumar”. Sushil was not born in a big house, but his thinking was very big. Sushil has always loved the wrestling from the senses. But look at the plight of this country, which brought the medal twice, today it is not considered a place in the Olympics. Sushil Kumar would not say that I should be sent to the Olympics only. They say that there will be a trial that will win the same Olympics. Interesting facts related to Sushil Kumar …

1. Sushil’s father was a bus driver in Delhi and had to spend a lot of difficulty.

2. Sushil Kumar is the first Indian to take “Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna” in the Sports category.

3. Sushil Kumar has twice brought medals for the country, now his eyes are on the hatchet.

4. Sushil just wants to be the best player to play for the country and get a trial for this. But the Federation is saying we can not break tradition

5. Sushil Kumar has said that the Federation is talking about tradition today. Where did the tradition go when, in 1996, trials were conducted between Kaka Pawar and Pappu Yadav?

6. Narasimha Yadav has been taken to Olympics instead of Sushil, he was caught in the 2014 police copy of the examination.

7. Surprisingly, Narasimha Yadav’s idol is Sushil Kumar.

8. Before or after morning practice, Sushil takes 150 to 200 gms of butter in the middle.

9. Sushil plays football, basketball, volleyball or handball for three days a week.

10. Sushil Kumar tension is free. They like to hear ragini and folklore in an empty time.

11. In the free time, look at your wrestlers on the laptop and pay attention to your mistakes. Plus, the world’s star wrestlers study techniques and style.

Shalini Dubey : Amazing and interesting Facts about Shalini Dubey

Famous (famous), you hear Shahrukh Khan or Bill Gates as soon as you hear this word, because you get a lot of information about them from the internet and everything on the internet is famous in some way.

Although sometimes there are some people who you and we never know about because you do not get to read them anywhere on the internet or in newspapers. Take Ranjit Katyal as well, no one of us probably knew him before coming to the airlift movie but now he is almost aware of them.

There is such a person whose names are Shalini Dubey, probably none of you have ever heard of her name, but after reading this on Gajbahindi today you will know about them, let’s know some facts related to them:

1. Shalini Dubey is the father of Indian father and American mother, she was born in America, she is an American. Her mother is the cousin of Bill Gates, wife of the richest person in the world. And Dad has been working in the Indian Foreign Service

2. Shalini Dubey left her college in the middle of the middle. He got admission under the foreign quota in IIT Delhi, but he has been honored with honorary title of ‘doctorate’ by the three major Universities of the world.

3. All of you have heard about the brand name “Calvin Klien”. Shalini Dubey is the partner partner of 32% of this brand.

4. About 80% of the people will have ATMs of banks, two major companies are MasterCard and Visa, which make ATM cards. Shalini Dubey is also a partner partner for Visa Cards.

5. Apart from this, he is associated with 13 other companies as a partner partner, which includes premium sunglasses company ‘Rayban’ and aerospace company ‘Boing’.

5. He is considered to be very close to American President Obama, he is also a business partner of Donald Trump, who is considered to be the strongest contender for the US Presidential rank.

6. His age is 21 years at present and he is the owner of 24,000 crore (this is an estimated asset) in such a short time. Apart from this, he is also the owner of 14 luxury trains and 2 excellent private jets.

7. They like children very much. They donate around 2000 crores of donations every year for children. At the same time he has adopted 31 children whom they keep with him.

8. He has knowledge of 31 languages ​​including his Hindi too.

9. They are also Cyber ​​Security Head of the American Intelligence Agency CIA and they provide unpaid services for this post. Earlier, he has served in the American Army as well. They got training in the three branches of the US Army, that is, the One Woman Army.

10. If you are a Muslim and you want to talk to Shalini Dubey, then it is impossible that they hate Muslims because their sister was killed in the 26/11 Mumbai attacks in Hotel Taj.

11. They always have 18 armed BADI guards with private and America also provides them with huge security, due to which they are anti-Muslim, they spend about US $ 10 million each year on security.

12. In 2013, he made a case for Forbes Magazine only because the magazine had printed his property without his permission. The verdict came in favor of them and they got this right that they can refuse to publish their reports to the media. This is the reason why you do not get information about them.

