Jawaharlal Nehru University : Amazing and interesting Facts about Jawaharlal Nehru University

Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) is at No. 3 in the country’s 10 Tap University. Many students’ dream of taking admission in JNU remains only dream. Today we will tell about interesting facts about Zenu that you hardly know.

1. “Jawaharlal Nehru University” was established in 1969 through the law passed by Parliament.

2. Nepalese 36th Prime Minister Babu Ram Bhattarai had a PhD from JNU in 1986.

3. JNU also gives degrees to the soldiers of the army who were recruited through the NDA.

4. Admission is only available in ZENUU for five rupees.

5. In the year 2010, when 75 soldiers died in Dantewada in Naxalite attack, Vyayy Day was celebrated in Xenu.

6. JNU’s government spending on every student comes to three lakhs.

7. When Durga Puja is celebrated throughout the country then Mahishasur Diwas is celebrated in Xenu.

8. In the year 2012, the Beef Festival was celebrated in XENU, which was banned by the High Court.

9. 50 percent of rape in Delhi is connected to JNU.

10. 17 cases of rape are reported every year in ZENU.

11. Every year, the government gives Rs. 244 crore to ZENU.

12. Despite all this, in the year 2012, “NAAC” gave JNU 3 out of 4 grades. These are the highest grades given to any university.

Australia : Amazing and interesting Facts about Australia

The shiny sand, the blue ocean spreading far and wide, or the jungle walk among the booming kangaroos or the seven natural wonders of the world, the colorful wild water of the Great Barrier Reef, or the sea beaches Seeing a show in the finest opera house … and if we say that there is no single thing about your dreams, the whole dream can come true. Yes, not chunky! Australia is also beautiful than your dreams. Here you will find whatever you have never imagined. That is why they say ‘there is nothing like Australia’. Let’s read in Australia in Hindi.

1. The distance between Australia and London to Moscow is as big.

2. Australia average 96 liters of beer per year.

3. Almost 1.35 trillion bottles of alcohol are made by Australia alone every year.

4. If a scarf is woven through a wool produced in Australia in one year, it will become so big that the whole world can be wrapped in it hundred times.

5. On 91% of Australia’s vegetation, it is spread over 7 lakh square kilometers.

6. Where is the world’s capital going to Australia? Here, 70 percent of the population participate in some game every week.

7. The highest price of electricity in the world is in Australia. And the law here is so tremendous that only the licensed Mistry can change the bulb in Victoria of Australia.

8. Australia has the longest fence in the world in Australia. It is 5,614 km long. It was made to save fertile ground from wild dogs.

9. There is a provision for punishment on dirty songs in Melbourne. However, the condition is that if you sing such a song, its sound should not reach the other’s ears. This can be a 6-month sentence.

10. More than 25% Australians are born in another country.

11. Beer Drinking World Record Former Australian Prime Minister Bob Haak is named after him, who scored 2.5 pints (1.18 liters of beer) in 11 seconds in World Record.

12. In 1880, Melbourne was the richest city in the world.

13. Regardless of the rain in our country, we do not have rain, but there is a special law in Melbourne that can not produce artificial rain. The Rain Measuring Control Act was made in 1966.

14. There are more than 150 million sheep in Australia and there are only 20 million people here, there are 8 sheep for every person.

15. There is a pink ‘Hillier’ lake in Australia. Scientists can not even figure out why its color is pink.

16. Saudi Arabia imports camels from Australia for meat.

17. Do you know how many are in Australia? No. There are around 10000 in Australia This means that you can take a new beach tour every day for 27 years.

18. Before 1902, it was illegal for swimming in beaches during daytime.

19. In Australia, 45 native languages ​​are spoken, with more than 200 different languages ​​and dialects.

20. Melbourne is at the first place in the world’s most livable city for the third consecutive year.

21. Number of Kangaroos in Australia is more than the number of people.

22. Melbourne is also called Fox Capital. Actually, there is a large population of foxes. About 10 foxes are found on every square kilometer. Many times it also creates problems for people.

23. In 2013, in Australia, a pig drinks 18 beer and started to try to fight a cow that was soaked in drunkenness.

24. There was no death due to spider cutting in Australia after 1979.

25. Seat belt law was first introduced in Victoria in Australia in 1970.

26. Australia was the second country to give women the right to vote. It was implemented in 1902.

27. Over 85 per cent of the Australian coastline resides within 50 km radius.

28. The funny thing is that an Australian man once tried to sell to New Zealand on ebay.

29. The highest snowfall is on the Alps mountain of Australia, compared to Switzerland.

30. Until 1984 the national anthem of Australia was ‘God Save the King / Queen’.

31. Australian gambling spend more money than any country.

32. Ginna Rinehart, Chairman of the Hankook Prospecting Group, is Australia’s most wealthy woman. His earnings per hour is one million dollars (more than Rs 6 crore).

33. According to the law of Melbourne, it is illegal to announce the reward for returning it after losing any goods.

34. In Australia, only the world’s oldest fossil was found. It is approximately 340 million years old. This is the only continent, where there is no active volcano.

35. The most poisonous snakes in the world are found in Australia.

36. The flight data recorder i.e. the black box used in the whole world was invented in Melbourne. It was made by David Warren in the Aeronautical Research Laboratory in 1958. Actually, Warren’s father had died in a plane crash, after which he decided to create a black box to reveal the information of the last time of the plane.

Earth: Amazing and interesting Facts about Earth

World Earth Day: Earth Day was celebrated for the first time in America on April 22, 45 years ago. This is an annual event that is celebrated worldwide. 192 countries celebrate it. US Senator Gordon Nelson has been on April 22 after World Earth Day celebrations. They were concerned about the environment. Come, we have brought you such Earth Facts which will surprise you by reading:

1. 40% of the Earth has only six countries in the world.

