Singapore: Amazing and interesting Facts about Singapore

1. The people of Singapore are fastest on this land.

2. Last year 20 million people went to revisit Singapore, while its own population was 57 lakhs.

3. Singapore is the world’s most expensive country, every sixth person here is Millionaire.

4. Singapore is called Sinho Pur, but there is no lion in this country.

5. Singapore is the only country in the world which has freedom against its own will. It was liberated by Malaysia in 1965.

6. Singapore was established in 1819 as a city of Malaysia.

7. Singapore 63 is made up of small islanders. According to the area, it is 4400 times smaller than India.

8. ‘Chilli Crab’, created in Singapore, is the world’s 7th largest Iconic dish.

9. Standing in line, the record for dance by most people is Singapore’s name. In 2002, 11967 people danced together in one line.

10. Can not build a height of 280 meters in Singapore.

11. The process of making fake vaginalis was invented by the second President of ‘Benjamin’ of Singapore.

12. Singapore has strict prohibition of urinating in the open. Some people started urinating in the lifts to avoid this, but automatic detection systems were installed in the lifts, so that the doors closed automatically until the police arrived.

13. People living in Singapore can vote in British elections.

14. In Singapore, there may be a fine of $ 150 for a toilet flush. The police can also be called to check it.

15. chewing tobacco chew in Singapore is completely ban This rule was implemented in 1992.

16. Water in Singapore, milk, fruits and vegetables from New Zealand and Australia, pulses, rice and other daily items are imported from Thailand, Indonesia etc.

17. Singapore has been banned by pornography, posters on walls, spreading the waste from the garbage on the roads, and barely performing. Before 2007, oral sex was also a ban.

18. With the number of areas that Singapore had been liberated, today it has grown 25%.

19. Timezone of Singapore is wrong. It has been changed 6 times. The time you see here is actually 30 minutes behind.

20. Singapore, Cambodia has bought billions of cubic feet sand because Cambodia needs money and Singapore has land.

Eiffel Tower: Amazing and interesting Facts about Eiffel Tower

The French capital is a Iron Towers located in Paris. It was opened for the public for the first time on 31 March 1889. As you know, the way the Taj Mahal is the identity of India at the international level, so is the identity of the Eiffel Tower France. Its popularity can be estimated from the fact that this tower is at the top of the world’s buildings seen by tourists for ticket purchases. Let’s know some interesting facts about the Eiffel Tower:

1. The Eiffel Tower is composed by Gustav Eiffel and named after the Eiffel Tower.

2. Eiffel Tower is made of metal, so it shrinks to 6 inches in the circadio.

3. For 41 years of its construction it was the tallest tower built by man. While in 1930 Chrysler Building of New York took its place.

4. Eiffel Tower has so far seen 25 million people. And every year 70 million people come to see it.

5. It was built in 1889 on the occasion of the completion of 100 years of the French Revolution.

6. Eiffel tower is painted equal to the weight of 10 elephants.

7. If Eiffel Tower is built today, then it costs 31 million dollars.

8. Every night after dark, until 1 pm (till 2 o’clock in the summer) the Eiffel tower is illuminated so that the tower can be seen from a distance.

9. Eiffel tower height is 300 meters that is 984 feet. However, adding the length of its antenna, it becomes 334 meters.

Somalia: Amazing and interesting Facts about Somalia

However, few people know Somalia of the world in the world because the economic system here is very weak. It is counted in failed countries. But still let’s know

1. Samosa has been banned in Somalia because it has three angles.

2. In Somalia, Islam was banned only in the 7th century.

3. Most animals are found in Somalia

4. Somalia’s total population is about 10 million 4 lakhs. Of them 34 thousand are patients of AIDS.

5. Somalia has the highest population of entire Africa in the continent.

6. Somalia had long known that malaria is also a disease.

7. According to Foreign Policy magazine, Somalia has remained at the top of the list of the most failed countries for the last 3 years.

8. Somalia has been the country’s first ATM 2014. This machine is currently hired by Salaam Somali Bank in an expensive hotel. At this ATM, only US dollars can be withdrawn. The economy of Somalia is very dismal and because of this the banking sector is undeveloped here.

Facebook: Amazing and interesting Facts about Facebook

Facebook, if so, today’s most important need. Many people can spend their entire day while online in Facebook. The world’s largest social networking site has become a part of our lives. We also look around people who cannot live without Facebook. Facebook was launched today on 4th February 2004. Whether you use Daily Facebook, but we will tell you Facebook’s interesting facts that you find difficult to find on Facebook too.

1. Mark Zuckerberg gets one dollar every year as a salary.

2. Facebook website can be translated not only in Hindi and English and select languages ​​but also on Facebook page users can translate them into 70 different languages ​​according to their convenience.

3. There is a direct reason behind Facebook’s dyeing in blue. Color blindfolded of its founder Mark Zuckerberg They does not know the difference between green and red colors.

4. Facebook has the facility of blocking every user due to privacy settings, but the point of note is that even if you wish, you cannot block Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook. If you try to do this, then an error message will appear on Facebook.

