Life : Amazing and interesting Facts about Life

Life : Life is called life from birth to death. In the meantime, whatever we do, if it is added, then something very amazed comes out. Of course you have lived for 20-30 years of your life but today we are not going to tell you the Amazing Facts In About Life.

1. We create so much saliva in our entire life, that 2 swimming pools will be filled.

2. People who stay separate from their friends. I mean those who live alone, they live 4 years longer.

3. A man takes gambling about 2,50,000 times in his life.

4. We spend 3 months of our life in the toilet.

5. A man walks about 183,755,600 steps in his life. 5 whole rounds of earth

6. Man spends one year of his life sticking to women.

7. 80% of the world’s men spend less than $ 10 a day.

8. Our skin changes about 900 times in our entire life.

9. A man spends 6 months of his life in Shaving.

10. Gold less than 7 hours in night, reduces your life expectancy.

11. 4 years of women’s life passes in menstrual period.

12. Women in England spend $ 160,000 in their lifetime, then make-up.

13. If everyone in the world is washing their hands properly, then within one year, 10 lakhs of lives will be left alive.

14. 1 out of every 5 Americans believe that the earth will end during their lifetime.

15. We spend 25 years of our life in gold.

16. In our entire life, our brain stores about one million GB data store.

17. 82% believe in American after life.

18. A cigarette reduces your life by 11 minutes.

19. 1 out of seven million people will live more than 110 years.

20. A person who eats meat constantly consumes 7,000 animals in his life.

21. If history of Earth is made 24 hours, then life will start at 4 o’clock, trees at 10:24 at night, at dinosaur 11:41, and start of human life at 11 o’clock 58 minutes Will be on.

Amazing and interesting Facts 5

The world is full of interesting and fun information, let us know, “27 Things to Know”. Our Facts is the 10th part of the series. We must also read the rest of our part.

Information from 1 to 10

1. The biggest novel ‘In Search of Lost Time’ is 4,211 pages, of which there are 1,200,000 words.

2. More than 1,000,000 domains are registered every month.

3.You will be surprised to know that dogs, cats, cows and other animals have also been seen as suicide victims like humans.

4. Shouting at the public place in Belarus is illegal.

5. Less than $ 15,000 of dollars was spent in creating a movie ‘Paranormal Activity’, which earned $ 193,000,000.

6. Dolphin fish can recognize themselves in glass.

7. Initially, Heroin Drugs was sold as a cough medicine.

8. At the time of sunset on Mars, sky appears blue.

9. Titanoboa, found to be 600 million years ago, is the largest, heaviest and tallest snake ever.

10. America’s first servant was black.

Information from 11 to 27

11. The oldest living people of the Uganda logo were 62 years old.

12. ‘Finding Nemo’ is the best-selling DVD so far.

13. More than 50 million Vending Machines in Japan.

14. There are more chances that your death will be due to slipping into the bathroom or falling of electricity, not from terrorism.

15. In the London Olympics of 1908, Russia’s team had come for 12 days because they did not use the Gergorian calendar.

16. Almost Americans change their lab after every 4 years.

17. Bill Gates has saved nearly 60 million people’s lives by vaccine and good health services so far.

18. Computer game ‘GTA Vice City’ was launched in 2002 when it first earned 23 billion rupees a day.

19. A car is made up of about 30,000 parts.

20. In 2009, Uruguay became the first country to offer laptops and WiFi free to its school students.

21. The first “Webcam” was made in Cambridge, that too only to take care of tea husbands.

22. Only 1% of the population in the UK owns 70% of the land.

23. There is only one “STOP” sign throughout the city of Paris.

24. An American person sees an average of 16,000 advertisements a day.

25. More sales than all Microsoft products are of Apple iPhone alone.

26. Ducati, Buggati, Lamborghini, Audi and Porsche are all bought by Volkswagen.

27. Chlamomania (‘Clinomania’) is a disease in which your mind is able to keep on bed all day long.

Psychology : Amazing and interesting Facts about Psychology

There are many facts related to the human body that we all know, but still there are many of those facts which we do not know about. In the same way every person has their own distinct nature, in the same way every person has their own mentality regarding things around them. Everyone behaves according to their psychology. After reading the “psychological facts” we are talking about today, you will be able to get to know yourself and your family better.