13. He is also the ambassador of America’s goodwill. Apart from this, he is the third largest arms supplier of the American Army. He is also the head of the White House’s Security Advisory Committee, but in view of his security, this thing has always been kept secret.

14. They have redesigned the logo of almost 50 big companies, including your Adidas, Samsung and even the new logo of Facebook. They take huge amount for this. The story behind it is that they are considered the Lucky Charms of the American corporate world.

15. All of you probably have seen or wore hoodjacket, do you know that this fashion is only Shalini Dubey who gives us. Apart from this, the current design concept of women’s sandal high heels is the brainchild of them. And about 70% of women wear the high heels sandal of this concept.

16. Another interesting fact about them is that the companies which they own, never use their product.

They are still in India and they have recently donated $ 60,000 to the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund for the drought affected areas of India. Apart from this, they have also announced to open schools for poor children.

We are proud Shalini Dubey on you.

Indian Farmers : Amazing and interesting Facts about Indian Farmers

India is an agricultural country, we all have written this line in our school exams. Moving towards becoming a super power, India’s biggest power is its agriculture. But it will be said unfortunately that in the country where slogans of ‘Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan’ are started, thousands of farmers are giving their lives every day. Every 30 minutes an Indian farmer is committing suicide and half of the grains that are produced are not human’s work. Is not it worth thinking? The country’s attitude towards agriculture at this time, he often hides the good things related to it. Let’s know some interesting things related to Indian agriculture:

1. Nearly 60 percent of India’s population is directly or indirectly dependent on agriculture.

2. According to the statistics of the Ministry of Agriculture, in the year 2013-14, wheat production was recorded at 95.9 lakh tonnes.

3. Farmers grow grains with so much hard work, but even then “21 million tonnes of wheat” gets spoiled in India every year. Equal to the total grain of Australia.

4. India is the second country to produce cotton in the world. Our cotton is widely sent abroad. Cotton, traditionally sent from India to Germany, Italy, is popular.

5. As many foreign income is received from the IT area as well as from agricultural sector.

6. India is at the forefront in spice production. There are 1.5 million tons of spices produced in the world every year. Do not miss your “MDH” ..

7. Tea received from India is consumed worldwide. 50% of India’s tea is cultivated in Assam.

8. India is the second country in rice cultivating countries where the highest rice production is done. There are China at number one.

9. India is a country where bananas are sent all over the world.

10. India’s state Uttar Pradesh has the highest sugarcane cultivation and due to this, India is second in terms of sugarcane production.

11. India has so much grain that if the whole world is starving, then we can feed the whole world for 6 months.

Ever see your earnings under the open sky, you will not sleep in the night … ..!

Think of that farmer?

Even today, more than half of India’s population is dependent on farming. There are many people living in cities, whose fathers or grandfathers have been farmers and even today their grains will come from the village itself. In the changing way, in the way every thing is becoming modern, in the same way, the rules and regulations of agriculture and farming need to be modernized. Then we will never need to import anything from any country. If the information sounds good, then share it and do not forget to tell your farmer, parents and grandparents.

Virender Sehwag : Amazing and interesting Facts about Virender Sehwag

Although Sehwag is not part of the team today, but till recently his bat has been working to increase Team India’s score board. I did not trust myself for the first time on the day of retirement but when I saw it was the only news on every side, Virendra Sehwag said goodbye to cricket. Whenever Virender Sehwag’s bat runs, the opposing team bowlers count the stars in the day, on TV inverters Only when Sehwag used to bat.

1. Sehwag was not as bad as it was in the match test or ODI, he had to hit the ball as soon as he came.

2. Virendra Sehwag started his career not through cricket, but through a pharmacy business.

3. After breaking a tooth while playing in 1990, Sehwag’s father stopped playing cricket. But Mother’s Ladley celebrated mother first and mother celebrated Dad and removed this ban, which gave India a great batsman.

4. In the early days of playing cricket, Sehwag used to drive his Chetak scooter and go to practice.

5. Sehwag’s favorite food is Kheer. They like most of the kheer made from their mother’s hands.

6. He had already banned Sehwag for the sake of appealing.

7. Sehwag is also called the Nawab of Najafgarh, also called “Sultan of Multan”.

8. Do you know, Virender Sehwag was India’s first T20 captain?

9. Virender Sehwag, India’s greatest batsman, believes Sachin Tendulkar as his “ideal”.

10. When Zaheer was asked, in which case you and Sachin Tendulkar are different. So their answer was in case of bank balance.