5. Fan pages of 83 percent prostitutes have remained on Facebook.

6. If you do any other work on the Internet by logging a Facebook account, then Facebook is recording all your activity.

7. Mark had taken the name of Facebook’s ‘Like’ button first to ‘Awesome’. But Mark did not hear any one.

8. There is also a Poke like many features on Facebook. But if you ask someone its meaning then hardly anyone can tell it. Because Facebook itself has not decided any meaning or its work. But if you use it more then you can get a block.

9. Not directly, but fifty percent of the people on the internet are connected to Facebook.

10. If Facebook’s Server Downs, then it would be a loss of 25 thousand dollars every minute.

11. What did Mark say if Yahoo and MTV wanted to buy this site for $ 10 million? First I will create an open global platform of information exchange and then think about the profits.

12. Perhaps you are surprised to know this but Facebook’s addiction is taking the form of a disease. People of all ages around the world are struggling with Facebook Addiction Disorder. The abbreviation for this disease is FAD. Currently around 350 million people are suffering from FAD in the world.

13. If Facebook was a country, then it would be the fifth largest country in the world, after China, India, America, and Indonesia.

14. Nearly six lakh hackers are attacked every day on Facebook.

15. In December 2009, Facebook made some changes to the privacy setting, after which a picture of Zuckerberg in which he had caught teddy bears  became public.

16. Facebook spends 30 million dollars every month on hosting only

17. In 2009, Whatsapp co-founder Brian Acton was denied the job by Facebook.

18. In 2011, Facebook became the biggest cause of divorce in the US. The reason for the break-down of one of every five marriages in the US is linked to Facebook somewhere.

19. Perhaps you do not know, but the Facebook Globe (notification tab) changes according to the location of the user.

20. There is also a special shortcut to access Mark Zuckerberg’s page on Facebook profile. If you write number 4 next to the URL of Facebook, then your browser will directly take you to Mark Zuckerberg’s page.

21. In 2011, the constitution of Iceland was written with the help of Facebook.

22. The data that you type on Facebook but never posted it. Can you imagine that anyone can read that data? Yes, Facebook has created a special team that analyzes data that you typed but never posted.

23. If you want to earn money sitting at home then hack Facebook. Yes, the amount of 500 dollars is given to everyone who can hack Facebook. Even if you catch any mistake of Facebook, you will still be entitled to a reward.

24. Facebook also uses Facebook while having 5% sex.

25. At this time there are 30 million dead people on Facebook! If a Facebook user dies, does his Facebook profile continue like this? Do not live! If someone in our life recognizes death, then we can report to Facebook and get that profile a memorialized account form on Facebook!

Indian Facts of Facebook

* Most fakes make up the Indian-

A report was issued by Facebook in November. In this report, the company said that 14.3 crore accounts were faked. Most of these fakes are made from India.

* The first Indian-

Sheila Tandrekhara Christiana, the first Indian woman to join Facebook.

* Facebook’s first female engineer-

The first woman engineer working on Facebook, Ruchi Sangghvi, has given interest to the news feed on Facebook. Facebook’s news feeds are most controversial, as well as Facebook’s most popular feature.

Crazy Laws: Strange Facts about Indian Crazy Laws

Today is ‘National Law Day’. It is celebrated every year in India on 26th November. Today, on this special occasion, I am giving you information about the laws of India that can be awkward, can be fun, and you can also have your rights.

1. According to the Indian Law’s The Aircraft Act 1934, it is illegal to throw balloons and kites without permission for the police.

2. According to the Indian Sarais Act 1867, you can ask to use water and bathroom for free at any hotel, whether the hotel is 7 Star or not.

3. Penalty for a third child in Kerala is Rs 10,000. 4. Under the Land Acquisition Act, 1894, the government can buy your land at any time. You do not want to.
5. Police can not arrest women before sun exposure and before sunset in the morning. In very serious case if it is to be arrested, then the magistrate will have to take permission in writing.

6. If your vehicle is invoiced for something once a day, then the entire day will not be invoiced again. For example: If you are invoiced not wearing a helmet once a day, then by the night you can roam without wearing helmets.

7. In 2011, the Ministry of Women and Child Development made this law that a single man can not adopt a girl.

8. According to the Hindu Adoption and Maintenance Act, 1956, if a married Hindu couple has a boy already, then that boy can not adopt. This same applies to the girl too.

9. According to Section 309 of the Indian Panel Code, suicide is legal, but survivors can be jailed up to 1 year.

10. To be a motor vehicle inspector in Andhra Pradesh, there should be good teeth.

11. If you perform obscene acts in the park or in public place then there can be a 3-month jail.

12. If the spouse’s sexual relationship is not good then it can be presented as a proof of divorce for the court.

13. Under the Prevention of Seditious Meetings Act, 1911, more than 10 people can not dance at a damp floor simultaneously.

14. To get pilot recruited in Indian Air Force, your tie should be 90cm long.

15. If the girl and the girl get married after the rape, the rap case is removed from the boy.

16. According to Chapter V of Section 49 of the Dentist Act, 1948, it is illegal to remove side-by-side teeth and to clean ears.

17. According to Indian Law, sex is illegal in India but it is illegal to become a broker for this purpose.

18. Factories Act, 1948, women working in factory at night is against the law.

19. According to Section 377 of the IPC, it is a crime to have sex with oral sex.

20. Under Section 377 of the law, conviction of unnatural sex with any animal can be life imprisonment.