Sushil Kumar : Amazing and interesting Facts about Sushil Kumar

25th date, fifth month, 1983 brought a gross message. Our country’s hero came to the village of Baprola village. We are talking about “Sushil Kumar”. Sushil was not born in a big house, but his thinking was very big. Sushil has always loved the wrestling from the senses. But look at the plight of this country, which brought the medal twice, today it is not considered a place in the Olympics. Sushil Kumar would not say that I should be sent to the Olympics only. They say that there will be a trial that will win the same Olympics. Interesting facts related to Sushil Kumar …

1. Sushil’s father was a bus driver in Delhi and had to spend a lot of difficulty.

2. Sushil Kumar is the first Indian to take “Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna” in the Sports category.

3. Sushil Kumar has twice brought medals for the country, now his eyes are on the hatchet.

4. Sushil just wants to be the best player to play for the country and get a trial for this. But the Federation is saying we can not break tradition

5. Sushil Kumar has said that the Federation is talking about tradition today. Where did the tradition go when, in 1996, trials were conducted between Kaka Pawar and Pappu Yadav?

6. Narasimha Yadav has been taken to Olympics instead of Sushil, he was caught in the 2014 police copy of the examination.

7. Surprisingly, Narasimha Yadav’s idol is Sushil Kumar.

8. Before or after morning practice, Sushil takes 150 to 200 gms of butter in the middle.

9. Sushil plays football, basketball, volleyball or handball for three days a week.

10. Sushil Kumar tension is free. They like to hear ragini and folklore in an empty time.

11. In the free time, look at your wrestlers on the laptop and pay attention to your mistakes. Plus, the world’s star wrestlers study techniques and style.