Moon : Amazing and interesting Facts about Moon

Some people believe that landing on the moon was just a rumor. They think that no one has gone on the moon till date. Such rumors continue to fly. But we have brought a post for you Moon In Hindi You will realize how unaware you were about the moon when reading this post.

1. Moon is not round but it is egg-shaped.

2. There has been no man on the moon for the last 41 years.

3. Moon is the only natural satellite of the Earth. The moon was made up of 4.5 billion years ago after the fierce confrontation between the Earth and Thia (Mars-shaped element) was made of the remains of the remaining remains.

4. If the moon disappears from the earth, the day on earth will last for only six hours.

5. The diameter of the moon is only the fourth part of the diameter of the earth and about 49 moon can fit into the earth.

6. The size of the moon in the 63 satellites of the Solar System is at number 5.

7. The area of ​​the moon is equal to the area of ​​Africa.

8. When Neil Armstrong walked on the moon for the first time, he had a piece of airplane before the Wright Brothers.

9. The moon’s gravitational force is less than the Earth, if the figures are spoken, then the weight of the person is 16.5% lower on the moon. This is the reason that astronauts can leap more on the Moon.

10. Do you know that during the 1950s, the United States had planned to blow the moon with a nuclear bomb.

11. When Neil Armstrog took his first step on the moon, the mark which he made on the land of the moon is so far and will remain the same for the next few millions of years. Because there is no air on the moon, but it will wipe it out.

12. Only 12 people have been able to move on the moon till date.

13. When astronaut Alan Sapard was on the moon, he hit a golf ball, which went up to 800 meters away.

14. If you are not happy with the speed of your internet then you can move to the moon. Yes, NASA has provided the facility of Wi-Fi connection on the moon by making a world record, whose speed of 19 Mbps is extremely amazing.

15. The moon’s gravitational power is low. The absence of any kind of atmosphere means that the risk of solar wind and meteorite coming continuously.

16. Water on the moon is the discovery of India. Even before India, many scientists believed that there would be water on the moon but no one could find it.

17. Apart from its bag and an American flag, Apollo 11 astronauts also left some memorable signs on the land of the moon.

18. There are 96 bags left by humans on the moon, including stool, urine and vomiting.

19. The dust of dust on the surface of the moon hinges on the sunrise and sunset time. The real reason for this is yet to be ascertained.

20. There is a man-made debris of about 1, 81, 400 kg on the moon, which contains more than 70 spacecraft and crashed artificial satellites.

21. If there is a lunar eclipse on the earth then the solar eclipse will occur on the moon.

22. Chand is only 27 percent of the size of earth.

23. The weight of the moon is approximately 81,00,00,00,000 (81 billion) tons.

24. The full moon is 9 times more luminous than the half moon.

25. If you weigh 60 kg on the ground then your weight on the moon will be 10 kg due to the low gravity of the moon.

26. The Moon is moving 3.78cm away from the Earth every year and it will continue for the next 50 billion years.

27. When all the Apollo spacecraft came back from the moon, it brought together 296 pieces of rock, whose mass was 382 kg.

28. The moon keeps its only part of the earth while roaming around the earth, so the second dice of the moon till date has not seen any human from the earth.

29. Only 59 percent of the moon is visible from the earth.

30. The temperature of the moon day goes up to 180 degrees Celsius, whereas at night up to 153 degrees Celcius.

31. It will be surprised to know that your mobile phone has more computing power compared to the computer used during Apollo 11 yan’s moon landing.

32. The Apollo-11 vehicle was destroyed by the original tape that was made during the Moon landing, by mistake it was used again.

33. The US government spent equal time and money in sending people to the moon and finding Osama bin Laden: 10 years and $ 100 billion.

Space : Amazing and interesting Facts about Space

Today we will walk you through the space that you have not done till today. It is not easy for a common man to experience the life of space. Today we let you Space In Hindi Do you know, because of the absence of gravity in Space, astronaut can not sprinkle salt or chili on food.

1. There are 12 million dollars spent in building space suits.

2. You can never cry in space because your tears will not fall down.

3. In Space, if two pieces of metal touch each other, then they are permanently added.

4. To get a space vehicle out of the atmosphere, at least 7 miles per second is required, but it is not known why this is so.

5. According to astronauts, there are smells like welding smoke and hot metal in space.

6. Because of low gravity in the space, the human spinal cord is released from the stretch on the earth. In such a way, when an astronaut straightens their spinal cord, their length increases to 2.25 inches.

7. Due to lack of gravity in space, weakness comes and it happens with every person going to space. It may take about 2-3 days for a passenger to come out of this weakness.

8. NASA is developing 3D pizzas for space traveler.

9. Astronaut going to space cannot move there, because there is no gravity, which can separate the matter from the gas in the stomach.

10. In 1962, the US had a hydrogen bomb exploded in space, it was 100 times stronger than the bomb dropped on Japan’s Hiroshima.

11. The first selfie in space was drawn by Buzz Aldrin in 1966. Now its price is 6 lakh rupees.

12. Gold is quite challenging in spacecraft. Astronaut has to work hard to sleep. They have to sleep in a bank by binding them on their eyes so that they can not swim and float around.

13. Space can not sprinkle salt or chilli on passenger food due to absence of gravity in space. And they take food as fluid, that is because dry food will float in the air and with the collision around it, the space will also enter the passenger’s eye.

14. The sky appears sky blue, but astronauts appear black.

15. In the space, if you shout sharply by standing in front of someone, even then he will not be able to hear your voice, because there is no means of reaching your voice from one place to another.

16. If you go into space, you will die before the body bursts instead of kneeling because there is no air pressure.

17. International Space Station size is as much as football ground.

18. Sun looks black when viewed from space.

19. ‘The Great Wall of China’ can not be seen as seen from space because air pollution in China is very high.

20. You can not hit the whistle by wearing the space suit. Because the air pressure is very low in it.

21. If man is left in the space of no security measures, he will live only for 2:00 minutes.