Mother : Amazing and interesting Facts about Mother

You are heard today “Mother’s Day”. I have such a status that I can write something about mother. He himself taught me to write. Being Maa is the hardest thing in the world. The meaning of “Mother’s Day” is not only to give special gifts to the mother, but to also love the mother’s love, sacrifice and surrender. There are many things in Mother In Hindi. Those who need to be looked at

1. “Mother’s Day” is celebrated on the second Sunday of May every year.

2. There are about 2 billion mothers all over the world.

3. About 68 percent of people call Mother on “Mother’s Day” Accordingly, around 12.25 crore phone calls are made on this day.

4. Uneducated women produce more children than women.

5. About 30% of the mothers who give birth to their first child leave their job to take care of the child, while about 20% leave their careers completely for their children.

6. The average age of becoming a mother in the world is 26.3 years.

7. The youngest child born to Lena Madina, 5 years, 7 months and 21 days was born, who became a mother in Peru in 1939.

8. The age of the woman who was born in the age of 72 years was 72 years. Their name was “Omkari Pawar”. This female with five grandchildren gave birth to twins.

9. Record of highest child birth is the name of a Russian woman of the 18th century, who gave birth to 69 children. 16 times twins, 7 times three children, and 4 times together, she gave birth to 4 children.

10. Every week the mother spends only 14 hours only on cooking for us.

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11. Every 90 seconds a woman dies while becoming a mother.

12. In the US, 40% of women become child’s mother before marriage.

13. Women excite the fragrance of a new born child very much.

14. The pain caused to the woman while producing a baby is equivalent to breaking 20 bones at one time.

15. After Christmas, most flowers and plants are purchased on Mother’s Day.