Shalini Dubey : Amazing and interesting Facts about Shalini Dubey

Famous (famous), you hear Shahrukh Khan or Bill Gates as soon as you hear this word, because you get a lot of information about them from the internet and everything on the internet is famous in some way.

Although sometimes there are some people who you and we never know about because you do not get to read them anywhere on the internet or in newspapers. Take Ranjit Katyal as well, no one of us probably knew him before coming to the airlift movie but now he is almost aware of them.

There is such a person whose names are Shalini Dubey, probably none of you have ever heard of her name, but after reading this on Gajbahindi today you will know about them, let’s know some facts related to them:

1. Shalini Dubey is the father of Indian father and American mother, she was born in America, she is an American. Her mother is the cousin of Bill Gates, wife of the richest person in the world. And Dad has been working in the Indian Foreign Service

2. Shalini Dubey left her college in the middle of the middle. He got admission under the foreign quota in IIT Delhi, but he has been honored with honorary title of ‘doctorate’ by the three major Universities of the world.

3. All of you have heard about the brand name “Calvin Klien”. Shalini Dubey is the partner partner of 32% of this brand.

4. About 80% of the people will have ATMs of banks, two major companies are MasterCard and Visa, which make ATM cards. Shalini Dubey is also a partner partner for Visa Cards.

5. Apart from this, he is associated with 13 other companies as a partner partner, which includes premium sunglasses company ‘Rayban’ and aerospace company ‘Boing’.

5. He is considered to be very close to American President Obama, he is also a business partner of Donald Trump, who is considered to be the strongest contender for the US Presidential rank.

6. His age is 21 years at present and he is the owner of 24,000 crore (this is an estimated asset) in such a short time. Apart from this, he is also the owner of 14 luxury trains and 2 excellent private jets.

7. They like children very much. They donate around 2000 crores of donations every year for children. At the same time he has adopted 31 children whom they keep with him.

8. He has knowledge of 31 languages ​​including his Hindi too.

9. They are also Cyber ​​Security Head of the American Intelligence Agency CIA and they provide unpaid services for this post. Earlier, he has served in the American Army as well. They got training in the three branches of the US Army, that is, the One Woman Army.

10. If you are a Muslim and you want to talk to Shalini Dubey, then it is impossible that they hate Muslims because their sister was killed in the 26/11 Mumbai attacks in Hotel Taj.

11. They always have 18 armed BADI guards with private and America also provides them with huge security, due to which they are anti-Muslim, they spend about US $ 10 million each year on security.

12. In 2013, he made a case for Forbes Magazine only because the magazine had printed his property without his permission. The verdict came in favor of them and they got this right that they can refuse to publish their reports to the media. This is the reason why you do not get information about them.

13. He is also the ambassador of America’s goodwill. Apart from this, he is the third largest arms supplier of the American Army. He is also the head of the White House’s Security Advisory Committee, but in view of his security, this thing has always been kept secret.

14. They have redesigned the logo of almost 50 big companies, including your Adidas, Samsung and even the new logo of Facebook. They take huge amount for this. The story behind it is that they are considered the Lucky Charms of the American corporate world.

15. All of you probably have seen or wore hoodjacket, do you know that this fashion is only Shalini Dubey who gives us. Apart from this, the current design concept of women’s sandal high heels is the brainchild of them. And about 70% of women wear the high heels sandal of this concept.

16. Another interesting fact about them is that the companies which they own, never use their product.

They are still in India and they have recently donated $ 60,000 to the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund for the drought affected areas of India. Apart from this, they have also announced to open schools for poor children.

We are proud Shalini Dubey on you.