1. Those who are good at understanding warp, are often good at reading the mind. (Like Me).

2. The clothes you wear are directly influenced by your mood, so be sure to wear good clothes and be more happy.

3. Those who swear much more, their friendships are true and honest.

4. Chocolate food and online shopping addiction is more than any addiction.

5. The more you talk to, the more you talk to, the more likely it is to fall in love.

6. Psychological theories of online dating and online shopping are the same thing.

7. People who love serial killers are more talkative.

8. If you are talking to someone and they are silent, then it means they do not want to listen to you.

9. Women whose friends are not easily created, they have “IQs Level” High.

10. People who take good sunshine are more happy than others.

11. If you see anything as its owner then the chances of buying that item increase.

12. People who pretend not to care about, they care for the most.

13. Those who do more evil than others, there is tremendous lack of confidence in them.

14. The person who tries to keep everyone happy, in the end, he is most unhappy.

15. Atheists tend to have more sex. Not for obsession, but to show their rights.

16. When a person dies, his brain remains alive for 7 minutes in which he sees all the memories of his life as a dream.

17. If you spend most of your time in negative thoughts, then the cause is a genre inside you.

18. 80% of people listen to music just to get rid of negative ideas.

19. The length of your tongue is related to your desire to sex and those who can lick their elbows are more interested in doing new things.

20. If you want to have sex with someone then it seems impossible for you to lie to him.

21. After forgetting some things, by remembering the eyes and remembering it, they miss it quickly.

22. People with more sleep and crave more sleep.

23. Your cell react like your brain thinks. Therefore, when you think of more negative, you feel like sick.

24. If someone gets annoyed at small things, this means he needs more love with you.

25. Responding to a silly question, the mind of the person who is immediately taunted with the taane is healthy. (Like me).

Strange world : Amazing and interesting Facts about Strange world

1. If you keep “Goldfish” in the dark room, then it will lose its color.

2. America’s flag was designed by a 17 year old child for a school project. In which he got only B-grade.

3. “Anatidaephobia” is a terrible fear when you think that a duck is keeping an eye on you.

4. There will be a trip to Mars (Mars) in 2022, for which 1 lakh people have already applied. There is no guarantee of their return.

5. Having more hair on the body is associated with intelligence.

6. 98% of boys adopted in Japan are boys. Because they later help in the business.

7. Women spend a year of their life in deciding what to wear?

8. Sharks kill 12 people every year, while 11,417 sharks are killed by humans every hour.

9. Drinking 1 can soda daily increases the chances of having diabeties type 2 to 22%.

10. People are most creative in the night and the least creative happens in the afternoon.

11 to 23 strange things

11. An Indian man has claimed that he has not eaten anything or has drunk for 70 years, despite many tests, doctors can not even know how it is possible.

12. The scientists have developed tooth with piss.

13. “Queen Elizabeth II” had employed a mechanic and driver during World War II.

14. Male aged horses can also be pregnant.

15. Hippopotamus milk is pink.

16. McDonald’s’s Caesar Salad is more fatty than her Hamburger.

17. A vulture can kill a buck, carry it with it.

18. Scientists are very close to creating human organs from a 3D printer.

19. In the 1930s, Penicillin was so rich, that it was also extracted from patients’ urine.

20. There is no sweat of sweat. Instead of mixing the skin’s germs, it produces deodorant.

21. A German woman naturally gave birth to a baby of 5.8 kg (naturally).

22. There are 1458 new types of bacteria in our navel (belly, sundi).

23. We can only remember only 4 things at a time.

Mother : Amazing and interesting Facts about Mother

You are heard today “Mother’s Day”. I have such a status that I can write something about mother. He himself taught me to write. Being Maa is the hardest thing in the world. The meaning of “Mother’s Day” is not only to give special gifts to the mother, but to also love the mother’s love, sacrifice and surrender. There are many things in Mother In Hindi. Those who need to be looked at

1. “Mother’s Day” is celebrated on the second Sunday of May every year.