11. You may laugh, but the fact is, after losing head hair quickly, Sehwag made a hair transplant, and then came back to the youth.

12. Whether the opposition team would try all the bellers, but it was Sehwag who also made the Test T20.

13. Sehwag is the only Indian player who has scored a triple century in Test matches twice The record for making the fastest double century is also Sehwag’s name, 300 runs in 278 balls.

14. If Sehwag had come to mind once that he had to hit the six, he would have hit six, why not stand at 294.

15. Virender Sehwag started the inaugural 5 matches of Team India in the 2011 World Cup, and that too at the first ball.

16. Virender Sehwag had scored a total of 15 hundreds in his ODI career, out of which 14 teams of Indian team had won. In these 15 centuries, he was also elected Man of the Match 10 times.

17. It is said that the legendary batsman has earned assets worth around Rs 250 crore.

Bill Gates : Amazing and interesting Facts about Bill Gates

Who does not know Bill Gates, the world’s richest, he is the founder of Microsoft Company, and even after becoming such a big man, we wear only 10 dalers. This person is not only money but also rich in heart, let’s know the interesting facts of “Bill Gates”.

1. Bill Gates’s full name is William Henry Gates III.

2. The story of Bill Gates is not rich in fakir. Rather, they are already rich. His father William H. Gates was a well-known lawyer. Gates’s grandfather was the owner of the bank. Gates’s grandmother handled the bank after him. Grandmother had named the wealth of billions in her granddaughter’s name.

3. Bill gates started making the Programing Computer at the age of 13.

4. Do you know that Bill Gates was so much loved by Computer Software Programming that he left studies and stayed in it, due to which he had failed in 11th.

5. It is said that Bill Gates wanted more girls than boys in his high school class. For this he had hacked the computer system of the school.

6. Bill Gates used the first computer program to create a game. This was called “Tic-Tac-Toe” game. There were two players in it. One computer and another person.

7. He sold his first program only at the age of 17, which was a system of time table for his school.

8. Gates also left college studies in the middle. He left Harvard University in 1975 and devoted himself completely to Microsoft. However, in 2007, the same Harvard University awarded him an honorary degree.

9. Bill Gates had expressed his desire at the age of 30 that he wanted to become a crorepati, but it is different from the fact that after just 1 year, he had become a billionaire.

10. Bill Gates was the first company to have a “Traff-O-Data” that made such devices that used to record the calculation of cars passing through a point on the road.

11. Until 1997, he used to fly like a common man. Now they have their own plane, which they call their ‘big wasteful’.

12. In addition to its expensive planes, bill gates have codes written by “Leonardo da Vinci” inventor of scissors, which they bought in 1994 for $ 30.8 million.

13. Bill Gates does not know any language other than English. This is the biggest regret in his life.

14. Bill Gates had to burn the jail in jail for breaking the red lights at the age of 17.

15. Shookin Gates of the car hit an employee’s car in the parking lot of Microsoft. They caught the employee’s business card and went and told them to take money to repair the damages. From this, the saying of “Send the bill to bill” became fame.

16. Bill Gates earns about Rs. 12,054 every second, i.e., earns approximately 102 crores a day.

17. If Bill Gates had his own country, then the country was the 37th richest country in the world.

18. If bill gates all people around the world are about equal to rupees, then about 4,983 rupees will come in each part.

19. Our most expensive player in India is “Mahendra Singh Dhoni”. If he does not spend his money at all, he will take 35,000 years to collect the money equivalent to Bill Gates.

20. Bill Gates can take out the entire United States debt in just ten years.

21. Even if Bill Gates spends Rs 6.5 crore every day, it will take 218 years to spend his entire property.

22. If according to the estimates of the existing property, the bill gates will continue to earn 7 thousand rupees per second till they survive. In such a joke, it is said in a joke that if Bill Gates raises his $ 100 notes on the ground, then he will take as much time in lifting it, in which he earns more than that amount.

