Apple Company : Amazing and interesting Facts about Apple Company

Apple Company is one of the world’s most powerful companies. In the initial period, the company suffered an economic downturn, after that it gained such popularity that the world is seeing. Every man has the desire to call Apple sometime in life. Today we will read “Apple in Hindi” in this post, which no one has ever told you to date.

1. Do you know that Apple Company was founded in 1976 on April Fools (Fools Day).

2. Apple’s first logo was Newton’s picture. Not only this Apple’s one product name was also Newton. Before the iPhone’s arrival, Apple used to sing the same quality of the product. But as soon as the iPhone came, Jobs ended the relationship between Apple and Newton.

3. Every third person employed in Apple is Indian.

4. Apple Company had faced recession in its early stages. In 1976, APPLE-I got some computer orders from the company, neither to the jobs nor to neither the Vogynic (Apple’s partner) had the money to fulfill this order. Jobs and Wojeniac started to sell their belongings to deal with the recession. Where Jobs had given his favorite Wolveson van benches.

5. Steve Jobs had been ousted by the company in 1985, again in 1996, the company returned.

6. Apple has around 83,000 employees all over the world. Apple headquarters employees earn $ 125,000 each year. The Apple company earns $ 300,000 every 1 minute.

7. If you want to purchase the iPhone by part by part in 1991 then it costs $ 3,560,000.

8. Apple’s app is the most downloaded in the world. Over 25 billion apps have been downloaded from Apple’s Store so far.

9. One more thing about Apple CEO Tim Cook is very famous. If you are an employee of Apple, then be ready for an e-mail from Cook’s side at 4.30 a.m. Cook e-mails every employee to 4.30 a.m. in the morning. Now this is the unique way of work

10. Steve Jobs became the only millionaire at the age of 25 at the company of Apple Company alone.

11. If APPLE’s IPHONE is fully charged once a day, then it will consume power of $ 0.25 in a year.

12. Do not smoke near Apple Computers any time as it ends its warranty.

13. If you use iTunes, you have already agreed to not use Apple’s products to make nuclear weapons.

14. Every advertisement of Apple iPhone is shown at 9:41 time.

15. The iPod’s creator first gave the suggestion to Philips and RealNetNetworks companies but failed to see their potential.

16. Apple’s IPAD’s Retina Display is actually made by Samsung.

17. There is one thing about the world’s largest tech company that you probably will not know. 61 percent of Apple’s business is from outside America. That is, one-third of the profits from Apple come from the rest of the country, not just the US.

18. The popularity of this company can be estimated from the fact that a man in Japan was engaged in line for 7 months for the iPhone 6.

19. There is a lot of chances that you can get Job early in the Apple company instead of getting admission in Harvard University.

20. When the first sample of Apple iPod was shown, he tried to prove it by using Air Bubbles by putting it in the Aquarium and still there is an empty space and can be made small on it.

21. Apple App Store has more than 60% of the apps that have never been downloaded till date.

22. For the last 15 years at Apple Company, Jobs had only taken 1 dollar as a salary. Despite this, the total jobs of the jobs were more than $ 7 billion. Steve was the largest shareholder of the company.

23. Apple Macbook’s battery can also save you from gunshot because it is BulletProof (bulletproof).

24. In 2012 Apple sold 40 million iPhones. This means the average approximately 110000 iPhone is sold per day. That is, an average of 4,583 iPhone per hour, 76 iPhones per minute and 1.26 iPhone per second. Apple’s iPhones are sold in around 89 countries around the world.

25. In the first quarter of 2014, Apple earned so much money that did not even complete with the earnings of Google, Facebook & Amazon.

Q. Now the question arises that how was the company named Apple?

Ans. This is a fun incident of how the computer company’s name was Apple. In an interview, Steve Wozniak told that Steve Jobs had told him during the driving that he had got the computer name that would be Apple. As Vazhaniyak said, we also discussed other alternatives, but we could not find another better name. In fact, jobs were earlier used to work in the ‘attic’ company and the name given to the name ‘Apple’ should come before ‘attic’ in the phone book due to the spelling.

AIDS (HIV) : Amazing and interesting Facts about AIDS (HIV)

The name of AIDS has been heard from childhood but never seen anyone talking openly about it. Do not know why people shy away from doing such things. Well, we are not to give you full information about AIDS:

1. Worldwide, December 1 is celebrated as World Aids Day. The International Symbol of AIDS is “Red Ribbon” which was adopted in 1991.

2. AIDS is so dangerous that so far 2.5 million people have been killed.

3. AIDS is made up of four words. That is – Acquired = which you received, Immuno = Body’s immunity, Deficiency = Deficiency and Syndrome = Transmission. This means that the disease which reduces the power to protect your body.

4. HIV means – Human = Human, Immuno deficiency = which reduces immunity and Virus = Virus That is, the virus that reduces the power to protect it within a body.

5. The first case of AIDS came in the African country Congo in 1959, when one person died. His blood was examined and it was found that he had AIDS.