2. There are about 2 billion mothers all over the world.

3. About 68 percent of people call Mother on “Mother’s Day” Accordingly, around 12.25 crore phone calls are made on this day.

4. Uneducated women produce more children than women.

5. About 30% of the mothers who give birth to their first child leave their job to take care of the child, while about 20% leave their careers completely for their children.

6. The average age of becoming a mother in the world is 26.3 years.

7. The youngest child born to Lena Madina, 5 years, 7 months and 21 days was born, who became a mother in Peru in 1939.

8. The age of the woman who was born in the age of 72 years was 72 years. Their name was “Omkari Pawar”. This female with five grandchildren gave birth to twins.

9. Record of highest child birth is the name of a Russian woman of the 18th century, who gave birth to 69 children. 16 times twins, 7 times three children, and 4 times together, she gave birth to 4 children.

10. Every week the mother spends only 14 hours only on cooking for us.

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11. Every 90 seconds a woman dies while becoming a mother.

12. In the US, 40% of women become child’s mother before marriage.

13. Women excite the fragrance of a new born child very much.

14. The pain caused to the woman while producing a baby is equivalent to breaking 20 bones at one time.

15. After Christmas, most flowers and plants are purchased on Mother’s Day.

Amazing and interesting Facts 5

Every day something happens in the world that is amazing but true. Today we will tell you such wonderful incredible unimaginable facts which probably will not be read before today. This is the 9th part of our Facts series. We must also read the rest of our part.

Wonderful but true facts from 1 to 10

1. If you drive the car upwards, then in 1 hour it will reach the outer space.

2. In 2007, Iran arrested 14 squirrels suspected of espionage.

3. A cock named “Mike” was alive for 18 months without head.

4. According to the 2018 report, India’s footballer Sunil Chhetri has become the third highest scorer in the world.

5. Every year more people than sharks are killed by the vending machine.

6. In 1932 there was a war between Emu (a bird) and the Australian army. In which Emu be victorious.

7. Neil Armstrong had to pay the customs duty after returning from the moon.

8. If you want to go from Finland to North Korea, you just have to cross a country, and that is “Russia”.

9. Saudi Arabia has to import camels from Australia.

10. If the whole event of earth’s existence is narrowed in 1 year, then the human birth will be born on December 31 at 11:58.

Unbelievable unbelievable facts from 11 to 18

11. The song “Happy Birthday” has been copyrighted.

12. The hero on the Jupiter planet rains.

13. If possible to fold a paper 42 times, its thickness will reach the moon.

14. The invention of the openers was done 48 years after the invention of Can.

15. By 1950, Cigarettes were sold as a health product.

16. Shrimp shrimp do not die naturally nor do their age increase.

17. From the time of its discovery to the extinction of the planets, Pluto could not even complete one round of the sun.

18. Once Charlie Chaplin lost the competition that looked like Charlie Chaplin.

Amazing and interesting Facts 4

Two friends left the job thinking that some work should be done, but when it was not there, both of them joined the job again. However, the couple did not give up their hopes of separation. After this he did some experiments and see his work becoming popular. Its market price was billions of dollars and a popular brand like Facebook had to send a proposal to buy it. Here’s the talk of the Watts, which has been created by two friends Jan Koum and Brian Acton. Today we will tell you such “Whatsapp In “, which you will not even get on Whatsapp.