23. Gates wants to donate 100 million dollars (63170 crore) in his life.

24. Bill Gates has two daughters and a son. Every child will receive only $ 10 million from parents, while their property is more than $ 72 billion.

25. Gates pays Rs. 6.4 crores in the form of proportionate tax every year. While his Akshay Kumar fills Rs 18 crores tax.

26. There is a special place for India in their hearts. He comes here every year to see the programs of the Foundation being run for the resurrection of the poor.

27. Bill Gates still cleans his own plate by eating food. They say that I like it.

28. If anyone has to go, tell Ghaziabadi that Bill Gates knows the house:

1835, 73 Avenue NE, Medina, Washington 98039.

Pichaiya Sundar : Amazing and interesting Facts about Pichaiya Sundar

Hello Friends, Beautiful Pichai of Indian origin has become Google’s new CEO. Beautiful Pichai is such a person who made a lot of name in less time. Pichai has been associated with Google since last 11 years. From Microsoft, CreditCard to Google, everyone’s CEO is Indian. After all, it is a matter of fact that we are getting a little bit of our world in the Indian side. Imagine our three men have gone and have brightened them and if we leave the talk of extravagant and move on to the development of our country, then where will they go? Today is going to tell you interesting facts related to Google CEO Sundar Pichai.

1. Beautiful Pichai was born in Tamil Nadu in 1972 and is now 43 years old. Their real name is Pichai Sundarajan, but they are known as beautiful Pichai.

2. Pretty did not have the love of technology in childhood, he was the captain of his school cricket team.

3. The beauty of beautiful pachai is said to be tremendous. According to media reports, when the telephone was first introduced in his home in Tamil Nadu in 1984, then all the relatives used to remember the beautiful memory of someone else’s forgiveness. Sundar also remembers small things.

4. Almost everyone knows that the beautiful Pichai has studied from IIT Kharagpur but few people know that they have become victims of ragging in college days.

5. IIT Khargpur had the raggers’ favorite ‘Sundi’. Because they used to agree beautifully at one time. They used to dance on the table and dancing on their sayings.

6. Beautiful Pichai lived in a two-room house in Chennai. After engineering, he received the scholarship of Stanford University for further studies. At that time the Mali condition of his house was so bad that his father had to take a loan for the beautiful air ticket.

7. After leaving for America to study, his wife Anjali was staying in India. They did not have enough money to call Anjali to talk to India. Many times it happened that they could not talk for six months.

8. Pichai joined Google in 2004. At that time he was a product and innovation officer.

9. Two things in the career of Sundar Pichai proved to be milestone. First they created Gmail and Google Map apps that became popular overnight. After this, Pichai made Android apps for all Google products.

10. The Google Chrome that the whole world uses today is beautiful Pichai made with its own hands.

11. Pichai is the art of team management. He always appreciated the work of his team and in every situation he stood with the team. It is a matter of time when Marissa Mayer was Google’s executive, Pitchai’s hours were sitting outside her office only to ensure that Maryasa gave her a good performance number to the team members. (Now Marissa Mayer is the CEO of Yahoo.)

12. American media considers Pichai as the right hand of Larry Page. And always go to the meeting with them. Pichai likes to speak less. They speak as much as it is necessary.

13. Twitter has given a beautiful web of jab in 2011. And they were ready but Google gave Rs 305 crores for not leaving the job. Because Google knew that there was a breath in this band.

14. In 2011, when Tevar offered Sunder a job, his wife had advised him not to leave Google. Both Sundar and Anjali have done engineering from IIT Kharagpur and during the final year Sundar proposed to Anjali.

15. At the end of 2013, the CEO of Microsoft included the beautiful Pichaiya. Steve Ballmer’s choice was also beautiful. However, later became CEO of Microsoft Satya Nadella.

16. Pichai, are among Google’s people who have the experience of moving and running Google in the emerging market. They are considered better than Google Founder Larry page.

Adolf Hitler : Amazing and interesting Facts about Adolf Hitler

More horrific person than Hitler is hardly born on this earth. Adolf Hitler was a name whose name was shaken not just in Germany but the whole world at one time. Once upon the persecution of the Jews, it seemed as if humanity was eliminated from this world. Anything you read about Hitler seems to be less.

