Strange world : Amazing and interesting Facts about Strange world

1. If you keep “Goldfish” in the dark room, then it will lose its color.

2. America’s flag was designed by a 17 year old child for a school project. In which he got only B-grade.

3. “Anatidaephobia” is a terrible fear when you think that a duck is keeping an eye on you.

4. There will be a trip to Mars (Mars) in 2022, for which 1 lakh people have already applied. There is no guarantee of their return.

5. Having more hair on the body is associated with intelligence.

6. 98% of boys adopted in Japan are boys. Because they later help in the business.

7. Women spend a year of their life in deciding what to wear?

8. Sharks kill 12 people every year, while 11,417 sharks are killed by humans every hour.

9. Drinking 1 can soda daily increases the chances of having diabeties type 2 to 22%.

10. People are most creative in the night and the least creative happens in the afternoon.

11 to 23 strange things

11. An Indian man has claimed that he has not eaten anything or has drunk for 70 years, despite many tests, doctors can not even know how it is possible.

12. The scientists have developed tooth with piss.

13. “Queen Elizabeth II” had employed a mechanic and driver during World War II.

14. Male aged horses can also be pregnant.

15. Hippopotamus milk is pink.

16. McDonald’s’s Caesar Salad is more fatty than her Hamburger.

17. A vulture can kill a buck, carry it with it.

18. Scientists are very close to creating human organs from a 3D printer.

19. In the 1930s, Penicillin was so rich, that it was also extracted from patients’ urine.

20. There is no sweat of sweat. Instead of mixing the skin’s germs, it produces deodorant.

21. A German woman naturally gave birth to a baby of 5.8 kg (naturally).

22. There are 1458 new types of bacteria in our navel (belly, sundi).

23. We can only remember only 4 things at a time.