Microsoft Company : Amazing and interesting Facts about Microsoft Company

Microsoft is the world-renowned tech company. This is the company on which Bill Gates has become the world’s richest man. Today we are going to tell you some interesting facts about Microsoft Company:

1. MicroSoft company name was first named Micro-Soft, but later changed and it was introduced from New Mexico.

2. Bill Gates and Paul Allen designed the company’s people within a day.

3. In 1987, Bill Gates got the title of the youngest billionaire at the age of 31. After that, he became the world’s richest man in the year 1995.

4. The Microsoft company has made one the world’s richest man, two billionaires and billionaires to 12,000 people.

5. The Microsoft Company has more than 48,000 patents.

6. In 1997, Apple Company was still bankrupt when Microsoft made an investment of $ 150 million in Apple.

7. Above, Window XP’s Background Wallpaper is the most viewed photo in history.

8. When the computer starts, the sound of 6 seconds comes with “Brian Emo”.

9. Initially, Bill Gates himself used to advertise windows on TV on TV.

10. Microsoft made the first smartwatch together with Timex. Which was introduced in the year 1994

11. Microsoft’s Apple App Excel has produced many flavors of success. Today it is everywhere

12. The most preferred food pizza in Microsoft Campus is.

13. Microsoft company employees are called “Softie”.

14. Microsoft gives drinks to the company employees free of charge.

15. Microsoft Campus is full of small rabbits.

16. The value of Bill Gates’s house in Medina, Washington today is around $ 123 million.