1. Adolf Hitler’s mother, Clara Hitler, had planned to have an abortion, but at some point Doctor refused it.

2. Born on April 20, 1889 in Austria, German dictator Hitler has never been able to do good studies. He never went to college

3. Adolf Hitler used to dream of becoming a priest in childhood. At the age of four only a cleric saved Hitler from drowning.

4. After leaving studies in 1905 he tried fate in painting, but he was not admitted to ‘School of Art’ and other Art Academy. Ultimately Hitler turned to politics.

5. “Mother, why did you leave me mother … You know how much I love you …. Now how will I live without you mother …. You have seen so much misery … Mother … I too could not give you any happiness … now you can sleep peacefully mother … This 18-year-old boy was Hitler crying in a deserted graveyard near a fresh grave.

6. Adolf Hitler became homeless after the death of his mother and the second time from the Art School.

7. In the First World War, British soldiers spared the lives of an injured German soldier. He was the lucky soldier Adolf Hitler, but later he slaughtered Jews of Chun-chun.

8. Hitler’s first love after being so tortured by Jews was a Jewish girl. But Hitler did not have the courage to express his love for that girl.

9. In 1936 when Germany was Olympic in India, India fought with Germany, due to the hockey jockey Major Dhyanchand, India had defeated Germany 8-1. Hitler was also watching this match and impressed with Major Dhyan Chand’s game and offered him a high rank in his army and offered to play on behalf of Germany. But the patriot, Major Dhyanchand, turned down this offer, smiling.

10. It was the happiest day of Hitler & # 39; s life, when in 1938, ‘Times Magzine’ gave Hitler the title of “Man Of The Year”.

11. Hitler liked chocolate, and he would at least eat one kilogram of chocolate in a day.

12. In 1939, Adolf Hitler was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

13. Hitler had planned to kill the president of England with the explosive Chocolate. But he failed

14. Perhaps you may not know that Hitler had only one testicle. That’s why he never became a father.

15. Hitler used injections made from bull semen to enhance sex life, so that his young girlfriends could be happy.

16. During the meeting with Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, German dictator Adolf Hitler suffered a great embarrassment. He wrote many objectionable things about India and the Indian in his book. When Netaji expressed hatred with Hitler, referring to these things with Hitler, he apologized for it. He also promised to remove the controversial statements.

17. In modern history, Hitler was the first person to launch an anti-smoking campaign.

18. Even after massacre, Hitler was purely a vegetarian. Not only that, he also made a law against animal cruelty.

19. Hitler suffers from bloating problems. For this, he took medicines of 28 ways.

20. Adolf Hitler stole the idea of ​​making ‘Volkswagen Beetle Car’ from a Jewish engineer.

21. According to Hitler & # 39; s policy of policy, approximately 10 million people died. Due to World War II, nearly 60 million people lost their lives.

22. Hitler was a big fan of ‘Charlie Chaplin’. Charlie Chaplin’s mustache worried him and Hitler also kept a mustache like him. Hitler’s mustache is called ‘toothbrush muffle’.

23. Hitler was addicted to drugs. He consumed 80 types of drugs everyday. Her health had dropped considerably and the body was trembling all the time. He used to add ten percent cocaine in the eyedrop too.

24. If Germany did not lose in World War II, Hitler had almost made an atomic bomb.

25. Alexander the Great, Napoleon and Hitler were very afraid of all these cats.

26. It is generally believed that Hitler had committed suicide in an underground bunker with his wife Eva. And it was so bad that she did not even see her marriage the next morning.

Mahatma Gandhi : Amazing and interesting Facts about Mahatma Gandhi

“The name of compulsion is Mahatma Gandhi.” This is a very old saying. Everyone knows that there is no reason being practiced freely. Understand that you have gone. Let’s move forward, Gandhiji was born in 1869, on 2nd October. The name of Mahatma Gandhi, the priest of truth and non-violence, is eternally immortalized in the pages of history. Gandhi has been famous not only in the country but also abroad. On January 30, 1948, Nathu Ram Godse shot Gandhi to death.

Mahatma Gandhi In Hindi – Biography of Mahatma Gandhi (1 to 15)

1. Mahatma Gandhi was not a brave and bold leader since birth, but Mahatma Gandhi himself wrote in autobiography that in childhood he was so shy that he escaped from school so that he did not have to talk to anyone.

