World Television Day: Amazing and interesting Facts about Television

World Television Day: There will be very few homes in the world where there is no television. Some homes have two or more TVs. TVs with multifacres and high resolution tell the world around you. The development of TV was started from 1830, when Graham Bell and Thomas Edison showed the voice and photo transfer. Today we will tell you such interesting facts related to Television History that you have not read so far.

TV story from 1830 till now …

1. In 1830 Thames Edison and Graham Bell showed voice and photo transfer.

2. In 1907 the word “Television” came into existence for the first time. And added to the dictionary.

3. In 1924, John Bread moved photos for the first time.

4. In 1933, the program began to appear on TV twice a week.

5. By 1936, around 200 television sets were being used in the world. Then there were 12-inch TV screens with large appliances.

6. The use of television increased during World War II. At this time the TV started to be used as a promotional machine. Tabletaps and consoles come in two types of models.

7. Completely color TV broadcast started in the US in 1953.

8. In 1956, Robert Adler created the first remote control.

9. In 1962, “AT & T” company launched a telestar.

10. Most of the programs started colorful around 1967.

11. In 1969 the first program “Apollo 11” was Broadcast. Which 600 million people saw.

12. In 1973 the TV screen was further enhanced. At this time the weight of the TV was quite high.

13. In 1976, the TV broadcast in India was separated from All India Radio.

14. With the TV in 1980, VCR, Games etc. started coming. It increased the TV’s popularity Remote TV knocked and became popular.

15. After the 1990s there were many changes in television. Improved the size and quality of TV At the same time, the experiment was also running with technologies such as LCD and Plasma.

16. After 2000, the DVD player used to replace the VCR. Many commercial channels came and the nature of the TV changed. Now TV has become smart from the idiot box

17. Nowadays, Smart TV is now ready. Ultra UHD, Bendewell, 4K, 3D, LCD / LED TV are now working not just for entertainment but also for computing and connectivity.

18. Television broadcasting in India started on 15th September, 1959 from Delhi. By 1972, the services of television were extended to Amritsar and Mumbai. By 1975 only television service in India was started. Color TV and national broadcasting in India started in 1982.

Amazing facts of Television (T.V) In Hindi:

Television’s short format “T.V” was first used in 1948.

Do you know that until 1987, there was no television broadcaster in Iceland on Thursday.

In 1997, a monkey in Africa was arrested for stealing a TV antenna.

In 2004 the number of TVs in the UK was more than the number of people in the UK.

During the Super Bowl in 2008, the company paid Rs 16.72 crore to show the 30 second ed on TV.

According to one figure, by the year 2009, almost 78 percent of the world’s homes had at least one TV set.

When watching television, you consume more calories than sleep.

In 2013, about 87 percent of the total TV sales in the world was “LCD” TV.

The 103-inch Panasonic Plasma TV is the world’s largest plasma TV.

The world’s largest TV-based 370-inch screen is made by British company Titan.

13.399 crore is the world’s most expensive TV Prestige HD Supreme Rose Edition.

A person watches an average of 175 hours a day every month.

1 out of every 4 Americans has ever arrived on TV.

Before the age of 14 in the US, a child sees 13,000 people die on TV.

FACTS: The inventor of television, “Jan Logie Baird”, used to be ill during childhood, so the school could not go. Born in Scotland on August 13, 1888, the telephone was so crazy that at the age of 12 he made his own telephone. Baird used to think that one day it will come when people can send photos through the air. Baird created the first television in 1924 using a box from boxes, biscuits tin, sewing needle, card and electric fan.

Google: Amazing and interesting Facts about Google

Google is such a name that perhaps most people in the world know. Today Internet means Google, because without it the Internet cannot be imagined. Google is known primarily as a search engine, but many of its main services such as Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps, etc. have become an important part of our lives. Google was founded on September 4, 1998, and in a few years it became synonymous with the Internet. You may be searching many times every day on ( but there are some interesting things about Google that you may not know:

1. Initially, Google’s founder did not know much about HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) which is necessary to create and design web pages). That’s why Google’s homepage is very straightforward. For a long time, there was no submit button on it, only the teg were checked by returning the returns.

2. The name “Google” was caused by a mistake in spelling. Google’s founder wanted to name “Googol” but due to the mistake of writing spelling “Googol” became “Google”.

3. Every year, on Google, 205.51 billion searches are done, i.e. more than 60,000 searches are done on Google per second.

4. Since 2010 Google has purchased at least one company per week.

5. GMAIL was given by Rajan Seth when he went to give an interview in Google. It was used internally for two years for Google to fully check Gmail before starting the service. In April 2004 Google launched Gmail on April 1. The highest storage, the ability to send mail faster, made it popular among the people. Initially it was very important to have an invitation to create a Gmail account. After being popular later, it was all for free.

6. For the first time in 1998 Google Doodle viewers were seen on the homepage. It was about people participating in the Burning Festival in Nevada. Google has a huge doodle team that has posted more than a thousand doodles so far. Doodle is a special type of logo that is recited on Google for any particular day or a big person. When a festival of Diwali happens, a fireworks doodle is shown. The bottom has been shown.

7. 200 goats jobs in Google’s office Google does not use cutting machines for cutting grass in the lawn of the office because the employees working in the workplace due to the smoke and sound coming out of it are in trouble, so Google has made goats for cleaning the lawn grass. Have been planted. This is the trimming of grass and the goats are filled with stomach.

8. In 2005, Google bought the Android company. The popularity of Android can be estimated from the fact that today it owns about 80 per cent of the Smartphone’s market, i.e. four out of every five smart phones are running on the Android operating system. More than 1.5 million people are buying new Android devices every day.