2. All the humans on Earth can cube in 1 square kilometer. If we make a person in one square meter, then one million people can stand in a square kilometer.

3. China’s air pollution is so high that the Great Wall of China did not even appear on the scene.

4. Because the Earth’s Slow Rotation was 2015 a second long.

5. If man is left in the space of no security measures, he will live only for 2:00 minutes.

6. Once on Earth, the largest meteorite was dropped. It was named Hobba Meteorite.

7. There is so much gold on the ground, which can cover its entire surface to a depth of 1.5 feet.

8. It is necessary to wear pressurized suits at a height of 12 miles (19 km). Otherwise it may be death.

9. Earth 100 times in 1 second and 80.6 million a day celestial electricity falls.

10. The source of heat on earth is not only the sun. Rather, the inner part of the Earth is composed of molten material which constantly keeps the internal temperature of the earth constant. According to an estimate, the temperature of this inner part is 5000 to 7000 degrees salicyas which is equivalent to the temperature of the sun’s surface.

11. A piece of waste present in space falls on Earth every day. This is estimated by NASA scientists.

12. Do you know that all the continents of Earth were connected to each other 6.5 million years ago from today The scientists believe that any meteorite on the earth should fall, and due to constant volcanoes and powerful earthquakes, the continent began to separate from each other, that is why the end of the dinosaurs came from Earth. Earlier, when all the continents were connected then they looked like the picture above and it was named by the Wizards as Panaji.

13. On the earth weigh 45,00 clouds (cloud) every day.

14. Carbon is definitely in every living organism on earth.

15. Due to the earth’s gravity it is not possible to elevate the mountains from 15,000 meters.

16. Today, 450 million years ago, there was a Mars-shaped planet in the Sun sign which was orbiting the Sun on the same planetary with the Earth. But the planet collided with the ground for some reason, and the earth turned away, and the other became a moon after the collision which was part of the earth.

17. Earth is the only place in the solar system, where water is present in solids, liquids, vapor forms.

18. 97 percent of the earth’s water is saline and fresh water is only 3 percent. 90 percent of the world’s garbage reaches into the sea.

19. Even today, clean water is not available for drinking the world’s 748 million population. There is an average of 200 gallons of water wasted every day in a continuous toilet. Due to leakages, 36 million gallons of water is wasted daily.

20. 40% of the deaths in the world are from pollution of water, air and soil. Only 70 million people die every year from air pollution.

21. Everyday, 1 billion people in the world are not getting enough water, while 2 billion people crave clear water. By 2050 about 9 billion people will be living without water or under water. By 2025, almost 60% of the groundwater sources of India will have completely dried.

22. One gram of gold is found in 13 billion pieces of sea water.

23. 99% of living creatures on Earth are from the oceans 2000 species of aquatic species are said every year.

24. 10-12 accidents per year are the reason for sharks. 100 million sharks are killed every year.

25. If the whole water of the earth is collected then it will form an 860 cubic km shaped ball. It will be more than the size of Saturn’s snowy moon Tethi.

26. The name of the photo taken from 3.7 billion miles is called Pale Blue dot. So far it is the picture of earth taken from the highest distance.

27. 150 billion dollars is the total cost of the International Space Station. This is the most expensive project, the highest amount spent on it.

28. 106 billion people are on the earth. The number of 9.2 billion people will increase in the coming year 2050.

29. 200,000 people are born on Earth every day. Two people are being killed every second.

30. The oldest religious site Gobakli tape is located in Turkey. It was constructed 10,000 years ago.

31. The pit, which was digested by humans, was dug in Russia in 1989, which was 12,262 km deep.

32. When the National Hurricane Center was inaugurated in 1953, the first name given to the storm was the name of the female saint. This was the first time in 1979 that male names were also included in storms. Now names of hurricanes are named after both men and women.

33. One day 23 hours 56 minutes is 4 seconds. Soon the time the earth moves on its axis.

34. The height of Mount Everest is 8850 meters above sea level. But if you see the distance of space from the center of the Earth, then the highest mountain Mount Chimborazo of Ecuador. Its height is 6310 meters.

35. Inside the Sun 13 lacs

Eiffel Tower: Amazing and interesting Facts about Eiffel Tower

The French capital is a Iron Towers located in Paris. It was opened for the public for the first time on 31 March 1889. As you know, the way the Taj Mahal is the identity of India at the international level, so is the identity of the Eiffel Tower France. Its popularity can be estimated from the fact that this tower is at the top of the world’s buildings seen by tourists for ticket purchases. Let’s know some interesting facts about the Eiffel Tower:

1. The Eiffel Tower is composed by Gustav Eiffel and named after the Eiffel Tower.

2. Eiffel Tower is made of metal, so it shrinks to 6 inches in the circadio.

3. For 41 years of its construction it was the tallest tower built by man. While in 1930 Chrysler Building of New York took its place.

4. Eiffel Tower has so far seen 25 million people. And every year 70 million people come to see it.

5. It was built in 1889 on the occasion of the completion of 100 years of the French Revolution.

6. Eiffel tower is painted equal to the weight of 10 elephants.

7. If Eiffel Tower is built today, then it costs 31 million dollars.

8. Every night after dark, until 1 pm (till 2 o’clock in the summer) the Eiffel tower is illuminated so that the tower can be seen from a distance.

9. Eiffel tower height is 300 meters that is 984 feet. However, adding the length of its antenna, it becomes 334 meters.