2. The United Nations has declared World Non-violence Day on 2 October on the birth anniversary of Gandhiji.

3. Mahatma Gandhi was given the title of Mahatma by Rabindranath Tagore, and Mahatma Gandhi’s title was given to Rabindra Nath Tagore by Gurudev.

4. In the year 1930, he was awarded the “Man of the Year” by America’s Time Magazine.

5. Mahatma Gandhi never went to America in his life. Nor ever sat in an air plane.

6. Gandhiji wanted Bhagat Singh to be hanged, but many people believe that Gandhiji has never seen the seriousness of Bhagat Singh’s case.

7. During his visit to England in 1931, Gandhi ji first spoke on radio for America. His first words on the radio were “Do I have to speak inside this microphone?” “Do I have to speak in this thing?”

8. Once Mahatma Gandhi had a ticket, an Englishman and ticket collector had pushed him by the train due to being “black”. This was the most bitter experience he had with some Englishman.

9. Once Gandhiji’s shoe fell down from the running train, he immediately dropped his second shoe and threw it off the train, asking, “No shoe, neither my work nor mys will get my second shoe.” At least now that man will be able to wear both shoes, which will get both of my shoes “.

10. When Gandhiji ended his law and started advocating in England, he proved to be completely unsuccessful. Even in his first case, his feet started shaking and he sat without debating and lost the case.

11. He became a very successful lawyer in South Africa and his income went up to $ 15,000 annually in South Africa. Just think, the annual income of 99% Indians is still less than this.

12. Mahatma Gandhi was given the title “rashtrapita” by Subhash Chandra Bose.

13. Mahatma Gandhi wrote his autobiography in Gujarati.

14. Gandhi used to beat his wife frequently and did not have physical relations with them for decades.

15. Mahatma Gandhi’s child had left him and adopted Islam religion.

Introduction to Mahatma Gandhi – Mahatma Gandhi in Hindi (16 to 32)

16. Gandhi did not like to take his photo, but during the fight of independence, he was the only person whose photograph was most taken.

17. Apple’s founder Steve Jobs used to wear round glasses to honor Gandhiji.

18. Gandhi wrote to his friend Hitler and used to support him.

19. Gandhiji was a very strict supporter of Swadeshi, but his first postage stamp was printed in Switzerland.

20. Gandhiji kept his fake tooth in his dhoti. He used to put them only at the time of food.

21. Mahatma Gandhi was very concerned about two things. First of all, his handwriting and second massage. It was very nice to massage them with others.

22. The English government issued a stamp in honor of Mahatma Gandhi, 21 years after Gandhiji’s protest against the British government.

23. In 1999, Gandhiji was elected the second most influential person of the 19th century after Albert Einstein by Times Magzine.

24. On the night of Independence, Gandhiji was not available to listen to Nehru’s speech, on that day Gandhiji was on fast.

25. After receiving the independence of India, some journalists came to Gandhiji and started talking to him in English. But Gandhiji stopped everyone and said, “My country is now free, now I will speak our Hindi language.

26. One day before his death Mahatma Gandhi was considering ending the Congress Party.

27. Gandhiji was nominated five times in life for the Nobel Prize. But before the award was received in 1948, he was murdered, consequently the Nobel Committee did not give the award to anyone that year.

28. Gandhiji was very punctual at the time. One of their few assets was one dollar clock. On January 30, 1948, Gandhiji was assassinated, he was so upset that he was coming for ten minutes late for a regular prayer meeting.

29. After eating peanuts, Godse had shot three bullets one by one. Last time Gandhiji came out of his mouth, “Ram … ..a …”

30. On the death of Gandhiji, Pandit Nehru addressed the nation through radio and said “the Father of the Nation does not exist anymore”.

31. The vehicle which was taken in 1948 for the funeral of Mahatma Gandhi was used for the last visit of Mother Teresa in 1997.

32. Gandhiji’s funeral was said to be India’s biggest funeral. About ten million people were walking along and about 1.5 million people were standing on the way. Even the people climbed on the Khambho.

