WWE : Amazing and interesting Facts about WWE

WWE, considered the great wrestling of wrestling, has everything in it that needs his fans. This show has a great combination of romance, fight and entertainment. But despite all this, many questions arise in the mind of the people. As if the fight is real or fake, how does the big wrestler lose to the small? The bleeding out of injury during the fight is real or fever? Who is the owner of WWE? Etcetera etc. Today, you will get answers to all these questions. Www.gazabhindi.com is going to tell you about such interesting facts associated with the WWE, which you were unaware yet.

1. The WWE’s Full Form is “World Wrestling Entertainment”.

2. Wrestling kids love a lot, and WWE takes full care of it.

3. People believe that there is only a good lady, but there is nothing like this but the viewer whom she likes here is.

4. Who will win the match here is already fixed, but the fight is real and the players who get hurt are also real.

5. In the WWE many times the loser gets more money.

6. There are allegations that some wrestlers take drugs for good candy and stemina. However, there is a WWE Wellness Policy to stop it, but still such cases continue to emerge.

7. The WWE fight may have been written before, but there are many instances where the wrestlers have been hurt and they have become disabled. Apart from this, blood is the only thing in most cases.

8. Many types of weapons are kept under the ring so that the wrestler can use them. 75% of weapons are real. Steel chairs, hammers, stairs and other weapons are real. Now chairs in the head and some similar ones are banned in the WWE.

9. Mike is placed below the ring so that the sounds of the wrestlers come easily.

10. Wrestlers often talk to each other, and it is also called ‘spot calling’. In this, the wrestlers talk among themselves that who else will beat the next move. If you listen carefully sometimes, you will know that the wrestlers talk while fighting each other.

11. In the WWE, you may have seen many times that after a clutter the wrestlers fall around the roam. This is a big show in the right. World Wrestling Entertainment does not speak it the same way. Sometimes the stretcher is also called to show the match more serious.

12. To find out if the wrestler is injured in the right way, you can find out by seeing the appearance of the referee. If the injury is real then the referee will see the backstage and will mark the X with his hands. This means the wrestler is rightly injured.

13. Vince McMahon is often presented as an owner in WWE events. However, the truth is that WWE is a publicly traded company. McMahon is the CEO and his company holds 52 percent stake.

Chase : Amazing and interesting Facts about Chase

Chess is an intellectual and entertaining game played between two players. Some unknown intellectuals gave this game to the intellectuals of the world in the fifth or sixth century. It is understood that this game is essentially the invention of India, whose ancient name was ‘Chaturanga’, today we will tell Chess Facts in Hindi which you have not read so far.

1. Chess was invented in India only.

2. The first light and dark color chase board was made in Europe in 1090.

3. There may be 5949 tricks in a match on the board.

4. The first four moves of chess can be run from 3,18,97,95,64,000 types.

5. During the “2nd World War” (1939 to 1945), chess players played the role of code breaker.

6. In the year 1951, Alan Tyring made the first “computer” in which the chase could be played.

7. The first Chess game between Space and Earth was played on June 9, 1970. It’s over on the game draw.

8. In a match played in 1984, Britain checked Crouch 43 times, which itself is a “World Record”.

9. Eric Nopart played record 500 matches in 68 hours in 1985. All bouts took place 10-10 minutes.

10. In 1987, Anand became the first Grand Master of India. Anand was world champion in 2000,2007,2008,2010 and 2012

11. By 2011, 600 million people knew how to play chess in the world.

12. A research has found that the electrons in the universe are particle. There is more possibilities in the game of Chase than them. The number of electrons is approximately 1079 and the number of probes in the chase is 10120.

13. America’s “Samuel Rheshevsky” dusted all the great chess players When Rashevsky made this feat, then she was only eight years old.

14. You will be surprised to know that the second book in the world was published in the English language about Chase.

15. Any international Grand Master was defeated by computer on November 1, 1988 for the first time. The match was held in California.

16. The longest game to date has been played till 269 Moves. It happened in 1989 between Nicolik and Arsovic. This is a world record.

17. The first “human chase” was played in St. Petersburg in Russia in 1924. In Russia, the chase used to be quite popular in the 20th century. So this popularity gave Russia the idea of ​​inviting human chess.

18. Gary Kaspersev is the youngest world champion. He did this 22 years of 210 years of age.

19. Aamir Khan also likes to play chess. He played chess with Katrina Kaif during the shoot of Dhoom-3. They often play this minded game with heroines.