9. More than 200 things are taken care of in order to show the best results of search done on Google and in some parts of the second best results are displayed according to these measurements.

10. Every website on the internet wants that the visitor spent most of his time on the website, but maybe on Google, Google is a company that wants to reduce the time it takes on the website and at least Wants to show a better search result in less time.

11. More than 90% of Google’s earnings come from advertising (Advertisements).

12. Google is the owner of some domain name spelling mistakes like, etc.

13. If you go to you will be redirected to Google’s homepage because this domain name has been purchased by Google. In order to write “Google” in the cell’s keypad (in which numbers and alphabets accompany the same), 466453 has to be typed. If you have accidentally selected the numbers instead of the alphabets and you want to write Google, 4666666455533 will be replaced instead of Google. Due to this Google has purchased the domain too.

14. Very few people know that Google has used its first tweet language of computer in which 0 and 1 are used in ‘Binary’. This tweet was – “I’m 01100110 01100101 01100101 01101100 01101001 01101110 01100111 00100000 01101100 01110101 01100011 01101011 01111001 00001010.”

In English it means ‘im feeling lucky’. You’ll find these words written next to Google’s Search button. By clicking on it you can get information about all the Google Doodles so far.

15. Google earns more than Rs. 5 billion per day, i.e. Google earns Rs. 50,000 per second.

16. More than 20,000 people per week apply for jobs in Google.

17. In 2006, Google purchased the online video sharing site YouTube. 60 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. The program that comes on millions of channels all over the world is uploaded on this

Facebook: Amazing and interesting Facts about Facebook

Facebook, if so, today’s most important need. Many people can spend their entire day while online in Facebook. The world’s largest social networking site has become a part of our lives. We also look around people who cannot live without Facebook. Facebook was launched today on 4th February 2004. Whether you use Daily Facebook, but we will tell you Facebook’s interesting facts that you find difficult to find on Facebook too.

1. Mark Zuckerberg gets one dollar every year as a salary.

2. Facebook website can be translated not only in Hindi and English and select languages ​​but also on Facebook page users can translate them into 70 different languages ​​according to their convenience.

3. There is a direct reason behind Facebook’s dyeing in blue. Color blindfolded of its founder Mark Zuckerberg They does not know the difference between green and red colors.

4. Facebook has the facility of blocking every user due to privacy settings, but the point of note is that even if you wish, you cannot block Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook. If you try to do this, then an error message will appear on Facebook.

5. Fan pages of 83 percent prostitutes have remained on Facebook.

6. If you do any other work on the Internet by logging a Facebook account, then Facebook is recording all your activity.

7. Mark had taken the name of Facebook’s ‘Like’ button first to ‘Awesome’. But Mark did not hear any one.

8. There is also a Poke like many features on Facebook. But if you ask someone its meaning then hardly anyone can tell it. Because Facebook itself has not decided any meaning or its work. But if you use it more then you can get a block.

9. Not directly, but fifty percent of the people on the internet are connected to Facebook.

10. If Facebook’s Server Downs, then it would be a loss of 25 thousand dollars every minute.

11. What did Mark say if Yahoo and MTV wanted to buy this site for $ 10 million? First I will create an open global platform of information exchange and then think about the profits.

12. Perhaps you are surprised to know this but Facebook’s addiction is taking the form of a disease. People of all ages around the world are struggling with Facebook Addiction Disorder. The abbreviation for this disease is FAD. Currently around 350 million people are suffering from FAD in the world.

13. If Facebook was a country, then it would be the fifth largest country in the world, after China, India, America, and Indonesia.

14. Nearly six lakh hackers are attacked every day on Facebook.

15. In December 2009, Facebook made some changes to the privacy setting, after which a picture of Zuckerberg in which he had caught teddy bears  became public.

16. Facebook spends 30 million dollars every month on hosting only

17. In 2009, Whatsapp co-founder Brian Acton was denied the job by Facebook.

18. In 2011, Facebook became the biggest cause of divorce in the US. The reason for the break-down of one of every five marriages in the US is linked to Facebook somewhere.

19. Perhaps you do not know, but the Facebook Globe (notification tab) changes according to the location of the user.

20. There is also a special shortcut to access Mark Zuckerberg’s page on Facebook profile. If you write number 4 next to the URL of Facebook, then your browser will directly take you to Mark Zuckerberg’s page.

21. In 2011, the constitution of Iceland was written with the help of Facebook.

22. The data that you type on Facebook but never posted it. Can you imagine that anyone can read that data? Yes, Facebook has created a special team that analyzes data that you typed but never posted.

23. If you want to earn money sitting at home then hack Facebook. Yes, the amount of 500 dollars is given to everyone who can hack Facebook. Even if you catch any mistake of Facebook, you will still be entitled to a reward.

24. Facebook also uses Facebook while having 5% sex.

25. At this time there are 30 million dead people on Facebook! If a Facebook user dies, does his Facebook profile continue like this? Do not live! If someone in our life recognizes death, then we can report to Facebook and get that profile a memorialized account form on Facebook!

Indian Facts of Facebook

* Most fakes make up the Indian-

A report was issued by Facebook in November. In this report, the company said that 14.3 crore accounts were faked. Most of these fakes are made from India.

* The first Indian-

Sheila Tandrekhara Christiana, the first Indian woman to join Facebook.

* Facebook’s first female engineer-

The first woman engineer working on Facebook, Ruchi Sangghvi, has given interest to the news feed on Facebook. Facebook’s news feeds are most controversial, as well as Facebook’s most popular feature.