Dawood Ibrahim : Amazing and interesting Facts about Dawood Ibrahim

If you are an Indian then you must have heard the name of Dawood Ibrahim. After launching “D -Company”, Dawood became the world’s biggest name for crime, his name was third in the list of the most dangerous criminals. I heard that Dawood’s access to al-Qa’ida. Some believe that Dawood is given a Pakistani intelligence agency, ISI, and hence Dawood has not been able to hold till date. Dawood’s name is also in the Mumbai blasts of 2008, and he was also the brain behind the 1993 Mumbai bomb blasts. In Haryana, if a person makes a small case, then a saying goes: “In such a long you have become Dawood”. Today, we will tell you how to become Dawood, India’s greatest criminal.

1. Dawood Ibrahim was born in Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra on December 27, 1955.

2. David had left his studies at the school level. For his hobbies and bad habits, Dawood started spitting, stolen, robbery, robbery etc. in his childhood.

3. Dawood’s father was in police but son chose shortcut to make money and on the same road he became India’s biggest criminal.

4. Dawood, who used to breathe the nose around the world on money, was now used to “love for a loaf”.

5. David started his criminal career with the gang of Kareem Lala, who used to be considered a known criminal of Mumbai at the time. In the 1980s, Dawood’s name emerged rapidly in the Mumbai underworld and his reach reached the world of Bollywood ranging from film world to betting.

6. Underworld don Dawood Ibrahim came to the dressing room of Team India in 1986 and offered to drive all the players to defeat Pakistan badly. But Kapil Dev gave him a datak and ran away.

7. Dawood Ibrahim did not pay the loan to the dollar given by Pakistan Central Bank, due to which the bank put his name in the defaulter’s list.

8. An interesting fact about Dawood is that he had to cry on India’s defeat in the cricket match.

9. David always lives with 1 doctor and 2 nurses.

10. Dawood’s daughter, the daughter of Pakistani cricketer Javed Miandad, was married to Shahrukh Khan. There was a ban on Javed’s coming to India after this marriage.

11. David likes to entertain with Bollywood’s virgin girls, he can spend up to 5 lakhs for this.

12. It is said that many directors had asked Dawood to make a film on himself. So far on the life of Dawood, films such as D, D-Day, Once Upon A Time In Mumbai, Shootout In Lokhandwala and Black Friday have been made.

13. If someone asks for money from David, then he does not ask why and how much he needs. He is always selfless in this matter.

14. David’s dream is that he will come to India and make “politics” and arms are passed on all kinds of bills.

15. According to official records, Dawood has a property worth 7 billion dollars or nearly 35 thousand crores at this time. No person has made such wealth so far in the profession of crime.

16. Who will catch David, he will get “25 million dollars” (25 million).

17. Dawood Ibrahim, the world’s most wanted criminal, underworld don and D Company’s donor, runs his empire from outside India, but his last wish is that after his death, he should be buried in India.

Sachin Tendulkar : Amazing and interesting Facts about Sachin Tendulkar

Half of India would stop watching TV as Sachin Tendulkar was dismissed by cricket’s lord. From cricket to Sir Don Bradman to Brian Lara, many have played. But why the Master Blaster is called ‘The God of Cricket’. Why the whole world is a cricketer? Apart from Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar in India, there is hardly any such person who has got so much excitement and excitement in people to see ‘Bharat-Ratna’ being formed. Today we will tell “Sachin Tendulkar in Hindi” and some things about his personal life that his fans will always be eager to know.

1. Once Sachin was playing on the roof, a helicopter passed from the top and his finger was cut.

2. Very few people know that Sachin Tendulkar is the son of his father Ramesh Tendulkar’s second wife. Ramesh Tendulkar’s three sons were born to the first wife, Ajit, Nitin and Savita are all three elder than Sachin.

3. Sachin’s father Ramesh Tendulkar was a great fan of famous musician Sachin Dev Burman. He kept his son’s name in his name.

4. In school time, Sachin used to compete with his friends to eat vada pas. He has defeated Vinod Kambli many times in this race.

5. In school life, his good friend Atul Ranade understood him as a girl because of his curly hair.

6. In his childhood, if Sachin had played the entire session in the Nets without a knockout, his coach ‘Ramakant Achrekar’ would give him a coin. Sachin has 13 such coins.