1. Whatsapp name was chosen because its sound is like “Whats UP”.

2. Most users of Whatsapp are in India.

3. Whatsapp has not spent a single penny on advertise till date. Despite this, the Watts App is such a hit.

4. Whatsapp is the fifth most downloaded application.

5. Whatsapp works on “no ads” policy, you have never seen any company advertise on Whatsapp.

6. There are 55 engineers in the Whatsapp team, and an engineer handles over 18 million users. Those are the most engineers.

7. 4300 million messages are sent everyday on Whatsapp.

8. On the Whatsapp every day, 160 million photos are shared.

9. 25 million videos are shared on Whatsapp every day.

10. Whatsapp can be used in 53 languages.

11. Whatsapp monthly active users are 100 million, which is more than facebook messenger.

12. There are more than 100 million groups on Whatsapp, of which 1-2 will be yours too.

13. Whatsapp founder “Jan Koum” and “Brian Acton” both had applied for a job in Facebook in 2009, but they were rejected.

14. Co-Founder of Whitespap Jain Com was born in Kiev, a small village in Ukraine. His family was so poor that there was no electricity in his house.

15. You will be surprised to know that Jain Com who was making Whatsapp used to work in cleaning and moping in the shop. But today he is a billionaire.

16. In the early days of 2009, the seeds of the invention of the Watts Ape fell. Com bought an iPhone and came to the conclusion that in the coming time, the app would be great stuff. They thought that an application should be prepared through which easy messaging can be done.

17. The trial of Whatsapp happened on the phone of some Russian friends of Kum.

18. Whatsapp has not been faster than any company in the history.

19. Global telecommunications companies have suffered a loss of $ 386 billion due to services like Whatsapp and Skype.

20. Facebook bought Whatsapp for 1182 billion, which is the most expensive deal so far. This deal was done on Valentine’s Day in 2014.

21. If you can not see anybody’s profile picture on the WATS app, then there may be 2 things, either you are not in the person’s contact list or he has blocked you.

22. One year earning of the Watts App is more than NASA’s budget.

23. Whatsap is responsible for the 27% selfies drawn on the Internet.

24. In January 2012, Whatsapp was removed from the IOS App Store without informing, but added again after 4 days.

25. If you suspect that a contact blocked you on Whatsapp, then add them to a group. If he had blocked you, then it would not be possible.

Happiness (smile) : Amazing and interesting Facts about Happiness (smile)

When we were young, we used to go all the time in laughter and joke … then we started growing up … we had to do high studies..the good job was water … we had to set ourselves in life … now we started taking ourselves seriously In this round we lost our face smile somewhere. And now people smile much more than Whatsapp and Facebook than they laugh. Today, through this article, I will try to understand the importance of laughing once again. There are some “Smiles Facts” which you will not laugh after reading and will be happy inside!

1. While tickling, not only humans but mice laugh too.

2. When you were born, you were right for a moment, but the person of the earth was the youngest.

3. 17 muscles are needed to laugh but 43 muscles are needed to get angry.

4. Somewhere, today is the best day of somebody’s life.

5. Laughing does not really have any meaning.

6. The level of happiness is difficult to measure.

7. 30% less man laughs, when alone

8. Your brain can catch fake hoaxes.

9. Jokes become even more fun when you know the comedian.

10. Believe it or not, laughing is a kind of science. In fact, the science of laughter and its effect on our body are called “Gelotology”.

11. On average, one person laughs about 13 times a day.

12. Smile is more attractive than makeup.

13. There are 19 different types of laughing.

14. Laughter increases your bloodflow by 22%. But stress reduces your bloodflow to 35%.

15. Female speakers laugh 127 percent more than the audience

16. Humans can catch a smile from 300 feet away.

17. Your laughing depends on how people are around you, not on Jokes.

18. People who hide behind their grief are called “Eccedentesiast”.

19. The only person who can give you true happiness is you yourself So do not hesitate to be dependent on others for happiness.