6. The simplest theory related to HIV is called “Hunter Theory”. According to this, in the 1930s a person was beaten by a victim monkey in Africa, and he ate the fish of the monkey as he became HIV. After this sex relations got spread due to it.

7. According to the WHO, there are 32 million people suffering from HIV in the world. In the case of AIDS victims South Africa is the first in the world. More than ten percent of the total population here is suffering from AIDS. Here every day 4300 people die due to AIDS. According to statistics, 56 lakh people are suffering from AIDS.

8. The first Hollywood movie on AIDS was named “And the Band Paid On”.

9. HIV virus can survive in room temperature (25 degrees C) for 10-15 days in dry blood. Such as used vaccines or needles.

10. HIV viruses are killed at temperatures above 60 degrees Celsius.

11. Cats are very good friends of humans They are also a disease similar to AIDS, which is called HIV. There is a similarity between HIV and FIV that immune system weakens.

12. The first case of AIDS in India came to Chennai in 1986. This woman has AIDS due to exposure to foreign tourists and not being able to take proper protection. Let us know that within a year of this case, 135 other cases related to AIDS were revealed in India.

13. If a girl dies in Swaziland, then 80% of the chances that she will die with AIDS.

14. Everyday 900 new children are being victimized by AIDS throughout the world.

15. One in 5 of the AIDS cases in the US is such that they do not know that they are suffering from AIDS.

16. In the African country of Botswana, the age of the people has come from 65 years to 35 years due to AIDS.

17. AIDS is by far the most widely read disease.

18. In Greece, the police have the right to arrest anyone in the hope of having HIV. Not only this, he can do the test. And also homeless from home.

Some other point

“Due to AIDS”

1. Unprotected sex with the victim,

2. With contaminated blood,

3. From the dirty vaccine and needles,

4. The child who is suffering in the womb of suffering mother and

5. Gay relations.

“Prevention of AIDS”

1. Do not have sex with the victim’s partner,

2. Check before opening the blood,

3. Do not use used needles and vaccines again.

In the end, I would like to say one thing, hate the disease, not from the victim.

Samsung: Amazing and interesting Facts about Samsung

Speaking of new and attractive smart phones, Samsung’s name is remembered first. With the help of its entire Galaxy Range, Samsung has become the world’s largest Smartphone maker company. Regardless of whether Samsung has revolutionized its mobile in the field of communication, the mobile handset was not its first product. The company of South Korea started in 1938 with just a staff of 40 people. Slowly, Samsung has finally decided to fly from domestic products to becoming the biggest phone maker company. Today is going to tell you such interesting facts about which you may not know.

1. Samsung Company was launched in South Korea in 1938. At that time, its most important job was to sell fish.

2. The word Samsung is taken from the Korean language. In English language it means three stars.

3. Samsung Company started with staff with just 40 people, but now it has 3,75,000 people working. The same Apple has only 80,300 employees.

4. Samsung company has tried 80 different types of business since 1938.

5. Samsung started the electronics industry in 1960. And let you know that 90 percent of Samsung’s products are made in the same factory itself.

6. Samsung’s first mobile device was launched in 1986. It was a car phone. This gadget was badly beaten.

7. Since 1993, the Samsung company is one of the world’s largest chip (memory chip or RAM) making companies. According to the news, the Samsung company has created chip for Apple Iphone 7.

8. Samsung has started to climb the ladder ladder since 1995. In the same year the company’s chairman ‘Lee Kun Hei’ collected 150,000 phones and fax machines in front of the employees of Samsung and destroyed them in front of their employees. Samsung’s 2000 employees had seen this sight.

9. The Samsung company first launched CDMA (in 1996), Digital TV (in 1998), What phones (in 1999) and MP3 phones (in 1999).

10. Samsung overtake  the popular brands of electronics market Sony in 2004-2005 and covered the whole world.

11. Today, every third cell phone sold in the world is from Samsung.

12. 70 percent of the world’s smart phones use RAM made by Samsung.

13. Samsung has also built the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa.

14. Samsung is the largest revenue generating company in South Korea.

15. Every minute 100 Samsung TVs are sold around the world.

16. Samsung Group annually donates $ 100 million to its non-profit organization Samsung Medical Center.

17. Apple iPad’s Retina Display is actually made by Samsung.

18. You may be joking but the truth is that Samsung sometimes used to sell vegetables, noodles and fish.

Stronger Science : Amazing and interesting Facts about Stronger Science

Science facts: It is a bit difficult to believe, but it is closer to the fact that even today there are some things in the world that remain beyond science and scientists. Science is still trying to solve many puzzles in the human body. In the name of science, many scientists continue to experiment with peculiar types of experiments. Today we will tell you some “science facts” that you probably do not know.

Science Facts in Hindi

Facts related to science

1. The scientists have not been able to decide till date, what was the color of dinosaurs.

2. One day on Venus is larger than one year of Earth.

3. For your information, let’s say -40 degrees Fahrenheit -40 degrees Celsius.

4. Density of Saturn planet is so small that if Saturn is filled with water in a large vessel of glass and it is filled with water, it will start swimming in it.