7. Sachin Tendulkar fielded for Pakistan in one-day practice match played in 1988 at Brabourne Stadium in Mumbai.

8. When Sachin was only 14, Sunil Gavaskar gave him a very light pad gift. During the under-15 team camp, those pads were stolen in Indore.

9. Sachin, who showed the stars in the day to the bowlers, has the disease of sleeping. Once during an interview, he disclosed this fact. Because of their habit, often their family members and teammates are upset.

10. Sachin Tendulkar is Left Hander. Yes, that is true. By the way, Sachin bats with his own hands. They also work directly in Bowling, but they use left hand to give autographs.

11. There has been a lot of talk about Dennis Lillee and Sachin Tendulkar’s relationship. M.R.F founder Lily had advised Sachin to concentrate on batting and left the bowling. Saurav Ganguly also included Lilly players who refused to be a fast bowler.

12. In 1995, Sachin Tendulkar went to see the film ‘Rosa’ with fake mustache-beard and glasses, but when his glasses fell, the mogu people recognized him at the cinema hall.

13. The interesting fact is that whenever Sachin is in the bus with the team, he always sit on the left side of the window in the first row.

14. Sachin Tendulkar joined Mumbai’s Ranji team at the age of 14. He was the first player to join Mumbai’s Ranji team at this young age.

15. Sachin played in his first Test match against Pakistan, wearing Sunny Gavaskar with the gifted pads.

16. In the 1996 World Cup, Sachin did not have any company logo on the bat. Immediately after the World Cup, the MRF, the tire maker, had contracted with them.

17. Sachin Tendulkar scored a century in his debut matches of Ranji, Duleep and Irani Trophy. They are the only batsmen in India to do this. None of them have ever recorded this record.

18. Sachin has made most of his big scores on Indian festivals like Gokulashtami, Holi, Raksha Bandhan and Deepawali.

19. Sachin did not bat at third position in his Test career. Opener as an opener, he has a total of 1 time.

20. There is a special record in the name of Sachin. Every team he has played in Ranji match has been victorious every time.

21. The only Ranji match in which Tendulkar was part of the Mumbai team lost was against Haryana.

22. Whenever Sachin comes down to bat, he always bowed down to the sun god before stepping on the field.

23. His attachment to cricket can be imposed by an event. During World Cup 1999, when his father died, he joined the funeral of the father and returned to play back. In the next match, Sachin scored a hundred and paid homage to his late father.

24. Sachin is so fond of his Ferrari that he does not allow his wife Anjali to run it too.

25. The first batsman to be given out by the third Umpire is Sachin Tendulkar. In 1992, after the throw of Jonty Rhodes on the second day of the Test match being played against South Africa in Durban, the matter was referred to the third umpire. The umpire Karl Liebenberg dismissed Sachin.

26. For your information tell that Sachin first appeared on TV for the first time in 1990. After this he appeared in several advertisements with Kapil Dev. Sachin Tendulkar first appeared in the advertisement of ‘Plaster’ of a pharmaceutical company.

27. Children, women, burujuga people of every age are crazy about Sachin. This is the cricketer who has brought cricket home from home. It is said that “only half of India would have stopped the TV when Tendulkar was out”.

28. Sachin Tendulkar’s bat was about 1.5 kilograms. This heavy bat used only by Lance Klusener of South Africa.

29. Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly is called ‘Babu Mosha’ and Ganguly calls them ‘small babu’.

30. Sachin’s father Ramesh Tendulkar had advised Sachin to stay away from alcohol and cigarette advertisements at the beginning of his career and Sachin also promised to not do this to his father.

31. Sachin has scored his 5000th, 10000th and 15000th run on Indian soil. The interesting fact is that he completed his 5000th and 10000th run at Eden Gardens and on both occasions the opposition team was Pakistan.

32. Now after Sachin’s retirement, his children can play for England too. Because of his grandmother Annabelle of England.

33. On behalf of the Government of India, Sachin Tendulkar has been honored with Padma Vibhushan, Rajiv Gandhi Award (Sports), Maharashtra Bhushan Award, Padmashri, Arjuna Award and Bharat Ratna.

100 centuries, 163 fifties, 34,000 runs Looking at these figures does not it look like this is the details of any team? But it’s not so, because it’s just a player’s figures. And who is he, no need to tell the name. You may know this.