20. When you are jealous or hurt to someone, stop it immediately. Because by doing this you are only hurting yourself, it will not make any difference to the next person.

How many times do you smile throughout the day and how often do you laugh? Do your grints disappear before the first time? Have they been hanging out with friends? If, “yes” then you are living your life wrongly … try to change it

Amazing and interesting Facts 4

Many such incidents occur in our everyday life, which are normal for us, but there are many things behind them. Like gold We sleep every day, but “do you know” that the time between 3:00 and 4:00 at night is risky? Probably not. No matter, we are going to tell you some such enlightening and interesting facts, if you tell anyone, they will be convinced of your intelligence.

17 Interesting Facts

1. Women who play online video games, they are happier than their relationship.

2. The death of about 1,59,635 people will be on the same day as your

3. Delivering oxytocin by giving zaping to someone for 20 seconds, which inspires you to believe in someone more.

4. The more time the couple will live with each other, the less I will say.

5. Psychologists believe that if your friendship has been ticking more than 7 years then it is possible that he will be alive for life.

6. Listen to music while reading, writing or studying. You will get better attention.

7. Men fall in love only after 3 days, but women take at least 18 datas.

8. Philophobia is called the state when you are afraid to fall in love.

9. Between 3:00 and 4:00 am, your body is weakest. This is the reason that most people die in sleep at this time.

10. People who hide behind their grief are called “Eccedentesiast”

11. Most people tell more about the condition of their heart by becoming more emotional at night, but via SMS.

12. Two people immersed in love when they see each other’s eyes, their beats are also found.

13. Lethologica is called that state when you can not remember any single word and keep thinking about it throughout the day.

14. When you talk to someone walking on foot, your steps are automatically synchronized after a while.

15. Worse with bad handwriting? Do not think, because the mind of intelligent people moves fast, due to which they write as soon as possible. That’s why bad handwriting comes.

16. A psychological research says that when you are single, you will see happy couples everywhere, but when you are in a relationship, you will see a happy single more.

17. After reading this sentence, the person who thinks first of all in your mind will be very dear to you.

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Amazing and interesting Facts 3

Today we will tell you some small but interesting things. This is the sixth part of our Facts series. We must also read the rest of our part.

1 to 10 things to talk about

1. Banana is a fruit that can change the mood of a man.

2. Milk shake made with banana and milk is very beneficial to get rid of headache in the morning after drinking alcohol in the night.

3. Binding a shoe-colored belt is one of the most important tips in fashion.

4. If you have the virtue to forgive someone, then it is the most beneficial for your health.

5. If you are searching for something in a room then the right way to find is to start with the straight hand side. Less likely to get things in less time. Is not it a matter of work

6. If you forgot to email an assignment, send it to your computer by changing the date settings.

7. Take Vitamin B in the summer. In this way you will be protected from bites of mosquitoes and other insects.

8. Bathe with cold water is more beneficial than bathing with hot water for your skin and hair.

9. Do not compromise your sleep even during the examinations. Sleep is absolutely necessary for proper operation of mind and body. With less sleep, you reduce the ability of your body to work.

10. A person’s tension reduces your stress during your throat or during pausing, and makes your immune system strong.

Things to say from 11 to 18

11. The most asked question in interview is that in response to why you want to work with Company, you should say that you will make the company better by your knowledge and strengths.

12. Listening to the songs of your choice decreases the risk of brain tumor.

13. Spicy food can reduce your weight.

14. Those who are overweight should drink breakfast cooked in the morning breakfast instead of juice, this reduces calorie intake in their day.

15. If you want to quit smoking, go for three consecutive days in steam room. This will make it easier to quit smoking with your sweat getting out of Nikotin. Exercise also has similar effects from sweating and it becomes easy for you to quit smoking.

16. In the headache, lemon juice is resting on the forehead like balm.

17. If your phone has scratches, put a little toothpaste.

18. Green color around you, in any form whether it is natural or painted with green in place, enhances your creativity.