5. No matter how low the temperature, gasoline never accumulates.

6. When you climb a straight-climbing mountain, your knees are three times the weight on your body.

7. If all the stars of one galaxy get as salt as possible, then they can fill the entire swimming pool of the entire Olympics.

8. Air does not sound as long as it does not go against any object.

9. Jupiter is such a big planet that if all the other planets are added together then that joint planet will be smaller than Jupiter.

10. A person can live one month without eating but 7 days without water. If the amount of water in the body is less than 1 percent then you start feeling thirsty. If this amount falls below 10 percent then you will die.

11. So far only a single fictitious satellite has been destroyed by the meteorite. This satellite was the Olympics (1993) of the European Space Agency.

12. Celsius Scale was designed to be more intelligent than the Fahrenheit scale to measure the temperature from one perspective. But its manufacturer Andero Celsius was a sophisticated scientist. When they developed this scale for the first time, they accidentally got 100 plus the degree of depression and degree 0. But no one could encourage him to say this mistake, after all the scientists awaiting his death to cure Sakel.

13. According to Albert Einestein we see millions of stars in the sky at night, but there is no place. We have the light of many millions of light years left by him.

14. It is generally taught in classes that the speed of light is 3 lakh kilometers per second. But in reality this speed is 2,99,792 km per second. It is equivalent to 1,86,287 miles per second.

15. In October 1992, the size of the larger ice ball was broken by the Antarctic of London.

16. If we want to go to Galaxy closer to the speed of light, we will take 20 years.

17. The world’s heaviest metal is osmium. Its 2 feet long, wide and high stitch is equal to one elephant.

18. When water was formed from the water, then about 10% of the water would fly. That’s why water is stored on the tray (tray) in our fridge.

19. You will be surprised by hearing the cost of the world’s most expensive item. After knowing its name, you will not even think that its price will be so high. Most of you people may consider it as gold, silver or diamond. If that is the case then you are in misunderstanding. The world’s most expensive substance is antimatter. Antibody is a type of substance that is formed in antigens such as pajetran, per-proton, per-neutron. These counter-protons and counter-neutrinas are made in quarks. Listening to its value will leave your senses. 100 small countries of the world can be bought by selling 1 gram perfume. Yes, the price of 1 gram per person is 31 lakh 25 thousand crore rupees. According to NASA, antibacterial is the most expensive material on earth. It takes up to 160 million rupees to make 1 milgram antibody. Where it is built, there is a world’s best security system. Not only this, in institutions like NASA, there is a strong security cover to keep it. In addition to certain people, no one can reach to antiparadartha. Interestingly, the reciprocity can be used as a fuel in the planes flying to other planets in space.

20. The neutron stars are so dense that they are shaped like a golf ball but the mass is 90 billion kilograms.

21. If the size of the earth turns into a pea, then Jupiter will be 300 meters away and Pluto 2.5 kilometers. But you will not see pluto because then its size will be as much as a bacteria.

22. More than 800 billion neutron left by the sun will have passed through your body until you have read this sentence.

23. One-third of the world’s electricity generation costs only to get light through bulbs.

24. Universe spreads more than 1 billion miles in all directions every hour.

funny science : Amazing and interesting Facts about funny science

From time to time, science keeps challenging and breaking myths and we also remove all the superstitions. Today we are telling you such science facts that science has removed and put the truth in front of the people.

Science Facts in Hindi

Interesting facts from science

1. The word “Scientist” was first used in 1883.

2. The scientists have found out that the chicken came first or the egg? According to them, a protein is found in the egg which can only produce chicken.

3. 41 new species are being searched by scientists every day.

4. Lightning dropped from the sky, it is 5 times hotter than the sun.

5. The light takes 100,000 years to go from one end of the galaxy to the other end.

6. You will be surprised to know that you can start a fire from a piece of ice.

7. Ploutonium is the first element created by humans.

8. If you go into space, you will die before the body bursts instead of kneeling because there is no air pressure.

9. The sound will move about 15 times more speed in the air than the air.

10. When the speed of a jet plane is 1000 kilometers per hour then its length decreases one atom.

11. When the moon is absolutely on your head then your weight gets a little reduced.

12. There is no ‘j’ letter in the Arvati table of elements.

13. Mercury or Quick Silver is the only metal that lives in the liquid state and is so heavy that the iron floats on it too.

14. The Moon is moving away from us 3.78 cm every year.

15. The master-water used in nuclear furnaces is the world’s most expensive water. The value of one liters is approximately 13,500 rupees.

16. Neil Armstrong first placed his left foot on the moon and at that time his heart beat was 156 times per minute.

17. The weight of a medium sized cloud is equal to 80 elephants.

18. Earth is the only planet whose name has not been named above any god or masculine has been kept.

19. A substance called asbestos does not burn in the fire.

20. Venus’s surface temperature is 351 degree C / 864 degree F. , Which is the highest temperature of any planet’s surface.

21. Norway is one of the world’s countries where the sun shines at midnight.

22. Light will take only 0.13 seconds to travel to Earth.

If you like these science facts, then read the next part too.